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  1. we have engaged Ethan Kong as our emcee during our wedding banquet on 1.1.11 i can said that Ethan is really done a good job on that night. He is a nice guy with sweet smiling and for sure, thumb up on his working attitude. He is such a smart guy and he managed to arrange some short games to entertain our guests during the banquet. Our relatives and friends do really enjoyed it!! and i'm so happy that he had communicated well with my sisters without my worries.. Agains, high recommended Ethan Kong from EK Entertainment.. Ethan's contact: 016-652 7047 (no worries, he offer a reasonable and affordable price!!)
  2. YES!! me & my hubby hired Derek as our AD PG. No regret and Derek really did a good job on our wedding day. I've been searching for AD PG for quite a long time and finally i decided to go with Derek. We like his job very very much. All our friends & relatives like the montage he done for us. It's a amazing job. Derek gives alot of ideas and he is such a creative, nice talking and patience PG. Trust me, no regret to choose Derek on your important day!!
  3. -Jas-

    Wedding Car

    to bad..friends & relatives doesn't have luxurious car.. BTW, what do u mean by ask from car forum? Do you have any recommendation?
  4. -Jas-

    Wedding Car

    again, who got any idea for the wedding car in melaka??
  5. -Jas-

    Wedding Car

    Merz? what model? myb i can check with my hubby...
  6. -Jas-

    Wedding Car

    yes and no. coz i have a wish list prefer BM, mini cooper, audi or volkswagen beetle. U got any lobang?
  7. -Jas-

    Wedding Car

    Hi All, I'm bride to be on 1/1/11. I need a wedding car at melaka. Can anyone advice me where can i rent wedding car in Melaka? I had been search around for quite a times. Really need your help. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, too bad.. william lee alr booked on 1/1/11.. i need a emcee urgently. can anyone share me others emcee's contatc?? Thanks.
  9. HI, all bride to be.. can anyone PM me william lee contact? need it urgently. Thanks.
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