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  1. hi aishiteru, looking at what u said earlier, i must say that not only yr maid is not very reliable, same goes with yr agency... seems like they dont care much and they are not too ethical as well. I mean as agent, they have seen so much of such cases and one look they already know something is not right here. But instead, yr agent can turn round and say ya lor office oso like this... which i will not believe if u ask me.... I have seen such unethical agency b4 when my sis hired her 1st maid... its exactly the same attitude like yrs... all they want is untung untung untung..... but with my current maid's agency i can really see the difference... at least my agent really care and whenever we call up.. she will ask me do u need my teacher (translator la) to come... and she will make sure she listen to both side story den ask teacher to explain back to the maid.... of course when come to personality we cannot say much coz human are still human.. but when come to work wise the agency did take certain care for it lor.. and if they maid is too problematic they will actually ask do u wanna sent her back if yes they will come take balik.... same goes with their temp/loan maid... anyway if u want her contact, do let me know.... i can PM u the agent's name & contact....
  2. does anyone know where i can rent (english) books around PJ, subang, or puchong area???
  3. wow.... Aishiteru yr cupcakes are really amazing.... i do play with fondant too but I always have the problem where it keeps on melting... can you teach me how to resolve this problem??
  4. Hi little angle, its been a long time since i logged on... how are u & yr princess?? hope everything is fine.... how is thing going now?? hope all that is well tooo.... wishing u & yr bb & family happy 2010 new year ... may yr life be filled with lots of laughter & joy & good health... :)
  5. erm...usually in the initial stage it is better to go to a sex therapist and after that if deem necessary by the therapist den he/she will advise to see a psychiatrist accordingly.... umm isnt this like better dealt with by a psychiatrist? he's got a fixation right? he needs help to figure out why he has that fixation & then therapy to overcome it. the problem is going to be to get him to agree to talk to someone about it, sometimes men are so pig headed about these things. hope you sort it out, i mean games n stuff are really nice when making love but this is like, sadism!
  6. i think by no keeping yr promise to your partner is some sense i consider a betrayal... be it what the promise is about... a promise is meant to be kept & not to be broken... of course in this case what ever done is done but he need to understand & know that this shld not be repeated... it does hurts when the one u trusted most play you out.... dont forget when u both get married that time you have taken a vow to be truthful & honest to each other... to go truth good & bad & everything together & not achieving one's goal by hanky panky .... & also the vow of respecting yr partners... so when u breach that... tat is consider a form of betrayal... only different is the degree of severity of the betrayal only... dont get me wrong... i myself is ttcing since married & i have tones of complication tat causing my chance to drop till 25% only... and i am 30 now turning 31 next year with a 42yrs old (next year) hubby.... but still the respect of one not ready to have the bb must be there... if not wat is the point of being married?? remember... u are married to each other... not being bought back with $$ for reproduction purposes only... so pls do have respect for each other needs.... As for Andre's case.... no point talking to him... he will not understand... he claim he is not ego.. but from the things he commented... he is... to help out on & off & to actually taking care is 2 different thing.... to help out = u can choose when & what u wanna help out with... to take care = u cannot choose... A-Z Z-A all u have to take care... so the amount of responsibility is totally very very different... if you really want to know how difficut it is.. very simple switch task with ur mom for 1mth.. u bcome yr mom... do all the things she do.. from hse work to cooking to taking care kids 100% 24hrs round.... she will only pop in to help u out once a while.. in small things like feeding.. or change napkin when she feel like it... den come back here & tell us.. if it is still the same... if yes.. den i must say u r an extra odinary man.. & who ever married you is very lucky.. coz they can actually have a 100% true hse husband & concentrate on their work.. only thing is to carried the bb till full term & den dump it to u to take care...
  7. breatheinout, u r most welcome.... unfortunately i don't know any but mayb u can try ask from yr gynea as they usually will have this sort of contacts 1.... best of luck :)
  8. yes you definitely shld go with him & consult a doc about this... as this is not a healthy thing in the sense tat if u dont like & dont enjoy it... den it is not good..... i would say be it u cont with his game or not it sure will affect yr sex life coz... if u cont he happy.. but u not.. so in the end when things got more & more unconfortable... not only yr sex life got affected... most important is yr HEALTY will also be affected and by then it might be too late to turn back coz healthy gone cannot be replace.... if u dont cont he might not be too happy about it but still not too bad since he says he can lived without it... or u guys can play this game lesser mayb once in a blue moon (mayb he will be ok with this)... but at least yr health is not affected.
  9. Hi littleangle, sorry to say this but ppl like yr ex-hubby will never ever accept the fact that they are wrong. Even if wrong also is others ppl's fault never their own. so my advise is dont waste time on this kind of idiot not worth. likely the reason he wanna reconcile is jst so that u cant get a 2nd chance with yr life & bb still under his name. which he have been wanting so long tat's y he took this step. so if you ask me i would say u deserve someone better & a better life... bb also deserve someone better as a father .. definately not him in this case. Stay strong. By the way how's yr case getting along?
  10. ya i got it too... really got nothing better to do punya orang
  11. Correct me if I am wrong, you still a "V" till now and plan to pop the champagne during your wedding night? Hope you won't mind I'm asking...how old are yo now?? Corrinne, does it make at different? me also still a V b4 i got married & i was 28 when i kahwin.. :p same goes with hubby... i am his first too.... he is 39 by then.. :p ... does this make a different to the performance or no. of times??? (jst wondering... very curios hihihi)
  12. little angle, there is nothing for you to be ashame of... "lei m hai hoi tau, yau m hai hoi cheong" so there is nothing to be ashame of... in fact you shld be proud of yourself for being able to stand up against this kind of torture and taking your princess from all these nonsense..... pply sympatize you is for your situation but that does not mean you are weak or they think you are weak... so you should not feel that way.... i mean ppl can't lend you a shoulder if they dont feel for your situation rite? so you shld not be so "kai yee" on this lor... wat ppl think & say is not that important... most important is yourself.... so jst stay strong...
  13. Hi little angle, Heard over the radio this morning that there are cheap and affordable legal advise & help by the governmetn to help those in need. Accroding to the announcement they only charge a small fees of RM2 (not sure if there after anymore charges involve) and they do have ppl to handle divorce cases as well. However, according to the DJ if your case have already gone to the marriage court then they will (might) not be able to help. But if its still not been file to the court yet then they will be able to help. Check out their website: www.bheuu.gov.my or tel: 03-88851000 (Biro Bantuan Guaman). Hope this helps & all the best of luck!!!!!
  14. hahaha... mei u so funny... String, u can slow slow wait la.... our main actor have been missing for very long liao lor... dono mana pegi liao... mayb bz creating drama in some other forum liao... :p
  15. hahahaha... agree with u mei... most of us now come here for entertainment... soap opera..kakakak
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