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  1. thanks skye...woah you sound so pro...are u in this industry?
  2. i am just wondering is the trial make up provide by most of the MUA same with what they goin to apply on the actual day?..Is it because the trial make up seem to be lots cheaper than actual day and some can be waive off....any idea on this?
  3. hi,heard from many of you that gene make up is natural which look good on the morning session with white gown....what about dinner session??...i plan to get her for my dinner session but afraid that the natural look does not look nice at night
  4. is ivy too....but not much picture to see...have u tried her make up before?
  5. anyone had ivy for their actual day?..how's her work and service?...
  6. i prefer a natural and elegant look for my wedding day.....i find both yen and ivy make up in their blog is good to...anyone tried their make up before?
  7. My wedding day is on October 2011...is approching and yet i haven't found my make up artist...i had a nightmare last night that my make up artist did not turn up and ask someone from the hair salon to replace her...then the make up was so blue at my eye area...all my guess were waiting and my hair wasn't set yet...it was almost 10pm and i am still not out yet...huhu ..what a scary dream...i don't that to happen on my actual day
  8. thanks...so if it makes no different then i won't dye my hair ...save it for my actual day..
  9. i will be taking my pre wedding photo next week..the last time i dye my hair was before chinese new year...now looking at my hair the top part is black and the rest is brown....i was thinking whether should i dye it or not because some of my friends say the bridal shop will apply spray so it make not much different...so should i dye or not?
  10. yup..mine is base in kl...any recommendation for make up artist??
  11. hi fancy ketchup..please do anything or ever think anything stupid like hanging yourself...you are currently pregnant and might experience mood swing...anyway about in law...even i am not married yet,but i have heard many story of in laws from friends...is always give and take...but in your case,your MIL in laws doesn't seem to put in much effort to get along with you...the best things is go back to your mum house with excuse you are pregnant and need mum to be at your side...you are lucky that you still have your mum when you need her...i am not as lucky as you...my mum had past away when i am 21...so i have to learn to be quite independent...please love yourself and don't think negative ...don't let others control your life...be happy..k..
  12. need someone to recommend good tai kam jie on my actual day...prfere those who can speak all the good words and moderstyle...i have came across my friends wedding that the tai kam jie so greedy...everything also ask angpow ...pray the ancestor request ang pow,..after tea ceremony from girls side ask angpow again..is all the tam kai jie the same?
  13. ya i do prefer natural and nice make up...not those really 'kwa cheong' make up...mind share with me your MUA?..
  14. hi kimmie18, MUA from bridal shop charges cheaper when you go to the shop to make up.But if we request them to go to our house/restaurant on the actual day,then need top up a bit for their transport and extra time cost....my friend did try her MUA from the bridal shop for her wedding dinner (she go to the studio around 3pm),she say they provide more accessories compare to freelance....But i prefer them to go to my place to avoid hassle travelling around on my big day...my worry is that ,will they accept other job to make up other bride on my same day...will they be late for my make up session..so many question on my head.
  15. my wedding is on oct 2011...i have yet to get any make up artist...should i get it from my bridal shop(redbliss) or outsource to get from freelance?..any experience fro m anyone of you on the service of MUA from bridal shop compare to outsource?
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