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  1. after reading this thread I went to Legend SS2 to shop for my selected Fotile hood and hob, I got the pricing, then went to Weng Heng kepong, and got quotation for similar set, Weng Heng turned out RM1k cheaper than Legend ! (total price for the set if <>RM5k, so there's 20% savings for me!!!)
  2. I just completed my 6-month house renovation, basically I extended my 75*22 terrace house by another extra 25 feet, I hacked all floorings, relocated all toilets, rebuild the entire kitchen, so it was a major renovation. I was very glad I got an excellent contractor, how good was he ? - he pushed away all the other jobs just to focus on my house during the whole period of renovation, - we worked on a lump sum deal, with the understanding as long as he has not started working on any part, I am free to change design ie. no VO, for such major renovation, a lot of times, you only know what you want when you reach the part, this has given me a lot of savings, and a lot of flexibility - he helped me with the design of my house - light tough, tiles and design selection, doors, toilet, etc. etc - I literally did not spend a single cent hiring interior designer -everyday he will be at my house, supervising every single work, whether it was his area of work or not, whether it was his supplier, or the supplier that I brought in - he helped me shopped for suppliers for all my needs and negotiated a good price for me, I compared prices and quality between those I searched and those that he brought in, for most, his ones turned out better, and I also know that he did not get any commission from the suppliers that he brought in - during the last few days before I moved him, he camped several of his guys at my place for touch ups and clean ups - he did not leave any trace of mess behind, and because my built-ins installation was terribly screwed up, his guys stayed late to help me clean up - after I have moved in, so far it's been 2 weeks, anything I found, I called him, the next day he or his people will be there to fix for me I've gone thru' many rounds of renvations with different people, it's hard to believe that I was fortunate enough this time round to get such excellent contractor!
  3. and BTW, the Deka only costed me RM220 per unit!
  4. I got a mixture of brands, for bedroom baby fans, I got KDK. For dining and office baby fans I got Deka - this actually turn out to be very classy and nice, all my friend liked this the most. For living area, I got a full size Alpha, also very nice.
  5. For lightings, I got mine at Paramount Wong Lightings, very good service, good product choices and prices. For bathroom, I got mine at Jinjang Homejoy 0162616916 Joe is the owner, better to deal with the husband (more sincere) than the wife
  6. I used ICI for my entire house, and the best thing is the consultant at the ICI PJ office, gave me free advice, as to which paint to go for for every wall and corner in my house, I sent my house outdoor and indoor images to them, and over the phone, I told them my preference of colour tone, and right way, they gave me the colour code, I bought, and painted, and bingo! was told Nippon gives out similar services but I was very happy with what I got from ICI so far!!! the outdoor weather shield paint called Burmese Beige was really good, and the indoor light and space series called Morning white just made my whole living and dining area very bright and comfortable.
  7. I got my wiring done thru' Harry, his whole team is efficient and detailed, the best thing is he actually helps me install all my fans and lightings without additional charges - this saved me a lot of hassles, and he gave me very good advise in terms of lighting options, he actually came to my house 6 times for the wiring and lighting installations....very good service. I'll recommend him to anyone. 0123922953. For air-cond, the whole installation of copper piping and wiring I did thru' Ray, again, best price in town, and good and efficient service 0123610510
  8. Hi Yes, I sent my baby to Bryan since she was 6 months old. Bryan conducts classes at damansara Perdana during weekends, and at Bukit Jalil and Shah Alam during weekdays. Here's his contact number:- 0123172031 he's very good, patient, understanding, and really understands baby's psychology.
  9. Ansonc, oh goodie! thanks for the info, it's so much helpful than me sitting infront of the computer every nite don't know what to look for. We were told by a friend that the place will be pack and ask us to do our planning and reservation soonest possible. That's why I also so "kan cheong" wanna get this whole thing planned out. wow! the whole photo package only cost less than RM1500!! I think is a good deal though even without the album comparing to those bridal house here with around 2k, you only can take studio photo. cheers.. Be prepared to pay more for your hotel and the domestic flight!
  10. http://hotels.english.ctrip.com/Domestic/ShowHotelMap.aspx you can refer to the map in ctrip to understand location of various hotels surrounding the park, and I found the reviews of each hotel very helpful, do invest some time going thru' them. the time you are going over is peak season, was told <> 10 million people visited the park during peak season, be sure to book the hotel now, and don't wait anymore!
  11. I didn't not request for album, they gave me 2 CDs, one edited version (you receive 1 mth later), the other unedited, 3 costumes for brides and groom, make up, hair do, entrance fees for couple, photographer and helper, plus lunch (RMB20 per pax) all in it costed me RM1350.
  12. Hi Ansonc, thanks for sharing your photos, it's lovely. I'm actually planning a pre-wedding photos shoot to be taken there soon, I would like to know how was the arrangment like? logistics and accomodation. You engage the bridal shop in Jiuzhaigou itself? Really would appreciate if you could share more info. Thanks. Congratulations! Last time I stayed at Xing Yu, it's 5 mins taxi distance to the park entrance, Other hotels along the same row include Sheraton, Qian He. I used ctrip to make reservation for both domestic flight, transportation from airport to hotel and to sight see huanglong, plus the hotel. they are great! and your travel companion will most likely be decent (compared to local tour). I engaged cd106 to take my wedding photos, their studio is just 5 mins walking distance to the park. Hope this help! Once again, congratulations, and best time to take photos is 20th Oct week (just one week of the whole yr) for the plants to turn multi-colour!
  13. I am also looking for one, have you found yours? can someone pls recommend one around the Bandar Sri Damansara area?
  14. I am under Dr Tan Lay Sing, Gleneagles Intan. I actually made a switch from one gynae to him during my 6th month, before seeing him, I wasn't sure if I should make the switch, but right after our first visit , both my hubby and I immediately made the decision, we were both very comfortable and confident with him. and also we initially wanted to go to Tropicana (TMC) but after making a detail visit and comparison between both hospitals, we immediately made the decision that Gleneagles is much better because: 1. we wanted a baby friendly hospital - TMC doesn't give us that feeling at all, they don't even allow baby and mother to be roomed in together, and when I asked them about some practices to promote breast feeding, (to our impression), the nurses weren't sure and keen on those practices and kept telling us whatever we wanted, we have to communicate through the gynae. On the other hand, Gleneagles promotes that, and incorporated into their 10 policies for breastfeeding, Gleneagles even provides lactation specialist service FOC and they organise the monthly Parentcraft program, organised by the Nurse manager at the delivery unit, which is very helpful for new parensts 2. nurses and staff are much more professional and friendly and efficient. TMC seems to admit a lot of new nurse 3. procedures at Gleneagles are geared towards helping parents and babies BTW, last month, I only paid RM60 for my 7th month gynae consultation fees.
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