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  1. I agree with you. Better under our name than their names. I think I will not welcome any of her daughter to stay or overnights. Now I can feel it after my ROM last week. Start to feel what you all have been feeling all this while. MIL will only side her daughter...DIL and D is different status, different treatment. In front of her son she may say like as if she care so much. At the back, she is so different... Another thing is that, if we want to stay with them, why in the first place we wanna buy a house...Sometimes I think they are really too much and inconsiderate!!!
  2. U got a house, U are getting married soon. Reason for getting a house is so that the both of u will have privacy but mil keep on telling u that one day she will move to ur house and stay with u because ur hubby is her eldest son...
  3. Yea it's true....and the deeper we fall into it, the more we feel that he is what we want. I use to be very miserable when I just got into a relationship but after falling deeper, I feel that he is the one that I actually want!
  4. I am looking for Emcee in Kuching. Anyone has contact for Emcee? Usually how much is the charges? Thank you
  5. I am also looking for hei craft punch. Anyone wants to sell it?
  6. I would like to know where can I find an event decorator and event organiser in Kuching. I've been searching around in google but cant find any info...I would like to have someone to decorate the hall for wedding reception and someone to control the wedding reception event (LCD projector, play the songs according to the list and know when to play which slide shows, etc). Anyone has any experience with event management are also welcome to send me your info here... Thanks in advance
  7. No one has any review on Eminent France Taipei yet? I am so worry. I also sign up with them because I am so in love with their photos
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