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  1. Hi mommies-to-be & nursing moms! Just a couple of curious questions in my head, on how much you are willing to spend on maternity and/or nursing wears. I, for one, am always on the search for affordable yet good looking nursing wears.. yet most of these clothes don't come cheap. *sigh*
  2. hey ceetee, Congrats on the arrival of your baby Gina! She's a cutie pie! Take care~!
  3. Guardian is selling PIGEON Disposable Breast Pads 36's - BUY 1 FREE 1 @ RM 36.88. From 26 Nov 09 - 3 Jan 2010
  4. Congrats CJ! I bought the non-wired padless bra during pregnancy. It's just normal bra.. Got them from Sorella, if not mistaken around RM 39/pc. Also I got some back strap extensions. As for nursing bra, I got them from BBStore
  5. These are a few links to EBM storage guidelines.. hope it helps. JustMommies, Breast Pumps Direct, Ameda
  6. Hi Marlene, My EDD is originally on the 29th Dec 09 and I've planned to take leave after Xmas just to get myself prepared. But I started bleeding once on week 29, due to low lying placenta (placenta praevia type 2). I was ordered to be on bedrest for 3 weeks, and if condition improves I could resume working. Sadly, I started bleeding again 2 weeks later while I was resting on the bed at home. When this happened, my hb was away in Penang and my sis has already reached her office that morning. It was a real panic situation, as the bleed was really heavy (it's like what we see in the movies where the blood was dripping all over the floor). I had to drive myself to hospital and get myself admitted. Then I was ordered to bedrest again for another 2 weeks. Yup, basically I was not working for 1 month. At the end of week 33, I did my consultation with my gynae. She said it's best for me to have C-sec as my placenta did not shift a little at all. We even picked the date to have the op. At week 34, I resumed working as my job is basically deskfront job, thinking we could keep my boy inside till the op date and I won't be moving around much in the office also. Guess my boy really wanted to see us early. By the end of the week, after I finished a meeting with my GM, I felt something was not right. Went to the ladies and checked, yup, I was bleeding again (much more than the 2nd round!!). This time around, I was really thankful that I was in the office. I didn't mind all the chaos created in the office. At least I have my colleague to send me to the hosp, rather than driving myself to the hosp again. And thank god, my office was near to the hosp. My opinion will be to work for as long as you can if you do not have anyone at home with you while you're on leave before the maternity. At least you have someone to help you while feel it's labour time.. Just my 0.5 cents..
  7. Oh dear! Take care & hang in there Fluene. The same thing happened to my MIL 21 years back, and the stitches worked for her. Just like what mei said with the modern medicine today, premies have a very good chance of surviving and thriving!
  8. Has anyone used Tommee Tippee closer to nature breast pump before?
  9. I'm interested in the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles... anyone used this bottle before? Any comments? And is Avent breast pump compatible with any other bottles?
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    inoone, shulee, carmen, cky's gf Link sent~!
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    chellsy, steelfish & lsyen, Link sent. :)
  12. Dear all MB members, I'm doing a simple short survey on the Fonterra's product for my Master assignment, and would like you to help by answering the simple question on the poll. Here are the two annoucements and press release that they have made: Your help is very highly appreciated! :)
  13. I came across this today, and too bad my wedding's over. :( But for BTB's here's the good news!! ;) ABOUT THE CONTEST Do you and your partner have an interesting love story to tell? Can you win the hearts of people with your quirky sense of humour or the special moments you share with your partner? "Wow" us with your amazing love story. Berjaya Hotels & Resorts (BHR) is looking for the perfect couple to treat to a relaxing and romantic beach wedding reception at the Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort on 23 April 2009. We understand what wedding stress and formalities can do. That's why this small but romantic reception is exclusively planned to celebrate you and your sweetheart. Register online and answer some questions we have lined up for the both of you. If you are shortlisted, you will have to capture a 1 minute 30 seconds video telling us "Why you deserve to win this extravagant giveaway". Creativity and originality is what we are looking for. If you're selected, a month of exciting Berjaya events and a fully sponsored bridal shoot awaits you. You will blog about your experience as the world reads on. At every phase of the contest, voters (general public) will cast their votes and determine who will be eliminated and who advanced to the next round. Finally… The culmination of all four phases comes in mid-March 2009 when the winning couple will be officially announced in a grand event. The winning couple will win an all-expenses-paid and everything-planned beach wedding at Berjaya Langkawi Beach & Spa Resort scheduled on 23 April 2009 (date subject to change). For more information: http://www.lovemedo.com.my
  14. I've been a regular customer to this center, and recently they are having this promo which I find very worth purchasing. So I thought I'll just share with those who are interested. Of course after you've finished the course, they'll persuade you to sign up their packages, but my SA is not pushy. And another thing, you really pay only RM88 and there are no hidden charges. This promo is on while stock lasts and they've started selling it since 13 Oct and it's going fast. Oh, before I forget, there's another promo for their slimming program - RF Slimming Program. It's a 30 mins treatment using infra-red+heat and MINUS the vibration. So it's comfy assured. The last time I signed up was RM 1080 for 12 session. Now the promo is RM999 for 1 mth unlimited times (yes, u can go everyday!) or RM1999 for 3 mths. For BTB trying to slim down without having to go on crash course diet, I totally recommend this package. When I did only 6 sessions (with lesser food intake), I saw a reduction of 2 inches at my hip area. They also have good massage and spa package now... but I can't remember so many la. P.s.: Totally not business solicitation as I've got no share in that company (Dowan buta buta kena ban for no reason :P). Only meant to share this good news to everyone. :)
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