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  1. Hi mspy, Welcome here. S.Darby is okay, but I think they don't allow any alcoholic drinks. Please correct me if I'm wrong. :)
  2. Hi Rachel, Welcome here and happy posting! :)
  3. hi flowerpetals, Pm'ed you the number. Did not want to post the contacts up here. :)
  4. joeybabe, I saw the Unique signboard up, along the road. If its me, I would consider either M.Polo or N.Banquet. I think that in terms of name, food & environment, Unique is not as good as them. Hope you don't mind me sharing this. :)
  5. Melissa

    Westin Hotel - K.L

    Oppss zelda, what a pity. As Westin's really nice. :) Are you having buffet or chinese course? Cause if buffet, they might be able to accomodate 120 guests. Maybe you can ask them and see? :)
  6. Melissa

    Le Meridien vs Ritz

    Hi Holah, Been to weddings at both places before. I personally prefer Le M as its much more new. I mean like the ballroom, the walls, everything looks and gives the really new feeling. I find the ballroom nicer than Ritz. Good thing for Ritz is that I think food there is slightly better, especially the Ah Yat Abalone (if I r'ber correctly). :) But Le M is more pretigious. :) When is your wedding date? Gotta be quick as Le M is very fast fully booked.
  7. Hi Elynn, Welcome here! :) Hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Hi tallcl, Welcome here and feel free to ask questions. :)
  9. Yeah, somemore garden dinner, don't think there is any around for RM 50 per pax. Also, what about liquor/wine, corkage charges?
  10. bumblebee, As for me, I travelled to HK a lot of times last year, And I won't say that Ladies Street is the most rec place to shop. I r'bered that there was a thread asked by kitkioko (if I'm not wrong) about HK. Maybe you can search that thread back as there were some inputs. :) If you/hubby want electronic stuff, check out Broadway, but won't really rec that you buy from there as hard to identify if its 'watergoods' or genuine. If you want to know what is their nightlife about, check out Lan Kwai Fong. Its similar to our Bangsar. Which hotel you gonna stay at Tsim Tsa Tsui? You can check out Mongkok too. They have many many shops around there as you walk out from your hotel. Quite reasonable prices for clothes and shoes in Mongkok. :)
  11. Melissa

    Jiun's Pre-Wedding

    Jiun, You look sweet. :) I saw 1 bride who had the same WG you had for her PS and the gold & one you had, she wore it during the AD dinner.
  12. meow, Welcome. Here are some lists of decorators florists. But am not sure which one is reasonably priced and work through emails/calls. Hehe, some M'sians have the tendency not to check or reply mails. http://www.weddingsmalaysia.com/sr_d7.htm (Florists) http://www.weddingsmalaysia.com/sr_d19.htm (Decorators)
  13. I guess 6-9 months if you plan to have nice, elaborate decors & if its a thematic wedding. Cause you might need to meet up with the florist/decorator to discuss what you want, then only confirm and book. 4-6 months should be sufficient if its just something simple, like adding some flowers/decor here & there. Hope this helps! :)
  14. Melissa

    Hilton KL Sentral

    Seems like everyone likes KL Hilton's bridal suite! :) beetle bum, did you realize that the shower area doors are actually the wardrobe's doors? Was very cute..
  15. aishiteru, Welcome! :) hippo123, If yours 50 tables in DP, gotto share share with the other side either they have dinner or wedding.
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