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  1. Hi there! Can you send me the details and quotation also? :) My email address is hktang0429@yahoo.com Cheers, Hooi Koon
  2. Hi hwcb, May I know the actual location of this place? How is the pricing like? Can PM the details? Thanks! Jo Hi hwcb, Can you send me the package details to have ROM that cater for 20 people? You mentioned that this place is open until Feb 2010...so..after this...you won't have this kind of setting anymore? My email address is hktang0429@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. I'm technically married (ROM in 2009) but my wedding will be in 2011 too! Hope to learn more about planning a wedding in this one year! Hehe!! Congratulations to you
  4. Hi Junial, Thanks and congratulations on your new marriage!!
  5. Hello!! Thank you!! and congratulations to you as well :) My AD is on 15 Jan 2011!! Yea..let's have fun in planning the wedding!
  6. HI Jandann, Can you share your photo to me? my e-mail is tyng82@hotmail.com. Thanks. Hi Jandann, Would you mind sharing your photo with me? my email address is hktang0429@yahoo.com. Thanks
  7. Dear all, Would like to introduce myself and share my happiness with you all! I'm getting married in Jan 2011 hope I can share my experience of planning my wedding with you all Cheers, Smilekoon
  8. Hi arielle, Will appreciate if you can share with me as well :) email is hktang0429@yahoo.com How do you find the quality of their products and services? Cheers, Smilekoon
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