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  1. Hi to all experienced mum there.... Should I buy breast pump before delivery or after? I heard women delivery by c-sec will be difficult to breastfed their BB, is it real?? I choose to delivery by natural, just afraid at the end will delivery by c-sec....
  2. Hi Venees, Is it still available? Can you PM the details in my email as well? Thank you very much. sherney.leong@gmail.com
  3. hi skye, sure i can email to you later in the day, as sharing is caring, but i first need to type out all the 20+ numbers in the email. meanwhile for those last minute yet to find one, can try these four. cheers Hi Goofy, Are these 4 confinement ladies base in Klang Valley area? My due date is 30 November, didn't aware that need to look for confinement lady so soon....quite nervous...
  4. Hi Panda Lover,

    I am trying to email you tru this forum but I can't.

    I would like to find out more abt Prof Eugene because I am seeing him and thinking to change gynae.

    Mind to email me at mistressofaith@gmail.com


  5. Wao! So fast....haha...sure can't wait to see your baby...hehe~ Hope you able to delivery smoothly oh!!! :)
  6. Hi vv_xoxo, Thank you very much!! :) I had search few information b4 I went to see the first gynae, cus I'm really nervous about my chicken pox issue...I went to seek advice on another doctor ( Prof Eugene, UMSC) , he also said it's all depends, it's a gamble. All I need to do is take care myself & baby, think more positive so that make sure my baby can grow healthy!!!!!!!! Btw, the bill from UMSC was very expensive!!! It was RM178 ( consultation RM110 + Medical disposable RM20 + Ultrasound scan RM43 + Admin Fee RM 5)
  7. Hi yummumummy, I didn't state my religion or something. I went to UMSC with Prof Eugene yesterday because I want to have advice from another doctor. In fact, I'm more comfortable with Dr Loh. Prof Eugene seems not confident on chicken pox issue, he on his PC and google, then he said: ''I'm sure you also search the information from internet right?' I said: 'Yes, definitely'. I asked him, any patient of him also face the same problem, he mentioned yes, her baby was ok ( but some how, his eye contact doesn't seems confident, i wonder whether is it reliable?? ). And you know what, Prof Eugene asked:'So, how's the decision? You wanna keep it or abort it?'. Of course I said I wanna keep it, if the baby show abnormal afterwards, only will force to abort it......(it's my first pregnancy, of course I want to keep it)....then Prof Eugene said:'Ok, then you have to take this gamble...kill chicken and pray more'... in my heart, I was like 'Huh !?!What ?!' ...both my hubby & I feel he doesn't seems professional....we were quite disappointed....not really comfortable with him.... Moreover, the disadvantage part of UMSC were: 1. Parking is expensive, less than 3 hours = RM10!!!! ( From 5.05pm - 7.45pm) 2. Waited our turn almost 20 minutes ++ to pay bill. ( There was someone put my document on a tray, then ppl work in counter area compute the total amount, then one of the front desk shouted out my name, then we approach them & pay the bill). 3. The bill was EXPENSIVE !! RM178 ( consultation RM110 + Medical disposable RM20 + Ultrasound scan RM43 + Admin Fee RM 5) 4. Parking was not enough, we parked nearby the UMSC accounting building, when we finish paid bill it was around 7.40pm, we need to walk to our car, there was quite dark around that area, both of us felt uncomfortable! (Luckily nothing happen).
  8. Hi all, I'm having 5 weeks pregnancy now. It is my first pregnancy!!! I would like to share my experience with Klinik Pakar Wanita Loh ( located at same row with King Crab, PJ). This is my first ever visit after GP confirmed my pregnancy yesterday. I went to see Dr Loh Khee Feei today in the evening. He were out when hubby & I arrived there at 6.15pm. He returned from outside around 20 minutes later. There was 2 couples waiting after me. Overall, he seems to be a bit impatient & wanted to finish the process fast. At the beginning, I told him I'm pregnant and at the same time I'm having CHICKEN POX ( Yes, it's chicken pox!!! ). He asked a few question about food & medication allergy, then he did vagina scan as he said my baby is still very small. We were very excited to see the small little cute dots appears on the screen. (Life is so amazing isn't?! ) After that, doctor asked me don't have to worry much on the chicken pox matter because I'm on the early stage on pregnancy, it only will have 1-2% to affect the baby ( Congenital Varicella Syndrome). He advised to visit him 2 weeks later to check whether the baby is ok or not. He also mentioned every pregnancy will have it's own risk with or without chicken pox, it's all destiny. :) He asked us to pray everything is fine on the baby. Any problem will only can be diagnose after 20 weeks of pregnancy. I initiate to asked him what kind of food to avoid. ( He didn't advise what are the Do's & Don'ts ). At last, we came out from doctor's room, the receptionist asked me to weight, then she recorded it. (Btw, she only understand simple English, better speak Malay with her, she is quite friendly). My bill was RM100 include consultation + vagina scan + Folic Acid + Vitamin B. Anyone of you also visit the same clinic? Mind to share as well ?! Price of RM100 is it consider reasonable ?!
  9. Wow ?!?! Never heard abt it....how come...i engaged with them & I finished my wedding on Dec 2010...
  10. Hi Stef...I'm engaged with them!! Yeah, their gowns is quite limited as lot ppl engage with them....some rent out alrdy I guess....hehe~ u can refer below for more info: http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....showtopic=21092
  11. We need it on 7 Dec (I know it's kinda late) in Promenade Hotel...anyone could help here??? Thanks 1st!!
  12. Hi all...I'm from PJ & my wedding going to have in Penang (dad's hometown)....I'm looking for caterer before AD ( one night b4 wedding) & tea ceremony hi tea services...anyone could help me as my wedding is on 4 Dec 2010....
  13. congrate .. my wedding also at sep 2010 at kk as well .. my MUA is audrey 0128252883 (Her shop at citimall name 1930) Her package standard - 580 for am n pm session. With free manicure. I had other MUA contact as well. sheila's contact is 012 829 7676, she quite expensive rm800 for am n pm session. Audrey - freelance 0128252883 - forgot her package. I didnt try all other MUA coz got limited time at kk. Hi All .. I change my MUA to audrey chang (forgot is chang or chan) - 0128252883 .. she is GOOD .. i like her makeup and the hair styles she did both for morning n dinner sessions. No regret .. Hi Roti, i am also from outstation and my AD will be held in KK too, next year. how is audrey? she got any blog/ website? u mind share your makeup photos? thanks! :) will only go KK end this yr, so can only visit her shop then. sigh, planning a wedding from distance reli susah... Muahwedding, i'm very understand ur situation...my 1st dinner will be in Penang, then KK, while my location is in Petaling Jaya...*sigh* i'm also looking for Sabah MUA for Dec 2010... :)
  14. May i know where is this MUA? Any1 can suggest KK Sabah good MUA?
  15. Thanks everyone, one of my friend offer us his service...promise him alrdy~ :)
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