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  1. I signed up for 3 years; 1400 is inclusive of deposit, agreement, and insurance if not mistaken. I think for the next 2 years, I only need to pay the insurance premium. They say they will call up to remind when expires; ask me not to worry about that.
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, I've just signed up at mysafebox (Serdang one) last weekend. Signed up the smallest box at 1400; it's a Hari Raya promo with 150,000 insurance coverage?
  3. Ohh! I didn't actually think that far, as I couldn't make up my mind with so many choices now in town.
  4. I have checked out on Google that there are 3 safe deposit box company in town. 1. Safe Deposit Box - Damansara Perdana 2. MySafeBox - Seri Kembangan 3. Royal Safe - Sunway Banks Safe Deposit Box; but I've checked that the availables one are only in KL. 1. HSBC 2. CIMB 3. Menara Zurich (no insurance coverage) But, banks' Safe Deposit Box need to open an account / Fix Deposit if not mistaken. Couldn't remember much. I personally has visited all 3 safe deposit box yesterday; but the cheapest Safe Deposit Box in town is Safe Deposit Box company, but I really do not like the way of just filling up the room without additional walls like Royal Safe and MySafeBox. Although, my mum strongly recommended MySafeBox because she puts there and she tells me that she can get additional of 3 months rental if I got one. (-.-!). I still couldn't make up my mind... Is there anyone who are the users of Safe Deposit Box or Royal Safe that could give some recommendations or feedback regarding the boxes and services there. Thanks in advance..
  5. Thanks, I just log on to their websites at http://mysafebox.com.my/ to check out the price. Might be getting one before Hari Raya as I'm afraid it might get crowded or full already.
  6. Hi, Do you think we should keep our jewellery and gold in a Safe Deposit Box? Because, I've seen quite a few number of cases in the paper that all their valuables belongings has been stolen / rob away. As a Chinese, we only use these necklaces on special occassion, and even that; we don't use the wedding braclets and all. Keeping them at home is like taking a risk, and home-safe is like a time-bomb; you don't know when it will take your life away? Though, I was taught from a young age about Safe Deposit Box, should I owe a one of my own after/before my wedding? My parents has been keeping them in Seri Kembangan's safe for quite a few years, and they has advise me to get one of my own. What do you think, should I keep them at home first or play safe from the beginning? Although the cost is not really high, still bearable, but it's still an annualy cost.
  7. Is lucky that they carried away, I've heard that they injured them if they can't carry away. SCARY.
  8. Hey, I keep mine in a Private Safe Deposit Box company since 2008 at Seri Kembangan. They use to have isurance coverage up to RM80,000 per box but now I top-up to RM150,000.
  9. hi, may i know where is the exact place at Serdang Raya?? i need a safety box for quite some time de Don't know the exact location, but I got this from their web. No.25, SR1/9, Taman Serdang Raya, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor. But I do remember when I went down, I saw Bank Raykat and a vet shop beside it. (if not mistaken) You can see it by the Sungei Besi Highway. Hope it's not too late to reply.
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