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  1. Wi and caitria, sorry for the delay but link sent..i'm active on this forum again..
  2. Hi i wrote about my photoshoot and what to prepare here: http://caroline-ho.blogspot.com/2010/01/bridal-photoshoot-preparations.html
  3. I think thts the price in KL. In other places much cheaper.. but there's a marked difference. Here's my personal account: http://caroline-ho.blogspot.com/2010/08/bridal-make-up-artist-difference.html But if you're pretty i suppose you can DIY? I actually know of a bride who did her own make up as the MUA was lousy and she looked really good in pictures!
  4. Wendy, ilun,sassy` just sent the link to ur email. Tell me how the wedding planning goes! Glad to help :)
  5. Hey miu miu, i just sent the link to ur e-mail. But i think there was an error. Do tell me if it did not get sent.
  6. i loved Remy! I had 3 MUA's and she was definitely the best. Perhaps you've read on my blog cos i've posted it on this forum before. She just makes me feel relaxed and confident and pretty.
  7. I wrote about how i prepared for the photo shoot here:http://caroline-ho.blogspot.com/2010/01/bridal-photoshoot-preparations.html Props not tht important if u have a great venue: But i would say if u had to,bring 1) a pet 2) a chalk and chalk board for the both of you to write witty stuff 3) Improvise on what there is at your location 4) your best smile and a husband with a good mood to take pictures the whole day.
  8. Jb: sultan palace, your old school (if u can get permission), the place you had your first date, Desaru, Kota tinggi waterfall Spore: Marina bay sands! Any old looking place... maybe can try Chinatown, Little India, Peranakan museums, the arts museums too, old colonial housed or churches will look great.
  9. I think both are good. This is my experience with Remy: http://caroline-ho.blogspot.com/2010/08/br...difference.html
  10. Wedding and evening gowns are limited lor. And for me i had a crappy SA who told me everything also cannot alter to fit me and i practically had to force myself to choose my wedding gown!!! Luckily i asked for a second trying and they were nice enuff to allow. I got a really wonderful SA after that and found a gown i like that could be altered to fit me well. But if you're looking for the perfect wedding or evening gown you should just go get it from somewhere else. Save you the hassle and stress. GAted it when there was a gown i wanted but already booked by someone else! Evening gown limited!
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