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  1. Just got my cheongsam back from Mrs Gan. Let's just start by saying that woman has mad skills. I LOVE the dress! It was perfectly sculptured, hugging every curves on the body! Now I just need to watch my weight till the wedding day..
  2. I went to see Mrs. Gan last saturday! She is such a warm and friendly person. I feel very comfortable having her make my cheongsam because I can tell that she is very experienced. She gave me few good advices on few areas of the dress, for example I told her that I want a tight fitting dress she commented that it will be rather too uncomfortable if its done too tight because the cloth material is non-stretchable. I also didnt want the slit to be too high above the knee, she told me it would be difficult for me to move around if the slit is low and the dress is too tight! The point is, she didnt just take your words for it, instead she gave very good feedback on what would work and what wouldn't. Overall, it was a pleasant visit and I absolutely can't wait to see the final result of my cheongsam. p/s: I'm looking for another tailor to do alterations on the wedding gown. Mrs. Gan refuse to do alterations because she's too busy with all her orders! Anyone have any referrals? Thanks.
  3. NieNie, Where are they located? I think someone told me the dress there is very affordable too.
  4. Can anyone please send me the list of MUA as well? Many many thanks.
  5. I like the two cheongsams. Can we make arangement for fitting? Please email me @ yvonnetcy@hotmail.com Thanks
  6. Its call CT-One if I'm not mistaken. I have to say though, don't put your hopes too high.. the quality is definitely not designer level la. But, maybe you'll still get something decent, simple and yet pretty. I know renting alone can cost from RM300-1000! And you wear it for a day! Plus, its more likely second-hand or worse,too many people have worn it! Totally not worth it. I had to buy one because I'm having two weddings, one here and one in U.S. RM198 is great! I probably can resell it.
  7. Sorry guys for being away for awhile. Um.. you know the big Petaling Street sign board. It's just at the other end of it, on the left. You can't miss it. JuinJuin: I'm looking for bridal cheongsams in red with laces. You have any of those? Please email me @ yvonnetcy@hotmail.com
  8. I'm sure someone has discussed somewhere in other threads, I just want to inform that there's a cheap wedding gown wholesaler at Petaling street. I went there yesterday and got mine for only RM198! Can you believe that? I wasn't even planning on buying one since my wedding date wasnt even set yet. But I found the cheapest version of THE dress and I knew I would regret walking out of that shop without it. I'm petite and I think most princess ballgowns are too overwhelming for my frame. So, the dress I found was simple and nice, nothing big and fancy. Not exactly my dream dress (I'd love more lace on it ), but considering the price, and the material was soft chiffon which I am absolutely crazy of, design was elegant. I LOVE IT FOR THE PRICE I PAID! While most of the gowns quality are compromised (some I think are downright ugly ), but no harm checking that place out and you might just find the perfect dress within your budget. Or if not, you can just opt for a trash-the-dress photoshoot! I would consider this if I happen to find a nicer dress.
  9. Hi all! I'm going to be a 2011 bride too but our date isn't set yet. Parents want to wait for the chinese calendar (tong seng) for the rabbit year to be out first. My fiance is American and I'm all alone here in Malaysia. Its going to be tough doing the wedding planning. Hopefully I'll be able to share info with you guys here and let's do it together!
  10. Thanks guys! Hmm.. I wonder what should I do next? I don't even have a date yet. Oh.. I have a question. People tell me that the wedding banquet at restaurants should be booked one year in advance. Is it true? I mean, if i pick a date around September (approx when the tong seng comes out), I'll have a tough time booking any restaurants, unless I'm very lucky, until September 2011? What if we plan to get married earlier, or if the auspicious dates were earlier in the year? My fiance is american. So, we'll have 2 weddings at two different locations. I'm trying plan ahead and figure out smoother way around the timing to get the fiance visa, the chinese banquet in malaysia, traditional tea ceremony, and wedding in the States. Timing is the key here and I know the planning is going to be so stressful already.
  11. Hi all, I still find it hard to believe that I'm engaged. Wanted to share my happiness here and meet some new friends in the process of planning for the wedding. My fiance came to visit me in January and proposed! We're currently in a long distance relationship and it sure is not easy! I'm just glad and excited that someday we will be together again. However, our date isn't set yet. But we are hoping to be married in 2011, the year of the rabbit. So, now we need to wait for the chinese calendar (tong seng) to come out first. Cheers to all soon-to-be brides out there!
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