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  1. Hi Chinslee & Love, I've pm you. Thanks
  2. Hi jandann, Good day. May I view your photos, please? Thanks ♥
  3. Hi raspberry24, I've pm you the link. Thanks ★
  4. Hi Qtee, I've pm you too~ Thanks ♥
  5. Hi potatotiramisu, I've pm you ^^ Thanks~
  6. Hi carmen_liew79, rayanne & alice lee, I've pm you the link. Have a great weekend ahead! Thanks, Helene
  7. Hi haiyu & stephanieleong, Thanks for your interest. I've pm you the link ^^ Have a nice day ahead~
  8. Hi Desperado, muji, kev & wyn, lynne, envy, kitlim & marryhim,, I've pm you the link. Thanks~ ^^
  9. Hi agneslim, serena_bny, imwendy2009, juvannise, janiee, juzjune, why83 & mokwl, I've pm you the link~ Thanks!!
  10. Hi bluelady_121, skcemily, sfgoh, vernice, I've pm you the link ^^ Thanks~
  11. Yeah, davinci! Can't wait to watch New Moon~
  12. For our wedding in June 09, we spent about 6k++ for the actual day photography. Including 3 photographers, DVD and photo albums (with designs). Even though is a bit pricy but we think the outcomes are what we really like. More coverage on the wedding dinner and top quality photos ^^
  13. Hi Confused bride, We had our wedding dinner @ Holiday Villa's Victorian Ballroom in June 09. Not sure about the food quality for the Chinese Restaurant though. Anyway, we had our food tasting in the Chinese restaurant. What I think is like what amyrlin commented, place is a bit old. However, I think the service is good ^^
  14. Hi Dreamz, Congrats!! I'm interested to view ^^ Mind to share? Email is ellen_loh@yahoo.com Thanks~
  15. Hi juanil, Thanks a lot for your comments ^^ hahaha :) I think I was still fat in those photos... Willpower to diet is not strong enough~ Helene, Thank you so much for sharing. You look fab in all your photos, dear! Cheers!
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