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  1. Hi Yvonne, Appreciate if you could share the contacts for Lian Jie and Tai Auntie. My email is jgabby83@gmail.com
  2. nowadays, videographer are willing to work wide covered area.. :) hi bakayoko, you're right.. but outstation charges and other miscellaneous charges may come up to quite high for some..
  3. Any recommendations of good videographers in Ipoh or Perak area?
  4. I am preparing for the CMPC (weekend) and what I can honestly say is that i'm very very disappointed with office staffs of the churches here in PJ area. I've been bounced everywhere with just simple enquiries on the procedures and seriously, their mannerisms and way of answering my questions is comparable to government officers. An example, I called-up a church today to ask about the name of the person for the cheque for the weekend course. She asked me why I want to know and I should just go there and get the form to see the details. She even said to me that she has to now go around the office looking for the form!!! OMG.. Can you belief it? My eyes nearly popped out. Mind me, she was saying all this very very rudely and accusing. Information for the marriage courses on websites and office staff are not well informed (if any information at all). I've been bounced around nearly 4 churches this week for a simple marriage course. I'm seriously disheartened and wondering if I want to go ahead with this.
  5. i've engaged Cindy as my makeup artist on 2 occassions.. one for my ROM.. i'm not too sure how bad your experience was, but mine wasn't overly too bad.. whenever i contact her, she actually responds very fast.. came on time at a really early hour.. after my first time tat i engaged her, i actually had very good impression of her.. after the second time around for my ROM, i might need to consider again.. no.1, she told me she'll provide ampoule.. goshh.. i asked her bout' it cos' i didn't notice her applying an ampoule.. she told me the makeup base is also as good a an ampoule.. i kept quiet, but i KNOW the difference between an ampoule and makeup base.. sort of insulting cos' i'm a person who knows pretty much abt makeup.. hmmphh.. no.2, told her my makeup was a little too "white" on my face.. she insisted tat it's normal and will blend as the day wears on.. well, it didn't and it showed very clearly in my photos.. well, having said tat.. she has her client photos to show tat she does a pretty good job for others.. probably tis is a sad case for us two (or perhaps other silent past clients out there).. btw, your post is pretty condemning itself.. being your 3rd post only in MYB and such a very very strong one?? hmmm.. curious curious..
  6. recommend tat u buy from ebay.. cheaper.. prices range from rm30 to rm 60 (inclusive shipping for some).. with lace trimmings or satin ribbon edges.. bout 2-3 meters long.. if i remember correctly, neoromantic sells about rm 100 or so.. think it's less than 2 meters.. plain tulle.. would definitely look more romantic with a veil.. get a cheaper one.. no point getting an expensive one since u wudn't use it frequently (touch wood!)
  7. hi ladies (any maybe gentlemen), would like to check if anyone know where to get off the rack suits for larger size men.. it's for ROM and we don't want to have it tailor made yet cos' our AD is a year away.. my fiance's not the standard XL for G2000, Padini or others.. wondering if anyone has tried buying larger suits of the rack somewhere else..
  8. hmm, my actual day is end of 2011 and seriously considering scraping away d idea of taking pre-wed photos..but tat'll depend how well d pics taken during d ROM turn out..i'm considering taking some photos around town after ROM too.. so, i dun reli mind abt keeping d "surprise element" for d actual day.. i might likely get another gown for actual days since it's not tooooo expensive.. got tis lovely gown at only rm500 and i can alter it later to a short knee-length dress.. .. no matter how, i'll probably haf d dress dry-clean after d ROM/pre-wed anyway.. it's an A-line lace gown..
  9. hmm.. not too sure hw u wud consider a long train or not.. think mine is approx 50-60cm long from the heels.. i don't reli think on my ROM i'll be walking all tat much.. mine's at jpn ipoh.. beautifulgown is probably rite on being not too worried abt tis.. my fiancee hasn't seen the gown yet, so will c wat his comments r.. it's his big day too, wudn't wan him to blush wit embarassment on my ROM.. yikess..
  10. i'm facing the same dilemma nw.. i custom-made tis reli gorgeous lace wedding gown from ebay for ROM.. didn't expect it to be so elaborate (long train).. so, wondering if i shud wear it for ROM.. wud b way too long to keep for my actual day end 2011.. any opinions, ladies?? tooo much for ROM? wud love to wear it but haf some reservations if it's abit OTT..
  11. i had my dress custom-made from china via ebay.. it's a lace wedding dress with a long train.. super gorgeous.. still wondering if i shud wear it on my ROM.. abit of a waste if i don't cos' my actual day is end of 2011.. didn't expect d dress to turn out so beautifully and with tat long a train.. d price super worth it.. rm500.. still thinking whether to wear it for d ROM and/or just wear it once for PS..
  12. i 'accidentally' visited emerald brilliant at one utama earlier tis week.. tried on a few off-the-rack CS and had a lengthy discussion bout MTM my CS (she was sketching and all), quoted me very reasonably (i think)... she has all the materials and types of CS cuts to recommend readily on-site.. but didn't confirm wit her cos' i didn't actually plan to visit them anyway.. btw, they're having a promo-display area just outside Watsons.. the workmanships of the ready made ones were pretty good actually.. heavier material to hide the bulges.. the designer who served me was reli good in giving ideas and estimated i cud wear an S-size even when i absolutely can't remember the last time i ever wore an S.. unfortunately i'm one of those with a squarish/column type of body shape.. the gowns fitted reli nicely (albeit an inch or so of alterations).. never though i cud look good in CS .. one very important thing after reading the many posts and photos on CS is the advice of material (or even overall advice) by the designer.. it's not juz only about reasonable workmanship/tailoring costs (i'm a budget-bride too!)..very important for them to recommend good material and cutting cos' us being regular folks may not know best wat suits our body.. think material and cutting should be decided together at the early stages of having a MTM.. pretty fabrics does not always guarantee tat the end result is good.. even better if the designer is wit u wen making a choice of fabrics.. if having your designer/tailor come along is not possible, then it wud be a really really good idea to go out and try to ur hearts content all types of CS with various cuts and materials!! i had a very informative session with emerald cos' i pretty much knw now wat wud suit me.. so, i'm better informed wen i discuss tis wit my potential designers.. juz my two cents..
  13. hi, appreciate if you could share the contacts for the contractors (wet, dry, electrical, plaster) too.. thanks.
  14. nope.. i have yet to decide.. i haf an ex-colleague who took her pre-wed pics with Keep as well. and unfortunately her pics didn't quite leave a good impression wit me.. she didn't like her pics taken as well.. she ended up taking another pre-wed session elsewhere.. it was ard 1 year ago..so far, i've seen albums of 2-3 other brides who chose the same gowns worn in PS or same album design (my colleague had d same album design too).. tat is leaving me wit a lot of question marks.. sighh... undoubtedly, Keep has one of the better style of photography I've seen so far.. wen they get things right (meaning good SA, good mood photographers, good gowns available), the photos are fantastic.. but wen they don't.. disastrouss.. dun think they r quite consistent.. do b very very careful wit them..
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