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  1. Wow, 6th month .. :) I think my body is still adjusting .. ha.. Lay Leng, but to be on the safe side, you may want to check wt your gynae lest you may be pregnant if you have resumed sexual activities with hb :P ... as for me, I was pretty sure I wasn't pregnant, plus I didn't feel pregnant, and I was breastfeeding, so I wasn't worried at all ... Ha, at last my periods come yesterday ..
  2. Cheaka, you able to download? I saw that it is youtube and unable to download only available for viewing?
  3. Wow, 6th month .. :) I think my body is still adjusting .. ha..
  4. I am not breastfeeding .. mm .. let's me monitor 1 more week and see ... thanks yea ..
  5. 2 cds only lah...everything i download from internet.....hehehe... Hi, can you tell me which website to download this song?
  6. Hello mummies, Now my baby is at the 4th month, and my period didn't come for 2 months. At the 2nd month, it came twice..is it normal? Anyone face this problem before? What is the advice from gynae? Should I go for check up? Lay Eng
  7. My baby was 4 kg .. haha .. i deliver normal no c sec..haha .. and i used about 1 hour to push..whole process only almost 6 hours..that's why i am very famous in the hospital..all nurses and doctors know about me..as i had 4kg baby for my 1st delivery .. and i able to deliver normal without c sec or epidural .. Did you gals give water to bb? I read from article, too much water for infant will affect its digestive .. but some of my friend said without water might dehydrate .. so i don't know what to do .. my baby very good girl now..sometimes her last feeding is 5.30 pm, and she will start to sleep from 7.30pm until 4am.. then only wake up for milk..my mother worry bb might dehydrate and ask me to wake her up around 12 midnight for milk..sigh..don't know what to do..now she is 2.5 months ... she is 6 kg when 2 months :)
  8. Hi Ahjan, please ensure that your package including "Jiu Fen" and "Taroko" which I feel it is the specialty of Taiwan .. :) Lay Eng
  9. Hi all, My baby girl is now 7 weeks, at the 1st month, she is demanding for milk every 2 hours and everytime not enough for her, she will cry non stop until we feed her. And she easy to vomit out, so we worry that is it too much for her? But don't worry, everything is CHANGE now, she is getting better now and more discipline .. :) She grows up, and easy to sleep too .. thank god ... Lay Eng
  10. I read from book that we should not shave baby's hair during full moon .. because on the scalp there is some kind a layer of oil to protect the scalp .. if we shave we might hurt the scalp .. so it is advisable to cut and not shave ..
  11. Wow..thanks for so many replies .. ;) Last Thursday went for 2nd follow up with paed .. he said no need to clean the tongue unless infection .. at last clear my doubts .. my bb getting better .. now not really vomit after the milk .. I feel so much relief now ..
  12. Hi, My baby girl just born 10 days ago, now she is a 10 days baby girl :) I have a question here, do we need to clean baby's tongue with cloth everday? Old people said must clean it or else will have virus on the tongue.. but some said no need we just need to let bb drink some water after milk, then it will be clean .. please share your opinion .. My baby is a huge baby, she is 4 kg baby, she always get hungry and suck very fast, so after that the milk will split out, then need to feed her again as she is still hungry..anyone face this problem before? How to handle it? We asked doctor before, he said this is normal for new born baby .. my mum said previously I was like that too .. Please share your thought on handling new born baby :) Lay Eng
  13. Hi Kelly, Sorry for late reply. I found phenoxyethanol in the ingredient list ..
  14. Hi Kelly, I bought a lot of Pigeon and check that the ingredients I didn't found paraben, and I can see that it is Alcohol Free, I think it is safe right? :) Lay Eng
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