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  1. Hello dear brides to be, first of all if you are reading this, congratulations on your engagement! Just a little bit of history, I've been married for about a year now...and my wedding dinner fell on the ever so popular 10.10.10 at Prince Hotel. No, I am not a band member trying to promote their services (haha, although part of me wishes I am eligible to be a band member). FYI, I am a forum regular with a super late testimonial. For the band, I hired Shanghai Angels from Empire Entertainment as I didn't want a typical boring jazz wedding band (honestly, I don't know why all Chinese weddings have sad looking jazz bands with lead singers that can't sing!) I even once when for a dinner event and it was a one man show playing piano, harmonica, drums, and singing all at once! It felt like a dinner at Petaling Street! Anyhow, not trying to promote them or anything, but if you want a reliable and fun band that can play good music without offending your uncle and aunty and yet in the same time keep the young crowd happy I highly recommend Shanghai Angels. It's kinda cool because they use all these traditional music instruments to play modern songs and you can choose a wide range of old fashion songs to modern ones. Amanda can sing real well in many different languages and at the end of the night people were raving about how good the band was. Some of the girls in the band were also sporting enough to dance with some of my crazy in-laws which made the whole night even more memorable. The icing on the cake was that 3 of the members were attractive ladies which can SING and play instruments at the same time. If I'm not mistaken, one of the lady members play a saxophone and that is something you don't normally see every day. And of course, there was KG who also is a great singer with many talents and along the way he was real helpful with my wedding planning (as he's probably like played for over 600 plus weddings in his lifetime or something, as what he claims lah) As for the price, not sure what they're rates are but if you want quality, you gotta pay for it. Entertainment is one of the most important aspects of your wedding dinner as honestly, admit it....the people at your wedding dinner are only there for the food and entertainment and not so much about what dress you are wearing. Better book them early, especially for popular wedding dates. I booked them 8 months in advance and I almost lost them as my vendor as I banked the money into their account 3 hours earlier compared to another couple that wanted them too. Any questions, you can give me a holler =)
  2. KLCC is nice to take photos. But I hate the amount of people walking there. Avoid lunch hours and weekends as much as you can!
  3. Sorry, a bit out of topic but I just needed to clarify that it's CAMERON Highlands, NOT CAMEROON highlands. What I'm surprised is, you're not the one wearing a big ass 6 kg wedding gown and you're the one complaining about driving. You can't complain about something this minor, wait till 1 month left to your wedding. So my advice as just a newly wed, Be a man, and drive your own car......
  4. I did, and yes, they ARE cute especially if it's a flower girl walking beside a ring bearer....they are sort of like a mini version of you and your man =)
  5. What is most important is that you like the photographer's style. I'd rather get a few good quality shots than to have many shots that are average or low in quality.
  6. Holy crappers.....the bride and groom were posing on the edge of the rooftop near all the antennae and wires! O.o The shots are very risque. You never know when lightning strucks the antennae, the couple slips off the roof, or a speeding car may just drive by. I guess that's what makes the photos interesting. But really, most of the photos are taken overseas where they have nicer looking and impressive architecture/things to look at. In KL we have nice looking and impressive architecture too but I think I'm just bored of looking at the same old things e.g. KTM, FRIM, Putrajaya If I had a choice, I'd do my pre-wedding photos at Italy or Venice with all the superb looking churches and architecture. But too bad didn't happen lah.
  7. Wow, 15 years? 12 years? You girls are REALLY patient.
  8. DO get a wedding planner if 1. you're the lazy type that don't want spend hours doing research or paperwork that is wedding related 2. you have the budget. 3. You don't have issues with control 4. If you current job is highly stressful with long working hours. 5. You feel that you don't have sufficient time to plan for your wedding Don't get a wedding planner if 1. you're controlling type like to personalize, design, and decide everything 2. You think you enjoy the process of spending hours during research/paperwork on wedding matters 3. You think your ideas are better than a typical wedding planner 4. You think your experience and background in event management is enough 5. You don't have the budget
  9. If you haven't been on the pill, You can't simply take any pill from your drugstore to delay your period. Every woman reacts differently for the first time taking the pill and possibly mess up with your hormones, thus even causing more complications (increased weight, more acne, mood swings, etc.). Make sure you know the risks from your pharmacist or doctor before going on the pill. Same thing for tampons, make sure you know the risks before you wear one. Wearing tampons for prolonged periods can cause toxic shock syndrome and if you've never even wore a tampon in your entire life, make sure you are comfortable wearing one. If you want to play it safe, wear a proper pad.
  10. But what if a photographer has way too many clients and he can't post them all?
  11. haha agreed. But I think the above mentioned items should be within budget. Don't get a 30,000 dollar ring if u can't afford it. Proposing without a ring is still meaningful. But why should you propose without a ring?
  12. Didn't the bridal shop show you a sample of several other designs before you choose a design that you like? cuz my BS showed a sample of various designs then I chose the one that I liked the best.
  13. Thanks, but organizing a 10.10.2010 ceremony was really stressful and all lot of my first choice vendors were all taken up. Quite a horrible experience for me, and I almost went a bit crazy at some point. If I could turn back time, I would have chosen to do ROM on that day and then ceremony on another day. As for videographer, market rates for videographer really varies lor. If it's not a very important part of your wedding, then you can get a standard documentary style videographer for around 1000+ but if you want really fancy cinematic style videography like what you see in the Hollywood movies with special lighting and still motion cameras then of course the video could even go up to 8,000-10,000 K..hehe As for bands, you can look through here: http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index.php?showforum=64 I'm not going to disclose who I engaged my band, for fear of angry brides coming after me for booking the band of their choice 7 months in advance :x
  14. But by comparison garden wedding is more reasonable compared to hotel wedding. Not everyone will give ang pow la, unless of the person that does the registration for your dinner opens the ang pow and counts it in front of the guests who attend. Sounds really tacky, but you really can break even if you use this tactic. Some people even resort to only inviting people whom they know are financially able to fork out money. The best way to save money on a wedding is to just invite less people.
  15. eh? Now only u start preparing?? I've started preparing for mine since the beginning of the year. What's your budget for wedding videographer and live band?
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