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  1. can anyone suggest what is the most stable 3G service in Kedah-sungai petani?
  2. Hi, i am looking for temporary admin job..or anyone that has to search for replacement for maternity leave at Puchong area?... I am looking for short term job, and near by Puchong, seri kembangan. thanks
  3. Thanks for all the comments. Anyway, i will stick to the Singpore's health news, as Malaysia has no one to check all the products, as long as $ they get.
  4. Hi Cocolala, Where can get this Botani Organic skin care?.. Thanks all, I just bought Cosway's ROse Hip oil, using 2 days..i like the feeling. nice smell & not too oily
  5. Is it still efficient on the married mother?..age 30+?..
  6. I heard before that it is not safe to use..is it true?..i tried before, i like it & i can see the pores getting smaller and my face is so smooth..
  7. How much is the picabot or i robot in Malaysia?
  8. We are migrating to Melbourne soon, what is the best and not too much expensive face moisturizer to cope the dry weather at melbourne?
  9. i'm working mother for a son age 3+..i wake up 6am to work everyday, daily around 10pm, i will be very tired & sleepy. what is the best chinese herbs/ food to eat so that i not get tired easily
  10. Dear All, Is anyone plan to send their kid to private school? Sri KL? Sri Garden?
  11. I like to bake cake & cookies, currently already own an oven, but not very satisfied with the bake result with this oven, it is too hot. can anyone suggest oven which is around rm100 to rm120?
  12. my son is going to age 3, day time he does not need to wear diaper & also during afternoon nap. but i have tried few times to wake him at night to pee, few times fail few times success. what is the best way?
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