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  1. Hi Kelly, Since you working in HR..IS there any vacancy available now ah? Tq Rosa! Hi nucleus, I am currently working in Maxis, in the Consumer Marketing dept. Give me a call when you're here :) Name's Kellyn & contact number is 012-286 86 91. If you need some advice on the benefits, call me & I am sure I can give you more insights than HR. HR usually feed you with standard info only. But trust me, my friend who is working with Hewitt Associates (i.e. a HR expert consultancy firm) reported that Maxis has the best benefits program amongst local companies. The only thing we do not have is car & housing loan interest subsidies like most MNCs provide. Cheers, Kellyn
  2. joos

    Maid Services

    Hi, I want the contacts for the RM50 maid also.please share with me too and may i know where she base now?Do we need to provide transportation to our house? Thanks
  3. Pls share with me the itinary and photo..joesyt@gmail.com
  4. Pls include me also for information sharing.. please share with me your itenary,expenses and photo...joesyt@gmail.com thanks ya
  5. joos

    star Cruise

    The package I book is around 2000 per person.That time there are no promotion for this cruise. I think now there are some on going promotion..Maybe will be cheaper. you can refer http://www.starcruises.com/newweb/main.aspx for the schedule and itinary.. Does anyone know if we follow the optional tour organize by the cruise,how much will it be?Is it good deal or we should find a taxi and go on our own?
  6. joos

    star Cruise

    Anyone joined Star Cruise and drop by Krabi or Phuket before? What is the suggested activities in Krabi and Phuket from 8 am-6.00 p.m..(so short time)?
  7. HI , May I know which command I should use if I want to make my arms slimmer?
  8. Jessy, I am interested too..pls share with me joesyt@gmail.com
  9. opss....I should have send Babysiew a personal message instead of post here.... so BIG respond..hehe.. pls calm down....
  10. Hi Baby Siew, Why do you say Heritage is most disappointed? Pls share what is teh bad points..
  11. Hi Shiau Ling, Pls share the list with me too-joesyt@gmail.com Does anyone have the list for chinese songs also? Thanks
  12. Hello, You can try www.mywedding.com. It is easy to use.
  13. Hi mandy, Can you tell me how much are they charging per table in syuen? Is there any other charges?
  14. hi, pls send the link to me also.. joesyt@gmail.com and i would like to see you PS also TQ so muchhi
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