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  1. DEFINITELY ok without sharks fin. 100% support. Why is there a need for sharks fin and whoever define the fact that without shark's fin the wedding wouldn't be complete? Who's having the wedding, the shark or you? Lol. Go for it gal.....why do we need to cut off some poor being's fin and throw their body back to the sea to die just so that we can be happy with our wedding? I don't see no logic! Go with what you feel is right! I am all backing you up!
  2. Wow travelling all the way to Perlis huh? Well I guess if you got a budget, at least I can get some recommendation for you la. if you want help, PM me lor and leave me your email addy. Cheerios! Thanks preppyrose. I should correct the msg as: Looking for MUA & <<Photographer & Videographer>> in kangar perlis. Thanks Luhchyuan gl
  3. The forum is suppose to be a helpful one to brides to be. The rules are set up in a way also to be fair to administrator who set up this thread. They need money to maintain this forum. At the end of the day, do look into every photographer's website recommended. Do keep in mind that this forum isn't a good judge for what's good in photography, makeups, decorations and the flowery matter. Look at the list of photographer's thread. First determine your budget ( no point finding one you like but have no budget for it, will only cause you more heartache thinking why you so `charm' can't even get what you want. ). After you decided on budget and know for sure will never go above whatever you set, just look and check out the profile of photographers of that range. Of course there are some cases where you get to discount a little to match your budget, but the good ones usually don't budge from their prices. It's just how product life is like, Mercedes do not need to sell cheap to match a person who has only budget to buy a proton, just so that they make a sale. They make one sale, bring down their whole branding and reputation...at the end...they lose a whole load of sale. Watch out for who you like, your style. Most importantly...the communication. If you talk duck and the photog talks chicken, I doubt you'll have an easy time about it. Above all, there are many good photogs out there. One man's meat is another man's poison. So don't worry so much about what category a photog is in, whether the community rejects his work. As long as you love it, that's the best. At the same time, vice versa...if the whole world loves a photogs work....as long as you hate it, the work means nothing.
  4. Did you not read the post by Aisu? No highlighting or making your site or service prominent compared to others here. This list is for the sake of MB members so that they could refer, not for you to grow your business. Do take some time to read up some rules and stuffs first if possible. I wonder if Aisu is still around to monitor this thread. I guess one more mistake from these photogs like that, somebody ought to delete this whole entire thread. If you want to make your presence known, I guess you could re-edit taking off the bold lettering.
  5. Seemed to suddenly popped up a lot of new user praising Grant Corban, promotion and testimonials. I think good pictures talks for itself.....don't even need people to defend for. If grant is good, then he is good....if his pictures are nice, people like and people will just go for it. Unless of course the substance isn't there. If merely just one person saying his style suck and suddenly the rest of the world thinks that grant's style is ugly, then the pictures are basically dictate by words. It should be the other way round. I think it's time to stop this topic and leave it alone. Be it or not all these new users in the forum who praises grant's work is real people or not, I am going to give it a benefit of doubt. Chinese has a saying that real gold is not afraid of fire.....the more the defense continue, the more people will think that grant is weak and needed illusionary support. So leave grant alone, whoever you guys are.
  6. Fact is if anyone here have discussed with 30 potential photographers and at the end of the day confirmed with some other photographers, I don't believe there will be anyone kind enough to call up all 30 to tell all photographers that they have engaged someone, and thank them for their time. They'll just let the photographer chase and chase until they secure someone to safeguard their photographer. Humans are basically selfish, but some selfish people can see what they are doing, some just lack the ability to empathize for another. The lack of that quality is pointless being talked about because there is no way there is any point of realization irregardless of how much logic. Agreed with WFP, its best to move on. At the end, the one holding grudges is the one that is deemed at lost and narrow hearted. No point doing that for someone you barely know.
  7. Coming home 3 or 4am isn't healthy. Let me relate a story of one of my best pal's father. He came home at about 330am one day, robbers snug up to him as he was entering the home...robbers got into the house...and the rest is history. As much as we shouldn't be paranoia about things, you have one woman and one baby at home. Coming home tat kinda hour....to me, it isn't acceptable. Be it for the husband or the wife. Unless it is so important that it is unavoidable. Hanging out for drinks with friends just isn't one of it.
  8. Believe it or not, man have a relatively short lasting power. No we're not talking about that lasting power. But the power to remain interested and excited. Both men and women have the capability of cheating but why is it that men seem to be playing around more? The biggest reason is that they do not have the lasting power to remain interested and excited bout the same woman after years. I notice that you're be having your actual day on November 2010. Any preparation as yet? You didn't talk about them here. Never mind that, but how is the preparation coming along? Is he participating? Is he happy about it? Or does he act like, oh yea.....it's time anyways, lets get it over and done with. Sometimes, as men say they need to know when to pull the string and when to let it go a bit..... We women, need that too....cause men....cannot remain interested in one same thing for a long time. Want tip? PM me and I'll give you a few!! CHeerios!
  9. I see most couples today are in a battle of the sexes like constantly, the man wanting to show his decision making authority and the woman wanting to display the girl power and the wife prerogative. The husband internally will justify that he is the man and he will eventually be the sole bread winner will find it a challenge from his other half and that he deserve a wee more respect than the woman coming to show her powers since he's going to be sacrificing, while the woman feel that only a gentleman would know how to give the woman those powers and not feel intimidated. It's always a case of difference perspective, where both parties sees things differently due to one big problem. The problem is that both comes with two different world that will never seem to understand truly how each other really feel. As much as theoretically they know, emotionally...it doesn't blend. I am a firm believer in that relationship = giving not receiving. Now that is a very dangerous situation to get into because once only one party engages into such an act it's a one way ticket to one of them feeling extremely sufficient and the other never getting anything in their life and most probably live their life...having never experienced being loved. Often times I feel a counselling to start off a relationship is good, not a corrective counselling but a preventive...to make sure certain situations and values are set clear first about giving, forgiving, financial, etc and both are made to listen first rather than talk back. At the other hand, if one party seems to think that the counsellor is speaking craps but the other listens and try to adopt good values. It's time to not get committed first because you may have just landed yourself with a opinion chauvinist that listens to no other but themselves and have no respect even for you as a coming spouse. Never think that things will be better after marriage, it seldom works that way. First fix what is needed, then only move on.
  10. Well let's give the story an extreme twist so that we add a little logic to it. Let's say he met up with 30 couples to discuss about `possible' engagement of his service and then the 31st client confirm with them on the spot. If you were him, would you say hold on I can't promise you first....let me first call the first 30 clients I've met then if they don't want to have me as their PG, I will now resort to you. One, the 31st customer may feel " so what now my business means nothing to you compared to that first 30th?" Now the very potential customer might be pissed or slightly offended with him/her. Two, the fact that he is seeing other client to discuss about possibilities...already prove that he is ready to accept another one before you confirm. Or do you think he should reject other calls and tell them he/she is under a discussion with you currently hence he is unable to see you and he needs to call up to ask for your permission first to see another client? Be kind to them as well, though yea they may be photographer, business people, etc...but they're also human looking for money so that they get to eat and/or feed their family. They are not lower than us just because they are going to be hired by us. So looking back at the initial story, let's reverse that if you previously spoke to 30 clients who said they "may" hire you, and the 31st one comes and confirm with you immediately....would you first call the first 30 customer to inform them first?
  11. Hi all, The klang valley will give you more variety. My sister in law got hers done in Touch studio. With 4k, I think it is sufficient though hers is 5k. I believe with thorough negotiation, you can get it at most bridal house. But like what Avex said, free lance charge cheaper due to the fact that they don't pay rents. But at the same time you don't get gown. Unless they know houses to rent. One of them that I know of, knows a few place where you could get gowns. So it's totally up to you. If you're looking for an actual day photographer, I can easily show you the way as I have not many, but really a few with superb reliability. Don't rush, but don't procrastinate as well. Especially your AD photography. One photographer can only shoot that much of a weekend. Unless he send you his people, which wouldn't be what you want cause you want them to be there, not their staff. The good deals don't run far in price. Try not to be tempted by things which are much lower than market price. Chances are they are newbies or people who are trying out hoping that less money means less responsibility. Remember, responsibility of photographer should be the same, be it cheap or expensive becaue at the end, you only have one wedding to shoot...not 10. So go for something average, don't need to overspend, but don't be too stingy as well. If you need further advise on contacts or where to look for gowns, decos, car rents, etc. Buzz me in my PM. I'll gladly send you a few numbers to call. No I am not going to call for you. The process is the fun part. Have fun!! Cheers!!
  12. Hi there Kae Lyn, I don't believe in dates. But I do know one which is quite popular in Klang if you need, I can provide you a little direction. He function from a home in Bukit Tinggi, price?? He only take an ang pau of RM30. He don't even request for it, it's up to you. If you think you wanna give him RM1, he'll give it to you. He'll calculate your birth time and date together with your husband's and tell you what's good and what's not. So far, have been great...one issue, he don't see everyone. Many times based on introduction. If you need him, PM me...I'll guide you on how to get there. Cheers!
  13. Hey kid, One step at a time ok? Take note that it isn't about materialism but money matters so don't go too dry or over commit. I find it really cute that you titled your message in such a way. I think there are lots of experienced people here. I am basically just one of the old folks with nothing else better to do but to hang around and help. Consultation is free, just PM me. I don't provide any service but just a little bit of respect in return and a promise to treat your woman well and bring up your kids in a morally strong manner. I am here for you, to help you calculate and estimate your cost, affordability in buying houses, from Diamond rings to other minor stuffs like photography, decoration, etc. So, PM me if you need any advice. Cheerios and don't freak out. It is not that scary.But only if you plan....and meet the right people.
  14. This is just exactly the reason why I do not dare to recommend simply anybody to people who asked me for help in photographer, since apparently quite some number of people in here PM or email me for reference. My list may be just that few, but I do take responsibility in my own reputation as a person. The moment a photographer don't turn up and it's my recommendation, people are going to point finger at me for a situation where I don't benefit from. Ethics are so subjective, money has blinded the eye of many. Try to squeeze the price of your photog, if he give you a ridiculous amount of price cut, take note..he's desperate for money.
  15. I really see the first post as a little immature about relationship. As long as you wrote, all I see is, now he has no money, I am not really happy with lesser money, I want a better life, he say he will make money, but money don't seem to materialise yet, hence I plan to leave, but if I leave now and if he ever got rich, I would be the blind one and not get to enjoy the life that I should have if I have stayed. Girl, at 25 I'd expect a little more than that. You got to be realistic, true that. But you're setting conditions on this relationship like money matters. Poor is generally not the word to be used on a person based on his finances. He may be earning lesser than average and that his family comes from an average one. He still fought his way through a local university. I'd assume you're rich? Try asking yourself if you were at his shoes, would you have made it through any university at all? What if he made it big? Number 1, that shouldn't be your concern. Number 2, if he really did and you left because you thought he wouldn't, you don't deserve to be with him in the first place. When you speak about wedding, I learn that in the Christian community, they use the phrase...in good times and in bad times, till death do us part. The way you describe your relationship is more like, I'll hang around in good times, in bad times I will consider going away, but I am afraid that your bad times might go away and you will have a HUGE good time. You got to first align yourself right. You know he has not that much of money when you first knew him isn't it? You accepted him as well right? What makes you change your perception now? Second of all, I know now all mothers wants the best for their child, but does financial freedom guarantees happiness? Perhaps your mother would approve of a relationship to be a second wife to a billionaire? That would make you `not suffer'? From what I see, your mother seems to be a great influence unto you. Now, until the day you know how to make love decision on your own without being affected by your mum, you should stay out of love before someone gets hurt. Lastly but never the least, happy-gal, you speak like you're in high school. It is in my personal opinion best that you seek first yourself and know yourself well enough before getting into any more matter that adults are into. You seemed to still be your daddy's little girl. Commitment, responsibilities, etc....is a world you need to first learn. There is no such thing as stable income. A RM2k salary monthly isn't a stable income. It is just a consistent income until something happen to you. Give yourself another few more years and you will know what I mean by that. Take great care of your health, and seek what is right in life first and then the right shall come to you. When you're looking for all the wrong things, all the wrong is what you will get.
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