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  1. they do tailor kua. just pay a visit to their outlet at ss2. ul be amazed with the varieties style of cheongsam and kua they have :)
  2. Il be wearing turquoise chiffon gown for march in followed with shocking pink inner, topped with grey lace cheongsam// and for tea ceremony its gonna be tube chiffon wedding gown
  3. hi, i would suggest you to just go to the SS2 outlet and have a look at the cs they have there// u'l be amazed with various types/ designs/ styles they have there. unlike outlets at pavillion/ one utama- as those two outlet are actually belongs to the sifu cs's son. she tailored all the cs and send it to the son's shop at pavillion/ one utama. the sifu master is at the ss2. she is very nice, and will let u try all the designs that she has in the boutique. a nice cheongsam isnt about the price but the cut that fit you. non fitted cheongsam would cost you less than rm400 (for sure)// just go visit the outlet at ss2, then u'l undesrtand why i say so. :wacko3: SS2 outlet has more than 100 designs// unlike the other outlet they only have a few// ive custom-made mine at ss2 outlet.. it's a shocking pink satin as inner, topped with greyish lace with beads/ pearls and sequins, cs cut with train, diamond shaped bare back, with cs collar... it suited me perfectly..the original price she quoted me was rm850// after nego she's willing to let it go for rm780// for me, the cheongsam isnt that pricy, as it has fit me perfectly// other than cs, ive also got good advise from the sifu master// she even advised me to keep fit and keep away from rice// ^_^
  4. hi all, ive just went to emerald brilliant at SS2 (below the shop is BSN..and opposite of it is McDonald).. SS2 is the HQ. It has few outlet// newly opened at Pavillion..and the oldest would be Armada Building..and next would be One Utama. i would recommend those who's interested to go to SS2 as the sifu cs is actually there at ss2// she will measures and sew it herself. my cs is shocking pink satin as inner, topped with greyish lace & pearls + sequin , cs cut with train, sleeveless, diamond shape bare back. ive been advised by the sifu cs to keep fit and loose the tummy fat// inspired by her words..i am now in the process of getting that hourglass shape figure// owh, how much does the cs cost me? = less than RM1K but more than RM700. it's negotiable// -good cs isnt about the price but the cut that fit you ^_^/' do spend wisely...
  5. Hi all, Ive had my registration of marriage this year at JPN Putrajaya. If you're interested to have a look at my ROM photo, do PM me or email me at susananakleo@gmail.com. I would recommend to the bride-to-be to register their marriage at JPN Putrajaya (those who wish to register their marriage at JPN) as it has the most beautiful decoration ever as compare to the other JPN in klang valley// you can even take an outdoor photo shoot with the spectacular scene of the most creative architectural designed building//
  6. Hi, Im selling off my ROM dress... wore it once during the ROM..sent for dry clean dy... flare satin dress with lace on top.. size M price: RM180 nego ..those who is interested can pm me to view the dress ^_^
  7. LISTEN TO THIS: A promisse I make - Dakota Moon
  8. hi littlemissbride, do u mind sharing the hall with other couple? cos ure planning to have around 20 tables for the dinner, right?..so the chance to get the entire hall at some restaurant would be a bit difficult.. ive surveyed a few restaurants, which got great ambiance (modern interior) but those need at least 35 tables only than u can have the entire hall, if not u've to share with other couple (depends on what date u choose)... not so ancient chinesy interior + 20 tables (can have entire hall) - noble house, maju palace, oriental pearl (thai thong) bkt jalil, duck king, tropicana (thai thong) = the price for the banquet depends on what menu u choose ^_^/', if u want to have suckling pig- would be a bit pricey.. **xoxo
  9. greats ya miemie, what a decision to make right? when it's all up to us? and the hubby only cares about HOW MUCH they need to pay..like u, i did have the same problem before. as my wedding will be fully paid by my FH, so all he cares is "how much" he need to pay..and he has assigned me to do research and he will analyze it.. what you need to do is: BUDGET 1st, decide on how much is your budget. how much is consider as cheap, and how much is consider as expensive? as for our case, my FH has set RM700-RM900 for the AD dinner. So i did some research based on the budget he gave me... LIST i made a list from it..list down all the restaurants in kl/pj (the price, complimentary, venue & etc)..from the list..we went to visit the restaurant one by one...until we made up our mind. For us what matters are, not just the price must be within budget, but we also looking into the venue, availability of parking space, not sharing hall, interior of the hall and etc. *The price also depends on how many table you want to have, if no suckling pig- will be much cheaper.... xoxo- just my 2 cents
  10. hi, not too "Chinesey" (ie. decorated with more modern / contemporary / minimalistic approach)? meaning to say, u will still consider Chinese restaurant as long as the interior is modern and the price is less than RM900? how many table u plan to have? and would u prefer to have pork/ pork free for the menu? xoxo
  11. HI, u may get a cheap dress at petaling street...there's one shop selling cheap dress there... or else, u can go to Medan MARA..ive designed my own cheongsam and sent for tailor there..it only cost me RM65 ^_^
  12. hi YoungBride2Be, Let me get myself clear with what you're unhappy with? Are unhappy with the fact that, you couldnt spend the 4 days with your bf? and the fact that..you're expecting him to celebrate valentine's with you? well if that the case, be positive...if he couldnt make it this time...there will be another time... all you need is..be patient... try not to think too much with the fact that he couldn't make it to meet you... at least he's going to do something good.....better than he cheated on you and dated other girl on that valentine's day... nah, this aint something you should be sad about, dear... cheer up.. he might just want to test you? some guys like strong and independent girl..he might has planned a surprise for you? well, be positive ya...
  13. as our w.b is platinum+rose gold+diamond..it costs around rm6k. depends on your budget and what type of wedding band you want..if you like white gold..that would be much cheaper though..-go survey now since they got valentine's road show at mid valley
  14. hi all, i need comment and review on this restaurant called Golden Sun Seafood located at Kuchai Lama.Anyone here got any experience with this restaurant? tx
  15. reason for having such a gap because ive to focus with one AD b4 i go with the next AD. cos both have different things to prepare.
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