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  1. Dissatisfied with Keep Gallery! I was a happy customer of Keep Gallery until it reaches the stage of album design. KG took about 3 weeks to get back to us on the album deisgn after we chose the photos. Reason given was too busy with others and since my wedding is in November, we can still wait. They emailed us the design and after we looked through, we gave our comments via email. After we sent the email, we called them hundred times to check whether they have received the email. Most times the line was engaged and when we finally got them, they promised me that they will check and get back to me. This repeated for another 2 times. For all 3 times that they promised to get back to me, none of them actually keep their words and call me back. We were so upset with their "no response" and we decided to go to their studio. They still haven't done anything to my album 3 weeks after my comment. My fiance sat there to make sure that they did it on the spot. For the soft copy that they promised to give me when I signed up the package, apparently are with KG watermark on each photos and low resolution. I understand the part of low resolution, cox they want us to go back to them if we want to develop bigger size photos. However the KG watermark is ridiculous to me! So all BTB that are planning to sign with KG, please check these things out before you sign with them. Make sure they put it down black & white that soft copies are WITHOUT KG watermark. Otherwise you end up doing free advertisement for them if you were to develop your own photos.
  2. Thanks for the sharing, Skye. Where did you buy the red veil? DId your parents put on it for you? Thanks!
  3. My AD gown fitting was fixed on last Friday, 6pm. KG called me around 5pm and informed me that there will be a new batch of gown arriving in mid October, asked whether I would like to postpone my gown selection. I thought mid October is a bit late for me, so I decided to go ahead for gown selection on Friday. Unfortunately gowns that i like were booked by others and I didn't manage to get one that I like. I only manage to choose the evening gown. The sales girl, Imiko is very helpful. Since I was unable to get the gown that I like, she will call me again when the new stocks arrive for me to choose the gown again.
  4. Hi, I am planning to wear KUA on my actual day. Appreciate if you can share with me your experience on this: If wearing KUA on actual day, do you still wear veil? It's kinda weird to wear a white veil with a KUA. Without a veil, then my parents don't get a chance to attach the veil for me.. Some friends also told me that the groom has to throw the veil onto the cupboard top Some suggested to wear gown at my house and change to KUA at my husband's house. Would it be not nice to let the relatives (my husband's side) to wait for me to change the KUA? Must I wear the traditional red shoes with KUA? where can i get that type of shoes? i found one in SS2 but no size for me. Can i wear the normal heels with the KUA? Thanks!
  5. They gave us a flowchart with all the timeline stated (how long it'll take for them to process softcopy). Yeah they don't call us much. Normally when the deadline gets near I'll call them to confirm (for example gown trial sessions)... But once you step into the shop, the service is quite good... Hi, Iwas told that my softcopy will be ready in 3 weeks time but it was ready by the 2nd week. They asked me to go and collect photos but i chose to collect from them. They called up a week after we collected the CDs see whether we have chosen photos for the album. Actually it is us that has been delaying. pai sei.. pai sei... :P
  6. Oh! Who is your photographer? I signed up with KG too and just took my photographs about 10 days ago... have been nervous and looking forward to see the photos... hope it wont disappoint me. May be you can request them to take one more round for you?
  7. Hi Karen, Glad to hear that your happy experience with KG. I can't wait to see my photos also... 2more weeks to go... hope it is nice.. Hope you can get a nice nice gown also and be a pretty bride. :)
  8. My MUA is Marcus Chuah. Now considering whether to ask him to stay back till I change my second gown.
  9. Hi, Anyone know the price for make-up and hairdo for bridesmaids and family members? My MUA is charging RM150 per pax for 4-5 pax. Is this price reasonable? Thanks!
  10. Hi, Can you please share with me the contact too? Thanks!
  11. I signed up for the pre-wedding photography session with KG early this year.Before I signed up with KG, I did some research and shortlisted 3 bridal houses.One is due to the bridal house was having great promotion at that time (onlyRM1k), and I like the other 2 bridal house's style, one of it is KG. KG was the first bridal house both my fiancé and I went. We were there for morethan an hour before we decided to sign up with them. I have confidence withKG's photography skill but a bit worried that the gowns are limited (as posted by some other brides in this forum). Finally the salesgirl and one of the partners convinced us to sign up with them. My package comes with family photos. My second dealing with KG was there to choose gowns. Ya, their gowns are really limited. But because I already expected it, so it is ok with me. We took a while then only managed to get 4 gowns – there is a red one I don't quite like at that time but because I can't find any better...so I just took it. But later I found that this gown that I didn't quite like earlier gave a good effect in photo shooting. The girl that helped me with the gowns is new and didn't give me right information. Luckily I clarified with KG staff again. So BTB, if you are unclear of anything, please clarify with your bridal house. The day before shooting, I went to KG for gown fitting. 2 of my gowns were a bit tight. The seamstress there altered it for me on thespot. A few of my friends gave me a surprise and turned up at KG just after I finished my gown fitting. The girl who served me (I forgot to ask forher name ) was kind enough and helped me to change the gowns again to show myfriends. Our photo shooting session starts at 12noon and ends at 8pm (for the night view). Becauseit rained the day before, KG staff asked whether we would like to change it to10am-6pm in case it rains in the evening. But we decided to stick to our original plan. On the shooting day, it rained since morning. We were so worried that we have to postpone our shooting session. Luckily the rain stopped before we go foroutdoor shooting. We reached there at12noon. We chose Weng as our photographer and Crystal Ho was assigned as our MUA. Thanks to Crystal's magic hand. I looked great after make-up. Even my family also said so. It is simple and natural yet looked great. Forgot to mention that I do not keep longhair. We started with family photo session followed by indoor then only outdoor. As the sky was gloomy, we decided to use 2 gowns for indoor and the other 2 for outdoor. Thanks to Weng, Joey and Crystal. Our pre-wedding photo session is not the "suffering" type as mentioned by many brides. It was fun and we both enjoyed it. It is a great experience. Some friends of mine told me that their bridal house only send maid to go out with them and the maid only help with gown changing, do not know about make-up and hairdo. But in my case, Crystal went outwith us and she brought along the necessary stuff so that I can change to different look for different gown. Not to forget to thank Carmen Low (super mum mum)– who made the doll, hand bouquet and flower wreath for my photo session. Even the KG team also praised her good work. Last but not least, thanks to all BTB in this forum, for contributing ideas and suggestions.
  12. Got my doll from Carmen. :) Both my fiance and I love it. Thanks, Carmen.
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