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  1. Hi everyone... I'm also looking for a confinement lady in Penang. Pls PM me ya if there is any good confinement lady to recommend. Thanks a lot :)
  2. me too... i hvn't received anything yet.
  3. Hi Sunday... can you email ur GDL list to me as well at wyntse@yahoo.com? My GDL will be in early May. Thanks Sunday...i received ur GDL list in my email. that's really useful at least i know what i should prepare now ^^
  4. Hello there fellow Penangites, I feel that you guys should go and visit the bridal house personally (if possible) before signing up, so that you can have a look at their gowns. I have a friend who signed up with a BS because it is a bit cheaper then end up she didn't like the gowns in the collection where she can choose, so had to upgrade and add ~RM600. Just some sharing... happy surveying and hope you guys can find a BS which suits you
  5. I'll also be going to Bali in May... end of May. Also my first time . I'm actually planning for dolphin watching as part of my itenary but I heard Lovina is very far away. I searched the net and found that they actually have dolphin watching activities in Tanjung Benoa/Nusa Dua as well. Anybody tried before? Any comments?
  6. I've also engaged Angela Kang for my wedding dinner and AD in Alor Setar next year :). Alyssa...when is your wedding? Mine is 14,15th May 2011
  7. Winds


    Me too... also going for their facial treatment every month and I'm also using the sebum gel Actually what's the difference between the seaweed cleanser and the gentle cleansing foam? Ya... I'm using their seaweed cleanser, sebum gel, hydrating complex and derma whitening... I do their facial treatment every month...
  8. Hi all, My wedding day will be on 15th May 2011 Hi skye, I'm thinking of dun wanna follow too many of chinese traditions as I want the ceremony to be a little bit simpler. Yea yea, I booked the BS package last year and had the shooting last week. AD photographer also booked under the same BS. now thinking of which venue to hold garden wedding the best. how's your preparation so far?
  9. Hi tinkerbelle, I'm currently trying out selsun as recommended by csc as it is easily available. I've just used a few times so can't really see the effect yet. Previously someone recommened kerastase to me too, but I do not know where to purchase it in Penang. I asked around a few salons but still couldn't get it.
  10. Oh there is such shop? I didn't know that, shall try searching there. Thanks a bunch, Pris.
  11. Hi Jean_jj... thanks for the recommendation. Is Nizorol something like medicated shampoo? Can it be used daily? Actually my hair is kind of oily type. Shampoos that I have tried so far are H&S, Pantene, Clear, Tresemme but the problem still remains. Previously I was using H&S Intensive Solution and it kinda improved but this product is no longer available
  12. I have been having dandruff problems for years even after trying various types of shampoos. I wouldn't want to have flakes appearing on my hair during my big day . I read from the net that many people recommended Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo. Does anyone know where can I get this shampoo? I'm from Penang.
  13. Thanks, Shaun for sharing your beautiful website. The photos look gorgeous.
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