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  1. He is working as a QS. He is reali a dear... v no temper, non smoker, non drinker, non gambler, non violence. onli dat he doesnt noe how to become a bf. actually i dun mind dat he doesnt celebrate valentines day v me. i onli care bout the birthday. im not requesting him to buy me expensive pressie on dat day. a small slice of cake, it makes my day. he thinks dat, when 2ppl are together, i love u, u love me, can communicate, den dats it. i dunno whether u guys agree dat when 2 ppl are together there must have commitments. what i meant about commitments are something like, making the relationship in freshness, taking care of each other, protecting ur other half and etc.... I understnad that I cant be too demanding in financial from him since he is just starting to work now. So, I nv ask him to pay for me for anything i buy. i will buy it myself. it's been a long time since i received his present. quite sad when think about tis.
  2. Regardless of how many times i told him,teach him, he just will do it for the first few days, and in the end, its back to normal again. im hot tempered while he is just a guy without a temper. everytime i flare up, he will just wait me to cool down. and then, pretend there was nth happened! we both are jus 26 yrs old tis yr and he jus start to work while i already started to work 2 yrs back ago. i have changed my temper for the last 2 yrs while he jus change nth! i guess i sld gv him more times. he often told me why he is like this maybe due to he is still a fresh graduate and nv step to the society and dunno wat to do. is this true?
  3. i with my bf for 6yrs already. During these 6 years, we have been on and off. But each time, we still get back together.i dunno why too. is it im used to have HIM by my side or i still love him? we almost quarrel everyday. we can happy go out dating and ending up face black black in the car. few days ago, we quarrel and i said we took one month time to cool down without calling/sms or seeing each other. at first, in the phone, he agree. after that, he sms me said sorry and he cant do dat. den i replied him saying im reali tired being like tis. im down for few days n almost tired when see him. but i still love him alot. den he replied me saying is i request too much and he said if reali like tis, den as well we break up better. he asked me to think carefully. den the nx day, he normally will sms told me he woke up but until the afternoon, i did not get his sms. i tot he reali means it. how i wish he will pujuk me. in the end, i gave in. i called him n asked him is it he reali wanna break v me and he said no. den we were back to normal once again. for the 6 yrs time, during the time we quarrel, i often hurt myself or him(seldom). i scratch myself, i hit myself v an hard object, doing dangerous things. i dunno y i will behave like tis. i just lost my control. i jus wan him to sayang me more. we did not celebrate any birthdays, anniversary, or any days. as i can remember, my birthday normally i will ended up with my tears. no presents, no cakes, no surprises. im reali reali sad. he said wat is the big deal for celebrating? he is a good guy but he doesnt know how to be a good bf. can i ask u all what are the basic requirements that a bf/gf sld have? my bf totally do not have any idea how to become a bf. his thinking is gals in mentally is equal with the guys. ** there are still alot of stories... sighh..... so sad.....
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