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  1. Hi there, Sorry for late reply...My SA is Mandy and another consultant is Ah Yeng. You actually can looks for their assistant... They very helpful...
  2. Hi All, [My Sharing (ppinky) @ Ivory Romance (IR) – Part 5] Overall, I found my journey for this outdoor photo shooting at Cameron was amazing, me & my FH were satisfied and had a enjoyable moments up there. It was a sweet and touching day for us and its totally more than photo shooting on what the package is offering. Those memorable moments that we spend with the photographer, makeup artist and the assistant co-photographer at Cameron outdoor photo shooting was truly wonderful and of course it comes true with the help of my SA/consultant on making such a great arrangement for me. Understand my sharing experience on my Cameron outdoor photo shooting was quite long winded, but I hope this will helping you to level up your confidence with IR. Thumb ups to IR consultants & those professionals who had serve me… Wish all the sisters here also had a great experience of photo shooting….. Happy sharing !!!
  3. Hi All, [My Sharing (ppinky) @ Ivory Romance (IR) - Part 4] Next, we are going to wonderland (the main theme scenery of Cameron)!! Along the way up to was pretty danger….Just imagine a car loaded full with ppl and stuffs driving on a narrow and slippery track and heading towards a place located at upmost place Brinchang CH….really adventurous experience…But it was worthwhile when we reached the place…just like a fairyland…..hazy and cool….full of green species as if u have travelled miles into a tropical forest …..a little kind of AVATAR feel … after edited the photo in photoshop of course … Wonderful places ….We love it very much….(definitely a must go places when u visit Cameron!!) Hopefully I can manage to upload some pics … to share with all the sisters here on how the places look like… Then, we took a few shoots at Tea Garden where a little couple wearing gown & coat surrounded by tea plantation & mountains all around, the view was really breathtaking and granular… Out of a sudden my imagination comes and I joke with my hubby we’re juz short of music and dancing and rolling down the slopes otherwise we both are like actor to Hindustan movies ….. muahahaahha … it was great and funny experience though … down there … Snap !!! …. And it’s the final shot… all of us were so tired. After, we changed and packed everything the photographer brings us to Boh Tea Center … to enjoy a sip of Cameron Boh Tea with the relaxing evening on top of the tea plantation area platform… hmm… the taste was so good (maybe due to the environment, atmosphere & freshness as its totally different taste compared to the Boh tea we had at downtown or kl) Ohh,, that’s not the end yet, they bring us to the market places to grab some souvenir, sweet corns, tea, snacks & strawberries. We had a great time there on trying some local snacks and showing our kl ppl bargaining power, hahaha everyone also ended up happily with few bags of stuff… Finally, we went to had our dinner to taste some of the CH famous dishes & vegetables …. deliciously yummy !!! we finished all the food we ordered .. everyone was so full and we started our journey to return home safely …
  4. Thanks for your advice Juvannise I'll keep it in my mind ...
  5. Hi All, [My Sharing (ppinky) @ Ivory Romance (IR) - Part 3] Finally the day which I have been long awaited is coming – our outdoor shooting at Cameron. A day before the photo shooting, my SA calls up to remind us on the preparation, departure time and she had assigned an additional assistant photographer to follow us.Me & my hubby were so excited and we do pack a lot of necessities like: shoes, magic bra, white shirt, belt, and etc….Before departure, we drop by at IR to pick up the photographer, and assistant and as well as loading some stuffs from IR - gowns and some photo shooting tools and etc…. Along the journey to Cameron, we easily form a good relationship with the photographer and assistant, they were friendly than I thought and we chat all the way, had great laughs with some of their jokes. Throughout the whole journey we felt very enjoyable and don’t feel “Pai Sei” although this was our first meet.After few hrs, we finally reach the CH apartment around 2 a.m. and met up with our makeup artist …This overnight stay also suggested and arranged by SA where she concern and believe the long journey will make us exhausted. ….. It’s true, my hubby said luckily the SA arranges that, otherwise his looks on the photos is totally out!!! hahahaha … (Remark to Si Wan: Try to make arrangement with ur SA, I believe if the BS normally take photo at CH they will have contacts and u can get a reasonable price & comfortable apartment there especially during weekdays) Ring….ring….ring….6.00 am…We lazily woke up from our bed. Wow!!! I felt shocked when I saw myself reflected from the mirror…. …Dark circle and pimples… so horrible and ugly …. times comes for a “Magic Show” from make up artist….Just 1.5 hrs later, I transformed to “Big Eyes Mei Mei” …. Really unbelievable and caused my FH stunned for few minutes I like my new look very much…Very thanks to my “magician” who makes my tiring looks disappeared… We started our first scene at lake house compound…wearing the gown and “Can Can” was very bulky….But luckily, makeup artist helped me to lighten my “Burden”…Fresh air frm the cools environment & atmosphere make us felt lively & refresh …2nd scene lake house restaurant – classic British style settings so our looks changed again to match the environment…lovely look – I liked it so much…. Next, we have few shot at lake side and public garden….smile, smile, smile instructed the photographer in a sense of humor ….So many shots and pose were taken and we started to feel stiffed on our smile…Luckily we still have the assistant who kept on making jokes to capture our natural smiley face … and with the cool weather it keep us totally refreshing all the times, not even feel like sweating at all even with the gowns or coat on!!! - this was the best part when u take photo at these kind of places or environment ….hahaha & it convinced me that I have made a correct decision on the outdoor location – suitable for those who worried about sweating and hot which will cause uncomfortable during the photo shooting and the makeup .. hehehe my journey to be continue on part 4 ...
  6. Hi All, [My Sharing (ppinky) @ Ivory Romance (IR) - Part 2] I was counting day by day since then, and finally it's my day for gown fitting. Just a reminder for all the sisters here, pls make sure you booked all the corresponding dates with your SA to make the appointment in advance especially for those who like to have it on weekend. Well my experience on that day was amazing, I felt like a little princess throughout the moments there. Just imagine having such a huge wardrobe with so many gowns and you can test non-stops, furthermore there was a consultant and assistant there to help you change and choose your preferred gowns. Luckily my SA and her assistant was so helpful, she picks quite a number of gowns for my fitting, helped me to dress up the gowns, giving me some recommendations and test till I nod my head and say "Yes, I do like the gown very much" …Well, it really tested on their patient as I have been fitting those gowns for 4 hours + and yet they still put up a friendly smile and attended me nicely. Finally, I have chosen a total of 7 lovely gowns for my indoor and outdoor photo shooting sessions. Then only I started to realize, the clock is ticking fast and their shop was closed and we're still inside… really great experience and having a good time… hahaha…. Another gentle reminder for gown testing: if you have chosen a totally new gown (where no one ever wear on it) you may need to pay additional extra charge on it, so you can try to negotiate with your consultant to check whether she can offer you a lower rate on it or not. Besides, I still can recall this, "Sometimes, you see the gowns in fitting rooms was not so nice but in photo shooting the outcome in photo is very nice" claim my SA when she recommended me a gown, then she took the photos taken by other customer for me to have a look. "It was really nice" I agreed and selected the gown in my preferred list… my journey to be continue on part 3 ...
  7. Hi Si Wan The actual package is RM3988 - 1 day photo shooting @ cameron (without staying overnight & drive ourself) & 1 day indoor @ IR studio, & of course some freebies from deposit or full payment and lucky draw gift And mine is RM3298 which had drop off (excluded) below items: 1. 1 dinner gown 2. 1 bridegroom coat 3. cystal cover 4. maintain 24' x 30' without upgrade to 20' x 36' 5. small album (same photo pose with big album) P/S: the rest maintain & same as the package offering Well if your BS offering u additional rm500 see what they are offering & make sure u double check : - Hotel or apartment provided ? - Transportation wise & whether ur hubby need to drive ? - Cost to take photo in any private places in cameron ? - List out any hidden or additional cost that u need to pay. (Do u hav to pay extra when u reach there besides the rm500?) U can consider to stay a nite @ cameron and take photo the next morning till evening, otherwise if ur hubby is driving without sufficient rest & take photo straight away he will looks tired & exhausted - juz my 2cents (try to talk to ur SA/consultant) Well I'll try to share some of my experience of going to cameron here shortly .....
  8. Hi All, [My Sharing (ppinky) @ Ivory Romance (IR) - Part 1] I believe some of u had seen a lot of complaints about Ivory Romance from forum which may make you lost confidence to it. Don't let all this negative comments to make you down as I am the one who had such feeling before. Let me share my experience with all you who planning take pre-wedding photo @ IR. I know IR since I went wedding exhibition at Mid Valley in Dec09 with my best friend. Started from that moment, we like IR photo very much among the bridal shops.. I think everyone did the same like me, will compare, do lots of research, seek lots of advice, read through forums, and etc b4 signing up their wedding photo package rite ? However when I search through the net and forums, I have dig out more and more negative feedback ….then I started to loss confident with IR….. Few months later, I pay another visit to 2nd wedding exhibition in Mid Valley March 2010 ... when I walked out from the hall, I felt very funny … haha guess what …. I ended up signing the package with IR even though my heart filled with worries…as everyone reminded me not to take with IR… I told myself, silly girl u r very brave to sign up that package and paid RM 500 deposit, furthermore the person who attended us are photographer and make up artist - they cant provide us with good consultation and of course not much freebies … I bet they are really professional during makeup and photo shooting but not much on dealing a good sales …. sigh…. what can I do now ? I just keep on comforting myself – different ppl will hav different experience and of course there is always ppl who likes and dislike…. The following weekend me & my FH quickly go to IR at Loke Yew… to check out the packages again … at there we met our SA aka consultant … well she is really superb… as she managed to sweet talk me & my FH …hahahha ... Actually, the SA did very patiently tried to clear our doubts and worries one by one…and custom made a package based on our budget without forcing on anything even though we have paid the deposit earlier … great flexibility … thumbs up .. She provides us her professional consultation… and clarifies a lot of our worries and attended us for a total of 3hrs + even though it was on their busiest day of the week where lots of walk in potential customers…. Eventually, we had chosen a customized wedding photo package for indoor shooting at their studio together with outdoor shooting at Cameron Highlands…which amounting up to RM3.2k … We managed to minus out whatever we feel unnecessary from the package and choose the things that we wanted. Of course the most important thing is we written down all the items that she promised clearly on the receipt so that everything is transparent and could avoid any arguments in the future. Then I also clarified and listed out whatever items that would require additional payment if were to buy from them. Thus I can decide whether to buy it from outside or buy from IR if necessary and I would not feel cheated if were to pay for the items later on … hahaha …
  9. hi all brides, i have a RM 300 Voucher from Ivory Romance and want to let go.( a lucky draw price from Bridal fair)..anyone interest pls drop me a mail... i have call BS they saying that this can use for pre wedding package... those who interest pls contact me how much u goin to sell it?
  10. Hi punky pinky, alr sent u, pls check it out and remeber giv me comment oh!
  11. Hi mei8, Me outdoor at 马场 too. Same for me, the sale assistance said I should pick my wedding day gown when the date is near. Maybe will have more choices of gowns by that time :) Hi Jane, finally i finish my PS last 2 days, very fun & happy when shooting in outdoor horse carriage, overall my PS also satisfied. I will go second round gown fitting in next month, same date with choosing photo. Hi Mei, Do you mind to share with me your photo? My email is tkiaw@yahoo.com
  12. Hi Cherylw, I was took up the Cameron Highland package as well. The ori price is same as you said. But you may get SA to custom made based on your own budget.To me, 29 poses are not enough as it is included 2 design pages which may take up about 4 poses.So total 21 pages only for 29 poses.Cameron highland is a very nice place to take photo, so 29 poses absolutely insufficient. Try to talk to SA about your expectation, everything still can fix before full payment is made.
  13. hi, wah lau..The service so bad, now i starting worry about my coming wedding photo shooting....Do u mind share with me ur photo taken at IR? Since I had signed up and make the full payment with them, anything else shall I take note?
  14. Hi aisumomo, May i know what is the bad experience you had b4? As i was signed up the package recently at IR and going to take photo in June..
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