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  1. Hi All, Pak Hainan Kopitiam opening soon at Pandan Indah. Anyone hear about Pak Hainan Kopitiam? Taste good? Will visit there when open..
  2. Hi AQuek, im going to see KQ this coming monday evening too, see whether we can meet each other, Hear from KQ he will away around one week maybe next 2 week, need to clarify with him.
  3. Hi AQuek, I been there everyday since last monday, KQ said due to unhealthy ovary and my ovum did't get bigger so i need to go everyday for acupuncture then scan the progress of ovum. yesterday starting another week medicine, this week the medicine difference as previous, very bitter. total medicine fees from 2/3 till 10/3 was RM380, I think more then thousand spend for a month. very jia lak
  4. Hi elyssa, Already PM you the pictures, everything go for simple. No harm for listen more opinion.
  5. Hi jsoo, you can visit my website: www.mywedding.com/nicholasjoanne
  6. Hi Elyssa, Actually i not too sure about the cost, because hubby paid for it. They doing my house TV set, kitchen Cabinet, room wardrobe and etc. Their showroom at Ampang and they have their own factory. I think they can go everywhere. My own opinion is if you find someone with lowest cost but end up with quality and workmanship problem will be more trouble. Their price quit reasonable. maybe you can call him for quotation. If you interested i can pm you the picture.
  7. nicoleoyo Hi Nocoleoy, elyssa I highly recommended Lifestyle Kitchen, very satisfied with their professional services and workmanship. You can contact Mr. Sim - 016 263 1132 or you can view my kitchen cabinet at my friendster.
  8. Hi All MBs, Anyone hear about Kamal Quek, He's very famous Chinese Seisai.. Please share your experience...
  9. Hi Christine, Congratulation.. anyhow, my husband dont like to travel, it's very difficult asking for holiday trip..
  10. Hi Will having turkey dinner on this sunday.. so how the taste from San Fran?? any others delicous recommendation? Thank you very much !!!
  11. Hi Cher Yee, You know where is the SUNG JI KUAN YIN (Goddess of Mercy)?
  12. Hi Jocelyn, Im very interested for the cooking and baking class.. where's the location? im staying at ampang, could you please forward me the detail e.g. contact number? then i can call them directly for the details.. you can pm me the detail at kjoanne79@gmail.com Thanks a lot!!!
  13. kjoanne79


    Hi Joyuan89, im interested on the USANA product, please PM me the cost and information.
  14. I wonder why some other MIL are so niece toward their DIL, my MIL so far ok but sometime she also bla bla bla. PIL not staying with us, we keep one room for them. They have my house key and stay near to us, sometimes they will came without notice. MIL have habit that everytime when she came to my house, she will open my fridge, kitchen cabinet, my bedroom to see.. then started comment this la that la... she commented why your thing put like that, you have to put like this, really got one time i can't tahan then i switch the thing as per her comment. Last night i invited them for dinner at my house, damn angry. everyone got their style on cleaning stuff, i have dustbin in kitchen but i used to keep one plastic with newspaper in basin to put all the rubbish like bone, chicken skin then only throw in dustbin to avoid dirty water. MIL saw i keep the plastic bag in basin, started complaint.. "i noticed you few times already, why you like to put the thing in basin to block yourself.. you can throw all in dustbin. you keep the rubbish here who going to clean for you? why you no "shou mei" one? next time you have kid you going to suffer. im not scold you im teaching you" " if i staying with you, i will "qi si" my self" then my HB came in kitchen to cool down his mum.. i knew my MIL have good intention to teach me but still feel sad right? and she always sayang her son, everything goes wrong will come to me ask me why? we have small garden, she will said "why you did't remove the grass? why you did't water the plant, why you didt keep the thing, why you didt throw the thing, why your hair drop everywhere? i think you got sick or your shampoo not suit you." wah lao.. human can drop 100 root of hair per day.. WHY WHY WHY ????? So i can do is just said : yaloh... then smile.. you cant said no time, she will reply you why you so busy? you can arrange your time to complete the tasks.. NOW, I practice to be dont said too much thing, try to keep myself silent. reply with yes and smile..
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