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  1. Hi cutieling, H&W is giving away FREE wedding backdrop for those getting married in Nov/ Dec 2013 if you are interested: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=718274044867736&set=a.447960888565721.114726.446197475408729&type=1&theater Share it to your friends!

  2. my english is poor, duno how to use my poor english to describe derek, because pro, patient, nice, easy-going already tak cukup to said. my AD is 11st september 2011, was confirm my booking wt him last yr october, within 1 yr, derek never forget to follow up me, and any question i ask him send by e-mail, he sure will reply and veli helpfull answer. first time meet him is my AD, reach my house on time, when i so tension, he still patient and talk sumthing make me relax. when got timing he will take out laptop and start doing his work. (because my time a bit relax within my house go to groom house), but when time to shoot he will shoot immediately. start from morning until groom house no complain at all, i have to say sorry to him coz a bit late after groom house finish, he have to rush. when i reach restaurant i so worry he got no time to do the slide, but at the end yes, he can do it, i so happy for tat. b4 dinner start, my frend was asking me, ur slide so nice how much u hide ur PG, sure expensive, i answer is no, i got a cheap and nice pro PG. after dinner start, me and my hubby only have time to view the slide, after finish the slide, i look at derek and my tear almost fall down, i gv him my both thumb, my heart was saying thanks derek u was done a good job.
  3. ok, now everthing was pass, luckly for me is, i go My Canvas Prints www.mycanvasprints.com.my print my "BIG FOTO" myself, them was touch a bit, and after foto enlarge everything was ok, sum foto mereka said cannot touch because when enlarge will become fake, then i believe them, sum even them said have to touch. for album, i will hide again any PG wana touch a bit for me, lepas itu i will go photobook print my self again. dis is the way i can keep my sweet memory now and forever. for those wana have a look for my foto, welcome to send me ur e-mail, u wan face to face share my album, welcome too.
  4. agree with u "respect ppl ppl will respect with u too", but i did't get any respect when i soft with him.
  5. i agree wt u, PG job stress and lots workload, but when u promise me within 4-5weeks can gv me album, slide, canvas all images wt edited. u have to do it, if u cannot finish within 4-5weeks, pls dun promise. i never never call him within dis 4-5weeks, coz he was promise me taty i never call up ask asking how is the process i understand sumthing human cant pick up the call, me too, but pls reply sms, dun tell me u whole day hv no time to reply, for me, until next day he even no reply my msg, i have to send to him again "can i get ur reply" only i receive his msg. oversea shooting, ya he inform us he will oversea shooting and will arrange sumbody call us to delivery the albuma and canvas on fri, but thu totally not call at all, until fri he call us personally meaning what???? did he arrange??? if he cant arrangge pls inform us, i have to wait whole day and never inform us when he come bac. u r PG too, can i have ur e-mail add, tat i send u my foto, maybe u can gv me ur comment.
  6. will send to ur email, i dun mind we face to face share my album to u, foto cannot view proper, coz album is big foto, maybe u can zoom in. mind to share the photos with me?
  7. \gv me ur e-mail address, i send to u, i dun mind we face to face i show u the album too.
  8. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....showtopic=15341 another bad comment for paul
  9. so regret why i did't drop by malaysiabrides frequently, if yes, i will saw all this comment then i tak akan hide him as my pre-wedding PG. my AD is 11st sept, we shooting at 22/7 and he promise can get 4-5weeks, meaning 26/8. and begining he promise me end of august, i noe i rushing too, whole mth i langsung tak call him, coz i believe him can do it. but 31st august nobody contact me, i call him, he said 5th, i was so angry coz if u cant finish 31st, u should call us. 4th, did't call us for arrange delivery, i call him again, he said only can gv me image dvd, canvas and album at 9th, hahahahaha.............. any PG can tell me izzit reli nid 5 weeks to finish???? printing izzit reli nid 1 week to print, u said 5 weeks we diam diam bukan meaning we believe, coz we noe u still have ur own life too. and the canvas print i request toucp a bit, wohoo..... u noe wat he reply me, wana charge me~!!! another thing is the slide show i totally did't present at my dinner, i edit myself and do the silde show again, coz he said edit 80 for me, XXXX... i juz back from honeymoon, when i first time saw the album redi langsung tak suka, now at home, thinking wana ambil api kuat kuat bakarkan.
  10. u noe him, then is better, u can terus ask him, i dun mind share with urs, me and him sms conversation and e-mail conversation. my canvas print request touch up, halo.... pls lah, sesiapa nampak pun nak touch nak, he wana charge me. i sms him and told him redi, i said, so soli paul, since nobody contact us, and u block my fb, i will do sumthing.
  11. ya, i only get his call at fri nite, actually i dun wan to post here, coz i got no choose since my AD is next two day. when i get the album, OMG, all of u should noe we hide PG + rent gown etc more expensive then bridal shop, coz i wan sumthing special wan difference wt bridal, but my frend are "ketawa me", i duno how to post my foto here, if urs dun mind, can gv me ur mail add, i send to urs and have a look.
  12. thanks a lot for your reply, i noe u r PG too, Paul is my Pre-Wedding PG, my AD is 11st Septemer, was collected my slide show + images DVD last monday 5th, and my album and one canvas print he was promise delivery to me or arrange collect from him tmr, and he told me he was oversea for shooting dis few day, and he promise will arrange his frend call me or my hunsband for collection arrangement, but until now nobody call us, his phone cant get through and he was block me in his fb list. wat can i do now???
  13. dear all ji mui, i really urgently need yours help, anybody help "like" CKwedding professional Wedding photography or is friend of Paul Kong CK in fb, please pm me~!!!
  14. can anybody gv some comment abt Alvin, went to his web & fb, his foto felt Gorgeous and nice!
  15. anybody hire Ken Lee b4, pls gv some comment! :wacko3: pening to choose PG now! thanks a lot!
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