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  1. My ex photographer doing promotion la girl. For pre-wedding photography and actual day. Did a fantastically good job on my wedding day, I must say one of the most hardworking one after so many frens wedding I attend la. I think most important picture quality good, reliable, responsible and can communicate with you like a friend. My photographer has all of the above.
  2. Hi Sharkie, I wouldn't know. Maybe you'd like to talk to the photographer?
  3. Hi Mars82, Sorry for late reply. I am sure that will happen to you after you're married a well, you suddenly just don't log in that much anymore unless you're looking for information. During my wedding his rate is charged at RM1500. I think that is quite the standard rate of majority photographer for AD out there unless you're comparing with those low-end budget photographer la. But I got this price because of my friend Vincent who is a wedding planner, he arranged the photographer for me. I don't know how much he charges now. They are from WG Pictures. I was told that they are WPJA certified la, so I guess the price was a blast being shot by a photog with international affiliation. 2011 is going to be a packed year friend, January itself I already got 3 samans from friends, going bancrupt liow. I am sure the good photog in market are even more penuh. So you better hurry. Good luck yea, if you need the contact, PM me I'll provide it to you. Very reliable fellow, was here before my makeup artist and super easy attitude so I don't feel more pressured. Didn't even wanna eat when I offer him cause I still remember he say my moments more important than his food. Haha...
  4. Hey all, Thank you skye, juanil, winds and beautiful gown. I feel it, seriously! Oh, I posted the photos in other thread to share the photograph I have on my actual day. Since I am new here so I don't know which one appropriate, so here and there lor. http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....showtopic=21014 Can view a few more here! :) Hope you guys don't mind. If you think it's nice, do leave a note...if you think I look old....try not to say anything. LOL!!!!
  5. Hi there all, as I am pleased with my day's pictures..I will be generous to share my actual day photographs At the same time, any forumer who would like another extra option from the already many here, may now have one more to consider. Here's some of em! Enjoy... This is one of my favourite shot!!! Another one of my favourite shot! Hahaha... Sister and chi mui that lend a helping hand! Won't kill to have another helping hand isn't it!! He almost stole my limelight... This is one kiss not from me, not from another girl, not from mother...........guess who is it from? From heng dai....ewww..
  6. Dear all happy people, bride to be, groom to be, bridesmaid to be, chi muis to be.... I hereby, share the day...where a man promised to make my life the happiest for the remaining years I will be remained of. Here's a few shot from my actual day photographer! Thanks if you get to read this! Appreciate your dedicated heart in really understanding us!! If I get to choose again, it will still be you. Thanks for keeping to your promises! To all....enjoy and have a blissful one ahead of you! For anyone who wants to speak to that person who takes my pictures......PM me, I'll gladly provide. Thanks to Cher Wen, Andrew, Sam....mum and dad.....never the least for waking up earlier than me that morning! God bless all of you!! :)
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