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  1. any baby learning class to intro in JB? actually i've been hunting for this few mths back, found musikgartens here but currently no new class for infant..
  2. i like the 2nd pic... so so so cute!!! Congrats
  3. My also since ard 4th months, slp ard 7.5hrs then will wake up ask for milk again after last feeding before he slp. but after 2 mths plus he alrdy can slp through the nite. Now he's going into 8th mths. Normally he wake up ard 7.30am ro have 6oz of milk, 11am a small bowl of porridge, 2pm 6 oz milk, 6pm a small bowl of porridge, 10pm 6oz milk then until next day morning
  4. Hi Fluene, Very long time not log in to MB, congrats on your pregnancy!!!!
  5. Until end of Mar? Then i shall go take a look this coming weekend.
  6. Hi all, I would like to organise online shopping spree for the below website, would like to look for someone to share the shipping cost together. Do let me know if got interest http://www.jshoppers.com/index-eg.asp Exchange rate 0.045 JSHOPPERS PROMOTION - FREE SHIPPING FOR PURCHASE UP TO JPY6000!!! http://store.pchome.com.tw/pin3/ http://store.pchome.com.tw/irenehouse/ Exchange rate 0.117 + RM1~RM5/pcs (International shipping charge) = Items Cost Please cut the URL for the items you want to purchase. THE SPREE WILL CLOSE ON 20/03/2009. I can be contact as below. msn: xiaoposh80@hotmail.com skype: wong.katherine
  7. me & hb dye our hair b4 PS too. cos dont wanna the MUA spray those funny funny color on our hair..
  8. May i know when can start to give solid food to baby? 4th or 6th mths?
  9. i read this article b4, still everytime reading sure make me cry!!!
  10. my son drink anmum stage 1. since birth was ard RM48 until now near to 3 mths alrdy increase till RM51.50
  11. wow KL price so exp ya.. here is mine. Dr Chia, JB. 3d2n single room which hb can stay overnite, together with baby total charges RM5k
  12. i got it as a gift from friend for my boy fullmoon... :) hope very soon he can use it!!!!
  13. i wear long pants & big tee during confinement. only wear sarong on 1st few days cos i was C-sec so loose sarong wont make the wound pain.
  14. Janice, Ur precious smile so sweet!!! Love it
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