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  1. how come no replies arr...no mommies use nursing cover??? So is not useful??? hope someone who is experience could reply...thanks
  2. Mommies, I'm thinking of getting a nursing cover...The problem is my son is 14.5 months now. Not sure if the nursing cover is still useful because he knows more things now. Wanted to stop breastfeeding, but no success, so decided to continue until he is ready to wean himself. I find breastfeeding in public very troublesome as our country is not very baby friendly. Although some malls do have nursing rooms, but not many in 1 mall. Sometimes you have to walk very far to get to the nursing rooms. Please advise and which brand is good?
  3. I am selling off my chicco stroller. Very new, only used for 3 months as my son seldom sit on the stroller. He loves being carried on a sling. Also, I just got a new stroller from his grandparents as birthday gift. So this must go. Model: Simplicity Limited Edition Color: Limited Edition Color. (Blue and Yellow) Comes with rain cover and foot cover. Retail now selling RM799. Am letting go for RM500. Negotiable. For photos, pls email me at cms4e@yahoo.com
  4. Item(s):Chicco Simplicity Baby Stroller (Limited Edition) Description: The SimpliCity stroller satisfies the baby’s need for comfort and the mother’s desire for functionality. The large, comfortable seat offers plenty of space, even if the Chicco SimpliCity stroller is very small. The backrest with rigid frame offers maximum support and can be reclined to 4 positions, including the horizontal position for baby to sleep without being disturbed. It is easy to use. The stroller is easy to manoeuvre everywhere, even in the smallest spaces, and it can be stowed in the smallest car boots. This is the reason why it is an ideal stroller not only in the city, but also when you go shopping or on holiday Color: Yellow and Blue. Only Limited Edition comes with this color. Also has rain cover and foot cover. Specification: Weight: 7kg, Dimension (when folded): 95x43x50 cm, Fully reclined Price: RM550.00 (negotiable - please state your offer) RRP: RM799.90 Dealing method:COD Contact method/details: Please email cms4e@yahoo.com for pictures. Item(s) conditions: Excellent Condition - only used for 3 months. My son hardly sit on this stroller. I usually carry him on sling. Reason for sale: Grandparents bought another stroller for my son as birthday gifts.
  5. I am looking for bedtime story books for my 10 months old. Hoping to find some books with big pictures. Ladies, any recommendation?
  6. definately no problem to move house when pregnant. When I found out I was pregant, my husband and I decided that we need a bigger place for our son and not stuck in the small room living with my in-laws. We had the renovation when I was 6 months pregnant and moved into the new home just 1 week before my son is born. He is now a healthy boy. when we wanted to start the renovation, so many people stop us due to all the pantang larang. but we just go as our plan. so glad we moved in before our son is born.
  7. some people said is ok to flirt online as long as u dont cross the line and meet the other party. flirting online boost confidence in men so that they know how to treat their wife when they r home. but how would u ever know if he just flirt online? and by saying all those i miss u and i miss all the gud times we had together at the 'shoutout box' does it imply that they actually met up? i'm so confuse. i feel like confronting him, but mom said to wait til i have enough prove to bust him. cos mom tinks that what if he is just flirting online and i am making a big mistake if i confront him now to ruin the relationship. and if i ask him now, he would be more careful not to let me know the next time he meets the other girl. help, i loves him so much, but to see him type all those flirty words to other woman, and he misses other woman really makes me sad and angry. am i not enough for him?
  8. It is alright when your husband sweettalk with other girls online? such as friendster, facebook etc. Flirting with people that he meets online? and telling people that he is single and available. I always feel that it is wrong to do this since he is a married man but maybe i am wrong to feel that.
  9. hi starzband, dont worry too much about the whole labor thing. actually it is not as bad as u think. i had a natural birth but not enough strenght to push too. my bone is very small as well. and ended up vacumm. your qynae will know what to do. oh yeah, i didnt use epidural too. sooo, not really as pain as u would see in the tv. my mistake during labor was i shouted when i was trying to push. so my piece of advice is dont shout, close ur mouth and concentrate in pushing. good luck gal.
  10. hi mommies, just checking, any mommies hv brought their children to shichida classes? what's the feedback? my son is almost 5 months now, and i am very keen about sending my son to this class.
  11. fluene, u just delivered ler...only two weeks. what do u expect??? anyway, dun worry too much. if u r breastfeeding, u'll shed the baby weight very fast. it took me only 3 months to get back to my before preggie weight because of breastfeeding and taking care of my son. (or maybe 3 months is consider long to u?) nee, still havent deliver already 'gan jeong' to loose weight? dun worry, BREASTFEEDING. definately loose weight, and fast. all those fatness u feel might be water weight now since bb is coming out anytime soon. :)
  12. my doc said after 1 month u can do any exercise as long ur body can take it. i was so 'kiasu', i printed the article from the web and ask her...and her answer was follow the below advise. Normal Vaginal Births Day After Delivery: Exercise while lying in bed. Try Kegels, pelvic tilts, and neck & shoulder stretches. When You Feel Able: Try light walking and strengthening moves for your abs, lower back, and pelvic muscles. First Postpartum Wellness Checkup (6-8 weeks): Resume light to moderate exercise with your doctor's permission. Build up to full training program slowly. Caesarean Births *If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort, you are doing too much. Day After Delivery: Exercise while lying in bed. Try Kegels, deep breathing, pulling stomach muscles inward, and neck & shoulder stretches. When You Feel Able: Try light walking and strengthening moves for your lower back and pelvic muscles. Wait 8-10 weeks and get a physician's OK to begin any further activity. Here are a few tips for determining when your body is ready to start exercising after a Caesarean delivery: All incisions or tears have healed. <LI>Your postpartum recovery is progressing normally, and you and your baby are healthy. (A baby with additional needs means even less sleep and more physical and mental stress for mom.) <LI>You feel good after exercise and don't experience any increase in vaginal bleeding. <LI>You don't feel excessively fatigued from exercise and you recover within your normal period of time following exercise. <LI>Your doctor has given you the go-ahead.
  13. any1 back fro the fair? any gd bargain? wanted 2go today but no 1 taking care bb
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