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  1. Hi WoanChin, Can you please share with me the contact of your CL? my email is syinnk84@yahoo.com. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I am in my 11 weeks pregnancy. Any recommended confinement lady?
  3. Dear bride-to-be, If you are looking for MUA for ur wedding day or ROM, i will highly recommend for Ester Chun. I had appointed her as my MUA during my couple outdoor portrait which taken by freelancer & also she is my MUA on my wedding day morning n evening session. She is able to turn anyone into a beautiful bride with her magical hand I would say. I am having puffy eyes which is my main problem n that I am so worry that I will look tired during my wedding day...but not to worry at all...Ester will able to help:) My friends all commented that I look amazing during my wedding day. If you would like to share the photos taken during my wedding day, u may check from Ester's facebook or pm me :) Do book her earlier as she is a piece of hot cake :p Happy marriage to all bride-to-be^^
  4. Dear all, Anyone know where can buy medium size paper bag which can used to put in wedding biscuits (in box) & wedding invitation card to deliver to friends and relatives? I would like to buy in bulk for around 150 paper bags...not sure where can i get it..Please share if anyone know about this info... Thanks^^
  5. I just about to prepare my wedding :p As I will be away for business trip at overseas for 2 months....i left about 4 months to get everything ready from now...but still dunno what to start yet...really need to work out on something that what should I prepare for tradition customs...
  6. Hi, Can anyone with the list forward a copy to me?? Appreciate it^^ Regards, Mandy
  7. M@nDy

    Gown fitting

    i wore a strapless bra during gown fitting..after all, the SA recommended me to take corset from them and it comes with a free nu bra / magic bra... i think to wear a strapless bra for gown fitting is ok...they will give u recommendation accordingly what will suit u best ^^ Enjoy your gown fitting day =)
  8. Hi Skye, mine is in 5th Nov...but I am going for business trip for 3 mths from July onwards...so gotto get things prepared and planned earlier....hehe..pls share with me your list when you had done yrs ^^
  9. Yeah we're hiring a 4-pc live band! I'm their regular customer here in JB :) You can see them on Youtube: Bonjoza Acoustic Hi LoveGarfield, How's the price of the band u hire? Thanks
  10. Hi all, Can anyone who is having a list of what to prepare by bride and groom for GDL? As I just get my auspicious wedding date from temple, therefore I don't have a list of things to prepare for GDL. Hope anyone who has the list can share with me. Thanks.
  11. Hi all BTB, I am BTB in Nov. Currently in the midst of planning the wedding ceremony. Would like to know is any BTB engaged any live band for performing on your wedding reception? I am still thinking should or shouldn't I engage a live band. Please share =) Thanks.
  12. Hi Leongal, I had placed deposit for the wedding reception..just very headache about those bethrothal gifts...it's really very difficult that for us that just work for 3 yrs to folk out a big sum to prepare all these as we also just recently bought our house... >.<
  13. Hi Eddie, My AD is on 05.11.11, can you quote me the price of tea ceremony? Thanks.
  14. Hi all, I am bride to be in Nov11...nice to meet all of you ^^ Regards, Mandy
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