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  1. After long time having strong smell, ichy, and heavy white/yellow vagina discharge, I went to see a lady doctor last year. The doctor take some samples from my vagina discharge for lab testing. Then, I was diagnosed with yeast infection (candida albicans) & Streptocccus Group B. I was given medicine & it is better. Last week, I visited doctor again because of same problem (itchy, smelly & cottage vagina discharge). After inspecting, she said it's the same as last year. I am worried. I am trying to get pregnant for the last 4 months but failed. But I didn't asked the doctor earlier. Anybody can help? 1) Will this yeast infection & Strep Group B affect my fertility? 2) What is "vaginal coloniser" & "neonatal pathogen" ? (it is stated in the lab report. It means I am a carrier?) Is it common to have yeast infection? Is it common to have Strep Group B?
  2. My ROM was in May & AD was in Oct. If I want to celebrate 1st year, 2nd year.....anniversary, should it be ROM date or AD date? Please advice
  3. 1) MY FIL birthday is coming soon. At first, I thought only have celebrate by having dinner with my hb & FIL & MIL. But I was told by a colleagues that I should buy a gift. Previously, I am just his son girlfriend & now is his DIL. But what should I buy? Any suggestion? 2) My mother birthday is also same month with my FIL. Should my husband buy anything for my mum? But what should we give her?
  4. Can I know what you bought during your 1st CNY balik kampung to your PIL? I heard its important.
  5. 0KRaising a child is not cheap. Can I have a rough estimate about how much I need to save? I am just married & still paying my debt after my marriage & new house renovation and furniture. I want to ensure I am financially ready before giving birth. But what cost are incurred? -Pre-pregnancy, I very often heard ppl said must take care health to ready for baby. But how? -During pregnancy, need to visit clinic to let doctor check the baby growth progress every week/ few week? How much? -During pregnancy, need to eat "pou pan"? What's the cost? -To give birth, need to operate/ natural birth, need stay hospital? What are the cost incurred & rough estimate for PJ/KL. -After give birth, need do confinement 1 month right? How much? -After baby born, they need do check up every few week/ month? -If got baby, need buy milk powder & pampers regulary. How often & how much? I need rough estimate how much is needed from pre-pregnancy to baby 1 year. Is RM20K sufficient? Please share your experience.
  6. Thanks everyone for your advice/ experience sharing. I have another question. How do you spend your time at your PIL house? Wake Up, breakfast, ??? lunch, ??? dinner??? sleep.
  7. Just 2 months after my actual wedding day, I had been asked the same question again & again & again. When are you going to get pregnant/ give birth? I just get very irritated when people keep asking me this question. I will just answer just natural/ soon/ see first. But when my husband family member (MIL, PIL, SIL, BIL) asked me. How should I answer politely without hurting them? Yes, I would like to get pregnant soon but maybe at least 6months after marriage. Not straight away make babies after AD. It hurts when they said I am 30 years old this year & not young anymore.....blah, blah, blah. I am very stressed when my MIL asked me this question just 2 months after marriage.
  8. I just married 2months ago & going to celebrate my first CNY with my IL. My parents stay & my new home is in Selangor. My PIL stayed in Penang. For the last few years (before marriage), he used to stay about/more than 1 week in his parents house during CNY. This coming February is my first CNY with my IL. My BIL already hinted that I need to cook during CNY (especially CNY eve). Last few years, his wife is cooking & since I already joined their family, it's my turn to cook. My problem is I don't know how to cook. When I was at home, I never cook (only maggie mee & fried egg). Please help & advice. BTW, do you all do the housework while in PIL house? Like washing their cloths, hang it, fold it? (Sweeping & moping the floor, cleaning the dishes & cups & table) How do you endure the 1 week long CNY at your IL house? Since my family stayed far away from my PIL, I can only celebrate with my family on the 7th day onwards. I don't think my husband will agree to spend with my family next year because he is from a traditional family & I visited my parents every week while he only can spend time with his family during long holiday like CNY & Hari Raya.
  9. I am planning to buy those wedding stuff for: 1) Guo Dai Lai 2) Bride's Return Gift 3) Dowry 4) Bed Installation 5) Others for wedding I have surveyed 3 one-stop wedding accessories shop and the prices are very high. Anybody have any idea where to buy those stuff except one-stop wedding accessory shop. How much have you spend on buying these things? Is RM1000 enough (exclude ping kam, roast pig & liquor)?
  10. Based on past few months record, I am very very very worried because my period will START on my actual wedding day. (Morning will be the traditional chinese wedding ceremoney and at night is the wedding dinner.) Even if it is 2 days earlier or later than my predicted date, it's bingo too. I will be having heavy period. What should I do? My wedding is just 1 month away. During my period, I prone to have acne breakout. I also tend to get tired very easily on the first and second day of my period. But my biggest fear is that beautiful white wedding gown. It will be a humiliation if the redness was found on the white gown. Also, I was shy if other people saw it during when I change into second evening gown in the restaurant dressing room. If I want to avoid the period on that day, I prefer not to take this pill because I heard that it is bad for health. But what other methods are available? If I cannot avoid it, I should learn how to manage it. Should I wear another shorts inside? (Because I tends to spills some red on my shorts sometimes). If accidentally there are really redness on the white gown, how to clean it? Because the bridal house deduct from my deposit if there are stains.
  11. I am moving to my new apartment very soon. Initially, I & my husband wanted simple and thinking of putting a "kuan yin" in our apartment. We choose kuan yin thinking that no need josstick and simple pray (put both hands together). But my parents advised no need put "god/ deities" because modern people nowadays didn't set up altar. If want pray, just go temple. My in-laws advise my husband to set up an altar. My husband listens to his mummy. I'm lost. Actually, both of us very seldom pray. We set up the altar is just for safety purpose (in mind) and his parents request.
  12. I had bought an apartment and going to get keys by this week. Currently, it was rented to a pair of chinese couple. My question is should the rituals be done - when we first get in (before renovation) - when we really move-in to stay (after renovation)
  13. My Guo Da Li (GDL) is on Friday and it is a working day. Do I have to be around during the ceremony? Or it is just exchanging wedding stuff between both parents? Must it be followed with a lunch?
  14. Thanks everyone for your advice. I will wear 2 Wedding Gowns & 1 Evening Gown as planned.
  15. I and my husband bought a pair of white gold wedding ring. However, my MIL said MUST wear gold wedding ring during actual day.....Looks better. So we have to buy another pair of rings. Is it true that the bride & groom must wear gold ring on AD? BTW, will you followed your MIL to goldsmith shop to choose jewellery? I thought bride will received gold necklace, ring,....etc from IN-LAWS during "tea-ceremony"?
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