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  1. Hi all, I have a fren, she has already removed both her ovaries due to cyst on both her ovaries. she was young when she done the operation (only 20+). Would like to find out more from here, is it possible for her to carry out IVF treatment and anyone know the successful rate for her? She loves kids and hope to find out more for her. Thank you thank you ...
  2. hi, anyone been to new chui wah recently? how was the food and quality?
  3. Hi, I have also choosen 20.11.2011 as my wedding date, we have separate dinner, i.e mine will be on 13.11.2011 and my hubby's side will be on 20.11.2011. We have book the resutaurant on Sept 10. :) I think now is a bit hard for u to look for restaurant, and some of the hotel are actually fully booked as well. believe that 20112011 is a good date! your revised date 12.11.2011 i think it's also quite full. I have booked mine on 13.11.2011, the resutaurant manager actually told us that their restaurant is fully booked for the few days. anyway, good luck and congratz ya!
  4. Hi ssn, Congratz! I have actually email them for my enquiry and never meet up with anyone of them before. You can only book the grand ballroom with min. 50 tables (if am not mistaken), else you take the most expensive menu. I was try to negotiate with the sales person and wish to arrange to meet up with them, but then she got no reply my email. I did sent her few reminders, however there is no reply from them. After few reminders that i sent, i feel it's quite bad impression as there is no one reply me. End up, i decided not to choose them.
  5. Hi, Anyone have their wedding dinner before? Or anyone attended a wedding dinner there b4? Pls comment on the environment and food? THanks....
  6. Diana, Your meaning is that the hotel do the deco for u?? or they introduce some deco company for u?? coz currently they only intro someone to do the deco instead of pay them and they do it for us...
  7. hi, pls email me the contact details. my email is tammyyap85@hotmail.com thanks...
  8. thanks Diana. u looks great! may i know, how much u spend for ur deco at parkroyal?
  9. hi, am a new member here... anyone had their wedding dinner at parkroyal hotel? comments pls ... thanks...
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