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  1. Hey sure, here's my email: cherrystar.aa@gmail.com If it's too troublesome for you it's ok, I just want to gauge how much bargain power we have left. Thanks ya! It's my ROM day yesterday actually, but we'd like to celebrate that as our wedding anniversary hehe. Thank you!
  2. I too changed my gown for photoshoot, in fact I went for second fitting without extra charges. Lasposa is actually good in the sense that they are professional and keep to their word most of the time. I guess the problem is really only Sxxxxx. And Mxx is ok but a bit fake too. I like Daphne and Jane. They are nice! So BTBs who are interested in Lasposa should look out for these two SAs vampire82, what was your package like?
  3. Just to share my most recent experience with Lasposa, which was when we were making our final payment upon collecting our albums etc. Our SA (Sxxxxx) totally ignored us (never even said hi), and the other SA who serves us occasionally (Mxx) also ignored us They never even acknowledged our presence. It was as if, since we were already making our last payment, they do not need to treat us that well already. That day was a busy day, but my FH and I both think that they were being very unfriendly by ignoring us. They didn't apologize that they are too busy to attend to us. Another SA brought us our albums etc, and another SA sat down with us to settle the payment. This experience is by far the worst I've had with Lasposa. So actually, Lasposa's service is not bad (I think better than other BS we've been to, which is the main reason we chose them), I didn't have much complaints, their photo quality is ok, gowns (esp WGs) are nice, photographer is also ok (mine was Wilson), make up artist (Candy) is good. Only this last experience made me angry with Sxxxxx. I have to say that the lady boss and Candy are very friendly. Sxxxxx and Mxx are not genuine as I see it. They will attend to your requests (especially in the beginning stages) with no unhappiness, but as time passes, Sxxxxx will slowly show her "true colours". Other SAs are more genuine as I see it. But they are not as experienced as Sxxxxx, and as it seems, Sxxxxx is of a higher position than them. In conclusion, I would still recommend this BS as they keep to their promises and don't try to cheat us in small ways. Just be weary of having Sxxxxx as your SA.
  4. Hi wdf, Wow, the package you got is pretty worth it! Mine was RM3688 but only 1 day of PS This shows that you're good at bargaining! Actually, "A" is not the boss... they have a lady boss who is super nice. I really like her! She rarely serves customer though.. "A" is very friendly and will always fulfill your requests but if he cannot earn your money... he will change lor. To be fair, I guess for most bridal shops also like that lah For your suggestion on Keep Gallery, actually I almost signed up with them but after more research and careful thought, my FH & I realized that they like to focus on the background rather than the couple in outdoor shots, which might impress people at the beginning (because overall pictures look nice), but after a while you might get frustrated that your faces are not in focus (kinda lost the purpose of pre-wed shoot?), or you can't see your faces clearly. A few is ok but most of their outdoor tend to be like that. Perhaps some people like that kinda photos.. Another thing is their album photo quality doesn't seem to be that nice. As for KG's service, they are not really that reliable IMHO. We were kinda tricked at first (sorry can't remember what), maybe because the SA who served us was not experienced. And they were really pushy, much worse than Lasposa I would say. And also my friend signed up with them and had a horrible experience. She was forced to choose the gowns that the SA recommended, as if to make her make decision fast. Then the soft copies that they gave her was very low quality, can't even print 4R clearly. When her sister helped her to call KG to ask for better quality pics, the SA scolded her sister, and say why she's so mah fan, other customers also never complain but she complain. After hearing this, we decided not to take the risk to sign up with KG and went to choose between Lasposa and Casamia, as we heard good reviews on their service. FH & I decided that at the end, service is the one that is most important because bad service will stress us out and we wouldn't want that! Anyway... sorry to lari tajuk. I think I posted about the above in KG's thread actually..
  5. Yup, I totally agree with you both. Actually my main concern was with their service, as the "bad" reviews were more on their lack of professionalism, e.g. not punctual, food served cold etc. I believe their food can't be that "bad" since many raved about their good food and they have been here for a couple of years at least. Thanks nonetheless for your input!
  6. Oh thanks! Yup I saw good reviews on this forum but they were dated at least a year ago, and some are pretty bad reviews here and elsewhere on the internet, so I just wanted to know the opinions of those who tried them recently. Thanks for your feedback!
  7. Hi skye, Thanks for your feedback! Do you mind if I ask when was your ROM party and AD lunch? I think we won't need any tents so we'd let them know if we do engage, thanks for the tip!
  8. Dear babes, I'm urgently looking for a caterer to cater for about 100-150pax for my wedding reception, simple buffet. Anyone tried Tuk-Tuk catering recently? I tried to search the forum but most feedback were dated 2010 and before. Anybody had recent experiences with them? Any feedback on their food quality and service? Alternatively, anybody has any good caterers to recommend please? Thank you very much!
  9. vampire82, My wedding is in end Nov. During my photoshoot in April, I asked them whether I can choose my AD gowns 3 months before, they said it would be too early, I should wait in case got new arrivals. But I chose 3 months before and I still couldn't get the gown I like! Sigh... I guess many brides are pretty kiasu actually I too couldn't get a nice evening gown. I chose 2 wedding gowns which are both tube style. I think their EGs are not as nice & good quality as their WGs. I liked my photoshoot EG but it's way too sexy to be worn during my dinner, so I had no choice but to choose another one which I think the cutting is not very nice (i'm super particular about cutting). But what to do.. no money to MTM my own gowns Sometimes I do wish I signed up with De Casamia.. Their gowns look nice. Maybe the grass is always greener on the other side? LOL..
  10. I agree with you, La Sposa's service is pretty good. Their gowns selection might not be as vast as some big BS but I believe they have better quality gowns. My MUA was Candy too and she is really good! She does things so quickly and she's so nice I didn't like parts of my album design too, so we requested for changes to be made and so far they are still patient and accommodating. They are a tad too slow in making the changes though. Hopefully my album can be ready on time! Only thing that I'm not happy is that I didn't get to book an AD gown that I like -- I should have gone to book my gowns earlier!
  11. hi cherrystar, May I know what is "5 images (3 for indoor, 1 traditional costume & 1 outdoor)" you mean? Asking on behalf of my friend.. she just signed up with Lasposa too.. thanks.. Hi @lice, So sorry for the late reply. 5 images means 5 types of costumes & hairstyle. So we will have 3 styles for indoor shots, 1 traditional costume style, and another style for outdoor shoot.
  12. Hi, My package is the standard 3688 one, but I only remember it includes 50+5 MV poses and 5 images (3 for indoor, 1 traditional costume & 1 outdoor), 2 albums. I haven't gotten my photos yet. In fact, I did my photoshoot last month but only halfway.. it rained when we went outdoors so the shoot was postponed till July There wasn't any appointment slot left till then -- yes they are having such good business! The gowns are quite nice and of better quality than most of the other BS I've been into.. In fact it's one of the main reasons we chose LS. Variety is not bad too. Only thing is, the make up artist will choose the outdoor gown for you (I only know when I called to set the day of our photoshoot!), which I personally don't like. But you are the customer, so if you don't like the gown chosen I'm sure you can voice your disagreement. Their service is not bad so far. The postponed outdoor shoot will not be charged as promised -- make sure you make them promise that and put on the receipt too. Only thing I really regret is choosing the wrong photographer.. I chose Kwong at first, but changed my mind to Wilson. I think Kwong would be a better choice.. he seems more hardworking and creative than Wilson Sighh... what to do. Anyway hope my reply is not too late for you.. if it is, I hope the above info can help other BTB out there -cherrystar
  13. Ohh.. hahahaha ya wor, like that also can! I went to Marco Polo the other day to check out the place, since you also booked there, and I've only heard of good reviews so far. But we went there at night and found the Wisma to be pretty rundown-looking.. the restaurant interior is a little old but I like the colours and deco, very oriental yet not too "china-looking". Overall I am quite ok with the place, although I didn't get to speak to the manager. However, my parents and future parents-in-law are not quite in favour of that place, because they say it might be a little hard for our outstation relatives to find the place. Future FIL also commented that the parking is quite limited. They are all in favour of a new restaurant in Kepong (near my place) called Sin Choi Wah. Sigh, guess we'd have to follow their wishes.. Am still waiting for my ceremony venue to confirm their availability before I can make any decision on my reception restaurant. Stressed! Anyway, congrats that you have one headache out of the way! MUA should be relatively easy to find, but I think you gotta be fast! Good ones are always booked well in advance. All brides very kiasu nowadays :p If you need a list of MUA, I can PM you the list I have
  14. Anyone been to this newly opened restaurant in Mutiara Damansara yet? Any comments? :)
  15. meandhimus, Oh you went to Marco Polo? How is it there? Is it old looking? Why you booked 12/11 one.. 13/11 booked already?
  16. Hi meandhimus, Wow, looks like many people are getting married in Nov next year! I am also looking for a restaurant on 13/11. So sad that the restaurant I want (Tai Thong Odeon) is fully booked! On 20/11 which is my second choice also booked liao >< If I can find any other restaurants I will share with you ya
  17. I went to a wedding dinner there few months ago, all I can say is I really don't like the place. No doubt food was not bad (people say good, for me so so only so I shall say not bad), especially the suckling pig. But the place was so crammed up that night, plus all the pillars, it was so messy. I couldn't see the stage at all. And the dinner started so late (>8:30pm) because the food wasn't ready. What's worse, the bride and groom wanted all their family members to march in together so all of them lined up outside the entrance near the fountain, waiting for the cue and song to march in. And they waited there for a good 30 minutes!! I heard it was because the food was not ready, but the restaurant told them to get ready to march in, end up they waited outside for so long. I sat near the entrance so I saw all their unhappy faces. The groom's father even stormed away angrily! Also, the aircond malfunctioned that night. It was stuffy, and the aircond even kept leaking just right next to me. One more thing was, the area outside of the toilet (and I think near the kitchen?) was sooo slippery! It was so dangerous. The MC that night was not that good too. Spoke too loud. And during toasting time, he didn't even let the groom do any of the 3 toasts. So funny.. is it normal? I don't know. I thought the couple normally do the toasting themselves. Anyway, overall I wouldn't recommend this restaurant.
  18. Any more recent comments on this restaurant, anyone? :)
  19. I'm interested in this restaurant too, is the food and service really above average? I do mind about interior but maybe not as much as the food lah.. How is the parking there, will there be any issues with parking? Would appreciate anyone's sharing, thank you!
  20. Any recent brides had their wedding in this restaurant? Or anyone attended any weddings at this restaurant recently? Need some feedback on the food and service etc.. need to find a suitable restaurant ASAP!
  21. Hi, my parents went to a dinner there recently and they liked the place, because the food was served fast and taste not bad. The venue only takes 45 tables and above I think. As for package, I saw the leaflet but can't find it now already. It's about normal Chinese restaurant price lor, 700-900+.
  22. Ahh.. yup they have nice food :) Careful not to fall into their business tactics trap though, especially if you have lesser tables! Check out more info from this forum lor. You should book soon for your hot date already ;) Oh ya just realized i didn't answer your question previously. I don't know when I will be trying baju, maybe sometime after CNY? Photoshoot should be in March or April I guess. How about you? :)
  23. Hi Meandhimus, Thanks for sharing your package :) I'm sorry I don't have the receipt lah.. it's with fiance. But I think I got the same stuffs as you, except you have two big albums! According to this package price, the big album is 15" mah. Gosh, now I feel like asking for two 15" albums too.. but like you said, sign up already, don't think they will bother to nego with me anymore :( I didn't get the crystal frame, but I got another one.. some 3 in 1 photo frame. Haha I wanted to nego for more poses too, then fiance said better not push too much, later they work for you also not happy, give you bad service then will affect our mood lor. Oh ya did they limit you on the price of flower bouquet? I think my limit was RM238 or something. Meaning any extra I'd have to pay! My ROM date will be 11.11.11 :) AD date not sure yet.. thought of 12th or 19th or 20th also (same thought as you!). It all depends on the ceremony venue that I have yet to book. My AD date is flexible lah.. as we are both Christians, we don't bother about Chinese dates :) Have you booked your AD venues? :)
  24. Hi Stef, Ahh.. so it's true after all :) Well every BS says they will bring in new gowns every 3-6 months (not sure how true!). But if I'm not mistaken, Sophia has always been reputed as having lesser choice of gowns. For a peace of mind, maybe you'd just wanna go for LS. Whoopss! Biased comment :p Oh yes I wanted so much to hire a professional photographer as well. But budget was my main constrain. If you do not have that constrain, go ahead and splurge! You get to keep your WG and all the high res soft copies. No restriction on number of poses you can choose. But if you have limited budget, perhaps you'd like to splurge on your actual day photography. More memorable and meaningful. Also, with BS, you get to choose pretty gowns and have everything (i.e. bouquets, car deco, etc) taken care of. That was another main reason I decided to forgo my dream of getting a freelance photographer. I understand what you feel, totally went through that myself. Had to literally "kill" that desire within me, if not I would be starting my marriage life with an empty bank account! :p
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