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  1. divine added a post in a topic Bride-to-be for 2011   

    hi everyone...

    mine is on 7 May 2011.
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  2. divine added a post in a topic Bachelorette Night   

    Thanks for your comment. I did went n survey on the price in KEC. but the problem is they do not allow me to bring in my own catering. They require me to use their in house catering which in a tweeny bit expensive than the usual head pax. Sigh....i would really like a simple wedding by the pool...that would be a dream come true :P
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  3. divine added a topic in PS photos   

    Pre-wedding shoots @ Love Vision/Touch Klang
    Dear all,

    Just a kindly reminder to all the members of Malaysia Bride.

    I warned u guys....do not ever ever...sign a package with Love Vision or Touch in Klang. Their quality are extremely bad.
    Lousy service, lousy photographer, lousy makeup artist, lousy pictures and all this caused us RM3k++ and a lousy experience for our pre-wedding shoots .

    I hope you guys will understand me and my hubby's feeling . We have been expecting a good quality prewedding shots to show to our relative and frens, but indeeed we are very disspointed.

    Although we have not got our pics edited yet, we have been shown our pics oredi by the studio. our package only entitled us for 27 poses. ONLY 27 POSES. But we have problem choosing ONLY 27 PICTURES to be included in our album. What a nuisance .

    Wedding is only once a lifetime and we dont plan to take another round of our pre-wedding pics but TOUCH/LOVE VISION KLANG totally spoil our prewedding shots.

    We signed the package at the first place at a fair. They agreed to let us choose our shooting spot (i.e Melaka) by just adding a few hundred ringgit (usually they will only go to putrajaya or FRIM or PD..the usual place). My hubby agreed to pay and sign the package. Before the photoshoot, he went all over Melaka to find the nice spot where not everyone has explore before so that we will cover a range of pics from paddy field (never knew Melaka got paddy field :), the beach side, the eyes on Melaka, the baba house, and the ever famous Stadhuys and melaka river.

    Since we have a few location to go, we tried to arrange with them to drive to Melaka earlier in the morning. (we are suppose to fetch them to mlk, which we understand is the standard procedure). Guess what they say:- "we are only open from 11am. the earliest we can compromise is 11am".....WTH...such arrogant staff. somemore, she have to add in by saying "our photographer & makeup artist have to come back by 6pm cause we are close at 8pm" walaueh....if like this better dont go for outstation shoot right.....nvm nvm...both of us try to be patient and accepted their so called standard procedure and reach their studio at 11am for make up. By the time they r done with my make up, it is already 12++ and we only started our journey at 1pm.

    Reached mlk by 3pm. start shooting....the beachside, the baba house...OOPS...it start drizzling at 5pm...(the photographer & makeup artist say no point shooting d cause raining) hello....we r the boss here...we haven say go back they wanna go back d ...nvm nvm ...we drove back to klang...n they promised to let us continue the photoshoot again in MLK ...FOC...

    but then we are being charge for makeup artist...(waste money for the makeupartist only)...hai...what to do, no choice la just pay lo...have to arrange another time to go photoshoot again...what a waste of time.

    then done with 1st time & 2nd time photoshoot and indoor shoot...we are glad that it is finally over, then it is time to select photos d before they edit.

    WTH ...only 200++ pics are taken (so many place we went le..) within 20 mins we manage to reduce our photos to 70++ pics...all delete ( dunno what the photographer is doing wan, sleeping is it? all the angle that he shoot ah, i think i can shoot better than him lo....waste our effort & time only), then we reluctantly chose our 27 poses and only add about 10 pics...for our small album (small album will repeat back the same poses as the big album) so we add a few pics and change it lo (this wan also terpaksa wan)...cause the sales ggirl there say if we din add photos, the photographer got no commission wan ...we are scheduled to have go back to the studio on dec to have a look at the edited pics. we wont put in much hope oredi...cause they SUCKS>..simply just keep on ask us pay, bad service, bad photographer, bad pics....oh yeah ..i forgot about the gowns...they gowns are all so outdated....what VIP what SUPER VIP...imagine that, even if in the "designer" gown area i have prob choosing even one gown...this is how they SUCK...plus their indoor studio ...i think since they open their shop there...they have not change their background and their stuff there...everything look so old...we are so damn regretted ..

    So everyone, NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER sign any package in a fair...especially NOT LOVE VISION OR TOUCH KLANG..i will suggest u freelance photographer...but not this bridal studio...unless u wan 1990s wedding pics.....if yes, u can go there.

    If u guys wan any recommendation for GOOD studio around KLang...feel free to PM me...as i had already sign my AD package with them. hopefully this will be a rewarding one ..
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  4. divine added a post in a topic about beer & wedding gowns/dinner gowns   

    can u send me the pics ? i m interested to buy evening gowns

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  5. divine added a topic in Pre-Wedding Celebrations   

    Bachelorette Night
    Hi all...i am new here and is not sure of whether the above topic has been discussed earlier.

    I would like from you guys, how do u all celebrate your bacheloratte night? What i know was, usually the bride will have cater catering food and colourful tents set up for relatives and frens to have a buffet style meal. Then, ji muis can discuss their "strategies" towards the groom and his heng tais on the AD.

    Is it possible to have your bachelorette night, not in your house but still not too expensive?

    I know places like luna bar n sky bar will be very expensive, but how bout clubhouse? by the poolside? have anyone have their bachelorette night by the poolside? Can it be romantic and budget also?

    Feel free to drop me your comments...really need help...Thanks
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  6. divine added a post in a topic Kwa qun, wedding & evening gowns for clearance!   

    hihi,...may i know how much r u charging for :-
    Strapless Ivory Empire Waist Gown; and
    Silver Gray Evening Gown
    you can email me at jamietan8410@gmail.com

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