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  1. err...the profile pictures seems familiar to me. is dat u, angie + jeremy?

  2. Hi, Has anyone been to Boracay in Phillipines? It looks really good in photos. Need some info if there's anyone here been to Boracay.
  3. I chut men at The Ascott.. the place was huge.. we played the games in the room.. i took the 2 bedroom apartment.. so the groom came in to the living room.. played all games there.. then lastly give the angpao then oni can enter my room.. :) erinepink: I think my ji muis enquire b4.. and actually the crowd in velvet is pretty cool.. some, as i approached them, they already know its my hen's night and all.. ask his guy friends all to help me.. played some games with the bouncer as well.. maidofhonor: sorry.. i do not know how to get the contact.. i can ask my MOH though.. will PM u once i got it.
  4. hehe.. let me share my crazy hen's night that my lovely Maid of Honor organised.. i booked myself a room at Maya Hotel..somehow, luck was on my side... when i checked in, they upgrade me to the deluxe room with standard suite rate.. the room was lovely even though its suite style.. relaxed with my MOH.. then we went out to KLCC to buy stuffs.. some food stuffs.. (i still dun really have any idea what's going to happen) ok ok.. fast fwd.. 7pm.. all my ji muis starting to arrive.. the room is big enough to fit 8-10 of us.. can't really remember the exact num.. hehehe.. at about 8:30pm.. A male stripper arrived!!! Gosh!! hahahah... Thankfully I bought some wine and started earlier.. being teased and all.. then we had some finger food.. freshen up a bit then walk across to zouk for dinner.. they made me wear some feathery stuff on my head so that i look different from them.. after dinner, we went in to Velvet.. and guess what? my Maid of Honor made me wear polo mint around my neck and wanted me to sell all of them! The ppl there are quite sporting overall.. bite off the polo mint from my neck and they didn't really take advantage.. got a few la.. but still ok considering i have to sell so many.. 1st round done very quickly.. then back to our table for more drinks.. (i think my ji muis all itchy d.. cos got a lof of buyer.. we increase the price and go another round..) quick round also.. finished within minutes.. earned back 1 bottle.. they shared the 2nd bottle..ehehe.. then they make me do 10 tasks.. eg: find a bald guy and kiss his head.. etc... hahaha.. and i did and completed all 10 tasks..so i didn't get punished by my ji muis.. hehe.. fun night.. left velvet around 2 or was it 3? was quite high by the time we left..
  5. hmm.. tot of getting something naughty for my hb.. 1st Valentine's as husband and wife and more importantly, we are going for our honeymoon.. been cracking my head on what to buy.. if i were to buy vibrator.. i'll be the 1 using it.. hahaha.. hmm.. probably i should go to i need house to take a look on what i can buy.. its this weekend already! but you may fire me with ideas.. oh, btw, does the perfume really works? i have not heard of this b4.. just spray the perfume and it will heighten the guy's sex drives.. hmmm... so, whenever i feel like i want it.. and my hb is too tired.. i just spray and instantly he'll want it?? hahaha.. sounds so convenient...
  6. I'm also going to Krabi for honeymoon. Which is next week! Getting excited about it.. am just wondering.. since Ruen Mai restaurant is a must go restaurant, anyone know how far is it from Ao Nang? I'll be staying at Phra Nang Inn.. anyone heard of it b4? My friend stayed there and he loves it.. highly recommended.. so we just booked.. i read this thread too late.. else will book pakasai.. book 2 nights get 1 night free.. not a bad deal at all..
  7. hi alasbb!

    i saw that you took your pre-wedding pics in Ipoh! woohoo! wonderfullaaa

  8. After ROM.. do u call your PIL mom & dad? my ROM is next week.. my church wedding & AD is in 1mth time.. i'm a bit confused.. haahah
  9. Hi all BTBs, Wow.. i didn't know there are so many unhappy customer with LH Creative.. I'm one of the customers too.. i got a bit worried when i read this thread earlier today.. as I was about to go there to collect my cards.. ok.. let me share my exp with LH.. i would say, my htb and i feels that they are neutral.. ok.. the fact that Mr. Lee is rude.. well, he is somewhat.. in the sense that when we talked or enquire about cards, he tends to or tries to entertain other customer the same time.. but what i did was (my friends' idea) i went there 1st time alone.. to check out the place, look for the cards i like.. then 2nd time i went with my htb.. we did not confirm with Mr Lee what we wanted.. we just looked around.. and snapped photos on the cards that we liked and get him to quote us.. Reached home, we started doing our cards.. as in, the pics that i took, i use photoshop and type in whatever wordings i want.. then i create in interlay at microsoft words.. (mine is a pocket series) now.. once we were done and our parents are happy with the wordings.. we went there again.. i printed out all the files for them.. the cover/pocket.. then i got 2 different interlay cos i got 2 dinners.. once we agree on the price and paper quality.. we paid our deposit and ciao.. About a week later, we received draft thru email.. cos we stayed in PJ and they are in Pudu.. so i told them to email it to me.. no doubt they had a lot of mistakes.. can u imagine? i already printed out a sample for them and yet they still made mistake..luckily my htb is quite meticulous.. up to the difference of "." and ":". We told them to change wordings, spacing a few times thru emails and phone calls.. took them about 1 week+ to finally got what we wanted.. then, 2-3days once we confirmed, we received phone calls and asked us to collect the cards.. my htb and i was like.. wow.. that's fast! So, we went to collect the cards.. waited for about 10mins.. the cards arrived!! After a few inspection, we had to returned 2nd dinner's card as the wordings are all slanted..to my surprise.. Mr. Lee just came in and said.. ok, we'll re-print.. u come and collect next week.. we then paid him a bit (we don't want to pay him full amount yet) and took the rest of the OK cards home.. my htb and i loved the cards.. we find it nice.. and its what we expected.. i mean.. for the price we paid.. it doesn't look cheap at all.. And so, today we went for the last time to collect the remaining cards that they re-printed.. we inspected and its good! we both love it.. but i wont say that their service is good or anything.. but at least the cards came out the way we wanted it..
  10. Hi Lilbelle, We planned to print the booklet ourselves as well.. to save cost.. we did a trial run.. hehehe.. once you are done with the softcopy, you'll have to print it in A4 size. The booklet part is the photocopier that did the trick. Now, once you print out in A4 size, put it on the photocopier.. you have to do some settings to the photocopier.. by looking for Booklet function.. just turn it on.. then u just start printing.. when you fold it, Voila!! you'll get the booklet.. Anyone has the latest booklet for SFX church? My wed is in Dec08.. the softcopy that i have was last year's..
  11. alasbb

    Church Wedding

    Hi linglim.. u just have to go with the flow.. don't have to prepare anything.. just communicate, be honest to each other.. my fh and i just went through CMPC 2mths back.. its was an experience to us and it made us understand each other much much better.. :)
  12. Mine very boring.. Champagne & Cream color..
  13. i'll be going to TTDI for my PS next Thu!! 1 week to go! hehhehe..
  14. sweetcandy!! can pm me the link? :) TQ..
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