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  1. Hi I saw ur MSG on Chinese gown 'kua' would like to have a look at the picture. N how much would u rent it for? My email ngsiawchian@gmail.com

  2. Hi, I'm still in my confinement month. I want to recommend my malay urut lady. She services Klang, BUkit Tinggi, Shah Alam, Bukit Rimau and Kota Kemuning area. Her name and contact is Kak Huzaimah 0143286478. She lives in KLang near Tepi Sungai. She does tangas (like mini sauna with herbs), followed by tungku (hot stones) and urut for about 3.5 hours. You need to book her in advance though because she has a lot of return customers who book her for 7 or 10 days at a time. I've compared around and her charges are reasonable. She charges between RM110 to RM130 depending on location as she will cost in travel and toll as well.
  3. I have a Gold-thread Red Kua for rent. I wear a size M/L. PM me your email and I will send you pics of my Kua. I bought it from HK in September 2010 and the Gold-thread embroidery is 3D. I had so much trouble renting a Kua in Klang Valley last year (all look used many times and were expensive to rent!) that I finally decided to buy one because my good friend lives in HK and she could do all the arrangement for me.
  4. You can rent Kuas in Klang Valley from Loh Tim Kee (near Petaling Street) and also at some of the small chinese bridal shops along Puchong and Kinrara. There are two types of Kua, the gold thread version and the beaded version. Gold Thread versions rent for about RMRM500 to RM800 and beaded versions rent for RM300 to RM500 (I think). I had problems renting a Kua during my AD last year because they were all very old-looking (looks like its been used many times) for the price you pay to rent them. And so I decided to get mine from Hong Kong instead as I had a good friend living there who arranged for me. To buy a Kuq in HK will cost between RM1500 to RM3000 on average but I saw some Kuas that cost RM10,000 also. I hear you can buy them for very cheap in China but I'm not sure from where. I can rent out my Gold-thread Kua if anyone is interested. I wear a size M. PM me your email and I will send you pics of my Kua.
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