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  1. Dear MBs, my wedding date is this 30th october. I just got the news from my Fiance that his grandma had passed away this morning..im not very superstitious and well informed for the chinese customs..can we still go on for the wedding? please advice me..im in a dilemma. Deposits has been made for photographers/videographers, hotel ballroom, make-up. what should i do??? if we still go on with the wedding, what is the draw back for the customs?? will we have badluck for our marriage life? help...!!
  2. hi can i suggest to both of you holiday villa at subang?they have a Victorian ballroom which is very classy and their price is 1188++ per table.their can provide those facilities you mentioned above. they have 6-8 grand majestic chandeliers and all hand painted ceilings overlooking a lake.the layout of their ballroom is very nice. the ballroom has its space on its own. your ballroom starts from a main gate. its like a secret garden with archway and garden plants and a victorian statue. from there they will light tealights for you along the way till you enter the ballroom. then you will come to a victorian porch/garden where you can have precoctails there. then from there beside is the main ballroom. when i went over to that place my jaw totally dropped. its soo beautiful.
  3. yea i totally agree thats y i axed them out...
  4. Thanks amanda angels. Vanz, i am not residing in msia as well. but im quite near to msia. so when matter arises im still able to travel down...lucky me.If youre far away, get your family to take snapshots first and do not place any deposit until you have seen the pictures of the venue. what kind of venues concept do you have in mind? and what is your capacity/budget?
  5. Hi Vanz, Federal hotel was one of my shortlisted venue too...i shortlisted them coz their sales rep was friendly, shes very attentive and their offer very cheap package for a hotel... until i went and visit the place..OMG..!! their ballroom doesnt look like its in a hotel...although their package is cheap but there are pro and cons...here are my toughts.... if you would like a grand wedding...federal is not the place..i would suggest you can try equatorial hotel or concorde hotel...even tho they are 300 more expensive than federal..but its more elaborative in terms of the service and venue layout that they can provide to you..their sales dept showed me some of the snapshots they have for weddings and the deco was horrible.. their skyroom has too many pillars and mirrors thus will block your guests from having a good view during your reception..their grand ballroom has very low ceiling..its like your head can touch the ceiling if your at 5'8... if you would like an oriental theme wedding..federal has the place..their mandarin palace restaurant has very nice gold dragons carvings...it looks majestic..but there is no stage... that is what i found out during my visit there...
  6. Hi serendipity_gal, You can try Kevin Tan Photography. His photos are nice and fit your budget. He is also very friendly. You can view his work at http://www.kevintanphotography.com/
  7. hi, i'm looking for wedding card. i did go through the web-site of weddinghouse to find their contact or address, but it doesn't have any information. can u send me thier contact number & contact person? my email: jenny_ytk@yahoo.com thanks. One of their agent is Something Special To You in SS2. Tel: 03-78771800 does wedding house have an email address i can email to?normally wedding cards must be printed how many months before our wedding?is their contact no really 03-7879826627?
  8. Hi im looking to print my invitation cards from Wedding House Agents but cant find a contact number.. can anyone help me? or can suggest a vendor for me... my budget is up to rm3 per card. thanks.
  9. wow...very nice pictures....thumbs up.. ur morning session is at the brickhouse right? youre very beautiful...
  10. if youre looking for a really great quality wedding cinematography..i will recommend "Wedding Story"...they are the best so far ive seen in malaysia..
  11. Hi bridaltobe, according to the package i got from them, 918++ have sharksfin leh.. their 868++ no sharksfin.. is it necessary to have sharksfin?
  12. Thanks susy for the positive feedback on them..i will go down and hav a look at the place.. thanxs...
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