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  1. Do you have email? I can send you the contact of some Dai Kam Jie. Hi. Can u send me the Dai Kam Jie contact too? In need of it too. My email is snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  2. Hi.. Thanks for your reply.. I did check it out d.. However its written very clearly no functions/noise allowed but playing chi mui games surely noisy one.. So cant use this place.. By the way, very thankful for your help.. ;-p
  3. Hi, Anyone intend to rent out their nice house in KL / PJ can recommend a nice place to me in OCTOBER 2011, pls email to me snoopzie_24@yahoo.com We intend to rent for 3 to 4 nights only. It's meant for wedding ceremony and celebration. The exact date is 27-30th October 2011. Pls advise the fees, description of the place with photos, map, address and contacts. Thanks!
  4. Hi.. Can I also have the Link? snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  5. Hi.. Can I have their contact please and also whats d charges? TQ.. snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  6. Hi is there anyone who can recommed me any videographer and photographer who is not too pricey?TQ..
  7. Hi, Whats d price? Just wanna know for my budget.. TQ.. snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  8. Meandhimus, your wedding date also set on 20th Nov? I'm looking for venues for this date also but find out that most of the restaurants are fully booked. I hope can get a venue in Klang area. Hi.. Try Duck King in Ampang.. The food is nice..
  9. Hi.. Can I know whats d price of it? What was the measurement? TQ.. snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  10. Hi.. can u send me the pic? I dunno why i cant view it here.. TQ snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  11. Hi.. Can u pls send me the photo and the price? TQ snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  12. Hi.. Can u send me the photos to my email? cant view it here. TQ snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  13. Hi, I cant view the photos here. Can u send to me? TQ.. snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
  14. Hi can u send me the full contacts of MUA too? Thank you.. snoopzie_24@yahoo.com
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