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  1. What a intersting topic if didnt read thread by thread never know so many married women/ mother out there pursuing their PhD, i would like to ask how u all PhD studies now? Can cope it?
  2. I will not feeling offended if ILs or anyone asking my salary, but if their purpose is to compare, then i will get annoyed. I just got job after i obtained my master for the past half year, my mil was asking my salary n assume my salary must be high with few Ks wit the qualification. She was surprise tat i answer her tat my salary is low. She have further asking why is low like not believe, then i answered i hv no experienced. Then her face like kind already. I answered so is because before this she have compared my hb' s salary wit her other son's salary and said tat my hb salary very low. Since i knew she already look down at her own son, my hb, so dont mind her look down at me.
  3. Yeah. Almost all the employers will not hiring new staff who is pregnant. I notice it when i fill up job application form asking "If you are female, please state if you are pregnant? and the due date" something like that, some employers even worse, will ask you during interview. Really sad wit this. If I were you, I will get a new job then only start conceiving, if other condition like age, fertility doesn't a problem.
  4. Perhaps... but i really wish he will share with me for all the money stuff. Although he got some debt, but he still encourage me buy some new clothes for myself. Really worry i might increase his debt. :S
  5. We seldom talk about money, before married i m a student, everything was sponsored by him. only recently i ask about his bank statement, and yesterday he mentioned that he have some amount of credit card debt due to wedding ceremony and not willing to share with me cause don't wan to increase my worries (I am unemployed now). hmm.
  6. Walau, your friends really thick face, some time they just pretend to be thick face, so that they don't have to clean up their house after effect just like u. huhuhu I have no suggestions, but i felt all excuses above can really work, I just pity you.
  7. I just married. Yesterday, I suddenly think of wish to know about my hubby's credit card bank statements. Thus I ask him to let me have a look, he mentioned to me is all online, which mean have to log in. I ask him, log in and let me check the bank statement, he said that is privacy, cannot let me have a look? what privacy? credit card statement just a statement of the amount of money you used in the past. Why cannot let your spouse to have look? Will you allow ur partner have a look on ur bank statement?
  8. Both plus the day we start dating.
  9. nicole'smum, Thanks for your suggestions. Why don't u arrange to go back on alternate weekends instead? We just married few weeks ago. will think of alternate weekends or maybe once a month. It is very hard to ask them come over , my father still working even though during weekend ,beside that, they also afraid to left their house empty with no one. panda1020, I not dare to drive alone, even the way back home i also not really can recognize. If i drive i wil drive my hubby car, which he hope to spend some time for his car during the weekend leongal, I understand that he expect to do his own thing during the weekend and i ask him to go back. After this i should fixed a weekend of a month to go back home. hehe. erinepink.csc I so envy you can go back few times a weeks. stay so near to ur parents. I am happy now. Cause I just went back my parents's house yesterday. They gave me a lot fruits which they plant themselves and ask me distribute to my PIL and BIL n wife. My mum have gave me some ingredients to cook during the weekday. hehe don't hv to go pasar. And erinepink, u r right, my mum really cook a lot. I ate till don't know that my stomach going to explode. hahaha. We always feel happy when go back to our parents house, we can act freely but our partner will not feel so and they will act like a guest and behave. just same like we go to PIL 's house. don know when only I or my hubby can go back each other in law house just like go back our own parents's house.
  10. My hubby not forbid me from going back home, he just said he is busy with his thing and he already plan to do sth for the weekend. That's y, he feel wasting his time to go back home. I not dare to drive alone.
  11. I just married few weeks ago, not yet a month. Almost everyday my mum will call me and ask, when i will back to visit her. If i mentioned i will back during weekend, she will said come back earlier, she will prepare lunch and dinner also, which mean ask me eat dinner then only back. After my mum called, my father will call and ask the same thing, if i said i will back on sunday, he will request us come back on saturday and overnight at their home. However our house just 50km apart, if go by highway, it just needed 1hour+ . Due to this matter, my hubby not very happy cause he feel wasting time, he wish to do sth for himself during the weekend. Then he said to me that i shd let them know that i already married. Cannot back home so often. What shd i do? Go back or not? How often u go back ur parents n parents in law house after married?
  12. Welcome to malaysiabride forum ChicBunny
  13. hehe. I didn't follow all also. but i bought those thing that i might use in future. like potty and bathtub. Those things will be needed when i have babies.
  14. Pandasis, Ya, hv to buy another flight. IMHO, to brunei -->speed ferry 45 minutes only and is cheap. to KK --> speed ferry took 2-3hours, dizziness. if not mistaken 1 day got 1 trip only. --> flight , safe time. and hv many trips.
  15. Sabah - climbing mount kinabalu, (need to train urself before go) - travel to small island like pulau sapi, manukan and mamutik (snorkeling) - visit to kundasang (just like cameron highland) jungle trekking, Kinabalu Park, Kundasang War Memorial and poring Hot spring. - travel to kudat, tip of borneo , overnight at kudat rungus long house ( a lot mosquitoes) Labuan (1 day can finish visit) - Most important is shopping cause duty free(chocolate, wine, perfumes, swarovski crystal and seafood) - Chimney - world war II memorial park - Peace park (eat satey ,evening) - bird park - Marine Museum http://www.labuantourism.com.my/places/Places_mainpage.htm I went there while 2007. Not sure how is it now. Labuan to KK took 3 hours speed ferry. Is better take flight. It took only 15 minutes.
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