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  1. Dear all, Package sold. Thanks
  2. sigh... i used to follow my bf back to his hometown. his family is very "polite" n "gentle" ppl until the extend can say is very FAKE lor. they oni use their mouth to "show" they care for u. I really cant tahan lor. I am a very straight forward person. I like=like. dun like=dun like. I never fake myself. I know tis is not good. but i know this will hurt his mom. I know im not ready to get married yet. I m not ready to scarify and be patience. I hav zero patience.I really think of breaking up with him. but i really love him. *sob* I am not tat kind of DIL who enjoy taking care by MIL. I like my thing arrange n done by my own way. Even I need to work averagely 15 hours per day for 7 days a week oso i will try my best to do housework. even I so tired until crying while washing toilet oso i m ok.I juz wan a house which is under my control. Even my FMIL oni come over for weekend, she edy started to aggress my territory. I tried so hard to trained my bf to help out on housework. If my FMIL come stay with me. sure my FH no need to do anything. juz sit there goyang kaki. later on, when MIL old edy. I need to take care of one MIL, kids and one "dai siu yer"(big boss). Y shd i adapt HER rules in MY HOUSE????? me n my FH fight a lot. sometimes we r really dramatic until runaway from home, wan to jump down from a moving car, hit each other or etc. tis is unhealthy but tis is how we release our anger. when she is here, she will start touching my hand when i raise voice to HER SON. y not she ask her precious son not to raise voice to me????? when she touch me, my anger hit the maximum. I know im fat. but at least im very healthy... NO need you (my FMIL) to tell me I am fat ALL THE TIME. she oso like to critisize my hair style AGAIN n AGAIN n AGAIN. even i juz cut my hair, she still ask me, y keep hair so long?? y dun cut it???? I like to walk out from bathroom with wet foot IN MY HOUSE.. y cant I????? Y she can burp in the car without wind down the window?? I not dare to breath oso not dare to wind down the window coz scare i hurt her. I will be crazy if i need to treat her like a fragile apple for the rest of my life. how many yrs she still can live??? i dunno. she is healtheir than me... probably another 25 yrs??? 25 YRS ler....... sorry... i really dun mean to be rude... but all tis is really from my heart.
  3. My FH willing to tell his mom tat we dun wan to stay wit her. But I know tat is very cruel. So, I suggest to wait n think for a best solution first. sigh..... Actually she hav a house at hometown. but hometown is very far from KL. we r goin back to visit her monthly. Son A oni go back half yrly. sigh.....
  4. ya.. i know. tat's y i postpone my wedding. I am not sure whether im mature enuf to handle 2 family thingy. I know "ga yao yat lou yu yao yat bou"(hav a old folks at home is like having treasure) but I am not ready to be a good DIL. I raise in a family which we can tok to each other freely. I can quarrel wit my mom and dad. but next day still go shopping together. but my FH's family culture is u CANT raise voice to elder even they are WRONG. I know many chinese culture family oso like tis. but i edy hav enuf "wai wat" i tell my FH, he say y dun i tell his mom?? he heard enuf of complaint. sigh... but he is her son. if the same sentence come from my mouth and his mouth is really diff ger ma. I really dun c any point working so hard. buy a house. then still need to hide in my room. I rather rent a room outside until i die then. :(
  5. My FH oso like to hav "yi yan sai gai" He told his mom tat we want 2 yrs "yi yan sai gai" oni start stay wit her. At first I oso tot she is a nice and friendly FMIL. But, as many other story. The true face normally is diff. Sigh.... :( she hav a house in hometown. she is working rite now. but the company wil be close down tis yr end. I very scared she will straight away move to my place. coz every time she come to my house, she wil carry a lot of things to my house. Some of the stuff is given by other ppl. My storeroom is full of those thing edy.. I simpan oso scared will hurt her feeling. We told her not to bring us anything,but she juz ignore. I am not a very good person. I am juz trying my best not to hurt her while having my own freedom. sob sob.....
  6. I know i still immature. Since I was a kid, I edy tell myself. I DUN WAN TO STAY WIT MIL OR FIL. after form 5, the first thing in my mind is escape from home. I want to stay outside. I wan freedom. When i find bf, I wil make sure he hav brother and he is the youngest. who know the trend now is parent like to stay with the youngest son. I dun belif in karma. I know I will be scolded kau kau lat here. I will treat ppl nice but I m not a perfect person. I worked so hard is juz to hav a home wit my love one. I juz wan "yi yan sai gai". Why shd I get blame for tat? why his bro and his bro gf can live happily without thinking all this????? becoz of this matter, i really tot of break up wit my bf. I admit I am selfish. I dunno. Mayb when I become a mother I will appreciate my FMIL more. Even b4 my FMIL stay wit us, I edy had many quarrel wit my bf. I juz dun wan anything to affect our relationship.
  7. Dear all, Me and my FH bought a house and we had moved in recently. We had quarrel for the same topic again n again. I need a solution. Family background, My FMIL hav 3 children, Son A(36yrs old) , Daughter B(32yrs old) and my FH(29 yrs old). My FMIL lost her husband a few years edy. Son A oso owned a house in KL. he stay with his gf. both of them are not goin to married. He dun like other ppl stay at his house. so even my FMIL come kl she rather squeeze with me n my bf in one room oso dun stay at Son A's house.(tat time, me n my bf renting room oni) Daughter B married and stayed with her PIL. so now left my FH oni. I really dunno how to reject her. but, I know I cant stay with her. There are many things happened while she come to stay at my house for weekends. We hav diff lifestyle and diff taste. When she come to stay wit me, I sleep cant sleep well. Not juz tat, I had headache too. It's real, coz whenever she come. She will bring her stuff to my house. When i wake up sure there is "SURPRISE" I know im very bad if i say i dun wan stay with her. I know she is very pity coz no one wan to stay with her. But i really dun wan things turn ugly. May I know what shall I do?? How can I reject her without hurting her feelings??? I know having a MIL is very good. coz she can watch ur house, ur kids and do some housework. but all tis is not wat i wan. i can suffer. i rather to do things on my way. i dun wan to complicate things. I dun understand, why Son A can simply throw away the responsibility and I must take tat... :(
  8. Dear all, I have one membership for transfer. 1 platinum passport membership with 48 months + 3 personal training session + one brand new true fitness beg ===>RM3800 net ONLY RM79 per month With platinum passport membership you can use ALL the facilities provided by the club (including YOGA classes, SWIMMING pool facility in PJ Section14 branch, and ALL other classes/programs provided by the club). Branches of True Fitness: -Taipan USJ -Sri Hartamas -Petaling Jaya -Parvillion Kuala Lumpur Please find out more details from True fitness website at http://www.truefitness.com.my Contact method/details:Please PM me or email me at tyc1982@yahoo.com
  9. hehe.. membership with 49 months sold. Now left ONE 50 months platinum passport membership + 3 personal training session + one true fitness beg ===>RM3600 Only RM70 per month. (Now cant get this price as i signed up with staff coupon and b4 PJ branch open. TF is charging RM179 per month for the same package and additional charges needed for hot yoga in PJ branch. But my package is inclusive of everything with No extra charges.) No transfer fees. Platinum Membership = you can use ALL the facilities provided by the club (including YOGA classes, SWIMMING pool facility in PJ Section14 branch, and ALL other classes/programs provided by the club). Passport membership = you can go to any True Fitness outlet in Malaysia.
  10. any recommendation for banquet in sban n batu pahat? ur reply is very much appreciated. :P
  11. dear all, thanks for ur advice.. keke.. :P
  12. im 25. my bf is 28 lor. okay... mayb we r abnormal. ;)
  13. i really lack of self-confident and confident for trusting others. :( i do belif my bf 100% now. but i really can be sure he will be faithful for the rest of his life as im his first gf. i dun think guy will be satisfy with oni one gal for his life. i know now point for worrying tis now. but tis matter keep disturb me as tis is actually my family problems. But, its very please to know tat so many ppl believe their partner for faithfulness. I got some positive energy here.
  14. oh... u all never fight with each other ger ar? we treat fight like an excersise ger wor. but sure wil hav some bruise after fight lor. hmm.... i did all the above but not meant to injure him ger wor. sometimes is play play but he say pain pain lor. we did these to each other ger wor.
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