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  1. Hi Cherrystar, I have also took my photo...but luckily it did not rain, have viewed the photos also : -The disadvantage of Laposa is : -I also same like you, only knew that the outdoor gown is chosen on the shooting day...and i really don't like that gown, but did not voice out for fear, that they will think i am too choosy. -there were many gowns to choose, but the really nice one, only a few. -my photographer also is Wilson, and yes i had the same opinion as you..maybe kwong is better. Cos after viewing my photos, it is not too difficult to just choose 50-you knw what i mean....as in there were no too many extremely nice photos...so it was easy for me to delete the others.....choosing 50 out of 300 plus. -After choosing 50 photos....i asked if i can save into the pendrive that i brought along- only save the 50 that i choose and they say i can't......i did not knw this also cos i hv never thought of it before. aiya......can only get the soft copy later on i guess, after they have ut in all the design etc...but i see some of my frens can get their unedited photos and post online in facebook...i have a fren whose pictures is very very nice, taken in taiwan....but the bridal shop is from penang. so hard to compare lar...anyway....it was an experience.... i guess a budget package will also have only the average result. All the best for your outdoor shooting ! and hope hat your photos will be nicer ya..
  2. HI, I just had my pre wedding photos taken....well, it was fun, to do poses that you may never have a chance to do/ learn to do..you feel like a model that day....with people helping you getting in and out of those beautiful dresses, and chnaging different type of hairstyles...i guess, its like taking an album of yourself while you are still young...you knw like some people, take photo when they turn 18/ 21....etc...and now even the pregnant mums are heading to the studio to take their swollen belly, and parents hire professional photographer to take family potrait during an outing in places like a park... Its good to haave...just a simplee package will do- so that there will be at least some nice photos- that you can select to enlarge as your master bedroom photo, and to put in parents and in laws house.. Some of my frens regretted not taking it....taking it before a wedding- many people will see it- review it on wedding day..but taking it after your wedding-then it is mainly for your keepsake.. On my pre wedding day, also has another couple taking prewedding photos....and at the end of the session, they wear their own clothes and pose for....sexy, revealing photos...haha..really westernized couple...
  3. Hi meandhimus, You start looking for your restuarant since last NOV!! Guess I am so late now.. I know Mid valley will have a bridal fair in May but I guess I couldnt wait until then. My date is on 19th Nov and I thought it shouldnt be that HOT! But i really didnt see the "yat chi" so maybe is a good day gua.. but there will be no "chip san lung" as it will be a church wedding so I will go church directly. I didnt even see when is the best time to "chut mung". Does it matter? for younger generation, we don;t mind lar...what tim also as long as convenient for people to join. bUT SOMETIMES the parents are a bit particular...just cout a bit lar...roughly only....follow a bit , but not strictly lor.
  4. Hi Cindy... Ya, it would be difficult...cos i started looking around for restaurant for my Nov wedding since Nov last year...that also already difficult till i changed my date...then only can get..is your date very hot ? Ex 20th Nov really cannot already-that was my original date...then because can't find any restaurant...i changed t 12th Nov already- which is also a good date lar.. if not....worse come to worse...you have to have it in Hotel which i am sure still aailable but your budget need to increase already.
  5. Hi, don't worry, your baby's weight is fine. We expect the weight to be around 1 kg at 28/52 and 2 kg at 34/52. A little plus and minus is fine. If you are worried of gestational diabetes, you can always ask your doc to check for you. First pregnancy ? don't worry ya.
  6. As for me....my furture parents in law...ask me to call them father and mother already. So now, i also already biasa....
  7. She is based in KL/Seremban. think you have to find one at your plcae, unless, you ask for MUA who are willing to travel.
  8. hI, I Have tried Ivy's make up today...i think it is not bad, look natural lar. So i already bbok her for my actual day. Her price is reasonable. I think, sometimes yes, the make up skill s important but, the friendliness is also important. Ivy is friendly, discuss with her on what accessories she has. She gave me her number and allow me to call her once i confirm my gown. Some MUA are reluctant to give phone number. Ok. all the best ya. Will post more after my actual day.
  9. hi Skye, I haven't try any yet. bUT WILL GO FOR TRIAL end of this month. Will tell in this forum right after the trial k. The MUA that i have trial appointment with is IVY too. ( wHOSE PRICE IS WITHIN MY BUDGET ) tOO BAD, GENE, YEN. REMY , ESTHER ALL NOT AVAILABLE ALREADY.
  10. Hi, Since all of us are planning for the wedding, mind telling your MUA for those who have confirmed their MUA ? Still looking around...
  11. Hmm.. Because the Feng shui / the person who help to count say 12th is also good wor..But of course 20/11 is a poblic good day, means suitable for almost every couple. Plus i finally also like 12th Nov cos...manage to find some link : We dated on 4th May We ROM on 8th June So ( 4 plus 8 ) : 12 And May ( 5 ) plus June ( 6 ) : 11 So actual day 12th Nov lor..Haha like that also can hor....some how it cross my mind like this . No the place is not exactly old looking. We went there and immediately said yes and paid our deposit rm 1000. Besides the ballroom like interior, the manager also very friendly unlike other venue that we went. And the manager also mention that likley will do some renovation next year...and the interior will only get better, if not the same. ALso because of its reputation...for being so long in the line of chinese restaurant business. You found your venue ? Now i am looking around for MUA.
  12. Hi, Tempura You can google fro double tree hilton, they have the package online, rather expensive lar. I know that the price is from 1888++ for 10 Pax.
  13. thanks ya. I have already booked a place in Marco Polo Restaurant..date 12th Nov 2011.
  14. Hi, I have been reading through the forum , many comments on gene as MUA, but she won't be available, Remy too. Guess the famous ones are not available already for my wedding day. But Gene did recommended yen, so i am here, to find out if any of you gals out there has engaged either yen or ivy before, so that it would be easier for me to made decision., both also has interesting blog, Thanks ya, hope to read some reply.
  15. Hi, There were a few : Oriental group of restaurant ( Maju Palace ) Tai thong group ( Bukit kiara branch, oriental restaurant ) West Lake Garden restaurant ( Sunway Hotel ) And most of the other chinese restaurants that are located within the hotel. Happy surveying.
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