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  1. Hi does anyone heard about taking flaxseed oil supplement to enhance the quality of breast milk? Appreciate the help.
  2. Hi does anyone heard about taking flaxseed oil supplement to enhance the quality of breast milk? Appreciate the help.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have any info on confinement food catering services in Malaysia? There seems to be a lot in Singapore though. Not sure in Malaysia. Those who have tried, hope you could share your experience and possibly the service contact no. :) I thought of going for it :) Thanks
  4. Just went to my first visit to Klinik Kesihatan and got my Pink book :) Plan to continue cause the nurses and midwives there are helpful in information. Besides, the clinic offer free workshop like breast feeding. At the same time I am still going to visit my gynae (private)
  5. Hi, From what I gather here: the bb sleeps in the same room with the confinement lady. Is it okay if the bb sleeps in the same room as the mother instead of the confinement lady?
  6. Hi Tanny thanks for for sharing..could you tell me more bout Mei Cheh's cooking and hygiene? thanks alot HI Cheesetart, Sorry for the late reply. Mei Cheh is clean, no issues on that, bathes and brushes her teeth, washes her hair. The only thing I noticed was the cooking smell of her hands....at the moment, cannot quite remember what smell but maybe it was all the ginger she was cooking...you know when people do alot of cooking, they have that smell about their hands? But basically none of us had any issues with her hygiene. (Actually I noticed cos she was helping me massage my breasts for milk expression). Cooking-wise ok, she's flexible too, wasn't a drill sargeant in forcing me to eat stuff but did advise alot and try to gradually intro me to ginger and DOM and etc...adding more and more each time so I get used to it. She has got some fantastic dishes like her fried chicken and she takes great pride in presentation of food too - she used to own a coffee shop and cooked the 'tai chow' dishes there.... Hope this helps! Hi Tanny wow..that's great to hear and looking forward to trying out her dishes..thanks alot for your infor take care hi cheesetart, just wondering did you talked to mei cheh? my wife just contacted her and she is quite nice. and i think my wife have booked her. anyone have tried her? Hi Key Mei Cheh is with me now for my confinement. Rest assured, she's good. Like described by Tanny and Snowgirl, she's easy to communicate with, not calculative, helpful, gentle and caring towards baby, very supportive on breastfeeding and knowlegable too. Hope your wife will have a great confinement with her as well. take care Great share on the info. My hubby is worried about hiring the right "confinement-month lady" Do we really need to pay upfront first? I mean the whole basic pay. Can't it be done like pay half first and then final half at then end of the month? (just wondering) Worried about budget here.
  7. I told my hubby to do his "own" cause I dun wan to hurt the baby. There are cases when there might an "accident". So he understands So don't feel guilty or bad or upset. Embrace his caring-ness towards u and the bb
  8. Thanks MayPang for the info. Which area does she go to? I am from Puchong. :)
  9. Anyone know any KKIA at Puchong area? Is it still possible to register if I am already 13 weeks?
  10. HI KC, Does the poliklinik send their nurse(s) to check on mother who has just delivered their baby?
  11. hihi, i found red spot in late evening and the nxt day morning so i immediately go and c doctor. Doctor give me some medicine and injection to stable it, but after i left the clinic, my pad was full and overflow.. i was so shock.. i went to c doctor again the nxt day morning, do varginal scan, luckily still got heart beat but found blood clot nxt to fetal. so doctor give me one week MC to rest at home. my friend who hv exp in this before say better dun walk up and down staircase too much and jz rest... after a week, today i went to c doc again, no bleeding d but still need to be caution till stable.. huh... hope everything so smooth.. cheer Lots of bed rest :) ask hubby to do the chores.
  12. seems that the message inbox is not working :(
  13. Hi Meiteoh, aishiteru, ashandrea and skye, thanks for the input Ever since i heard no spicy food cause of the heat, my heart sank when i passed by curry, or belacan. Even durian(my fav) I avoided cause of the heat. Will try go with moderation. I dun wan bb to become picky too.
  14. Skye, sure :) PM u ~.~ I am puchong and currently planning to go to columbia asia for 2nd checkup. Was thinking between Dr. Ng and Dr. Raja Jamilah.
  15. LOL LOL LOL maybe your hubby can tell mine to relax a bit
  16. Hi, I would like to know if there are food to avoid during different stages of pregnancy. For example, during the first trimester, no spicy food (not good for me as I am a big fan of spicy food). But then it is okay to have that at a later stage. Hope you can help me to name a few food to avoid during stages pregnancy. Thanks.
  17. U are lucky. Hubby wont allow me to go without him. He is so super sensitive to the places i am going. Can't blame him. I am already 34 and first time preggers.
  18. Skye, Haven't book yet coz hubby is also going for the run Will book later. Hubby said: go later can ar? I guess I not much of a choice but to go late
  19. Tot maybe u might be interested in going for this :) http://www.pitterpatter.com.my/event-detail.php?evt_id=29
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