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  1. Selling 2nd hand sweet cherry stroller Net Weight : 7.5kg Features : •Suitable from birth till 4 years •Reversible handle for forward and rearward facing •3-height adjustable backrest •Front swivel wheels with lock retail price Rm250. now selling RM100. let go reason : received another stroller from full moon 2nd baby.
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    u still have this? Lamaze Magnet Stacker (found missing spider) - RM20
  3. Obviously you prefer Dr.Loo much better, but can you share how was your experience with Dr. Ng Soon Pheng? Did you have your baby via natural birth/ c-sec? Would he force you into c-sec even if you can deliver naturally? Thanks... frankly speaking i delivered my 1st child under Ng Soon Pheng via C-sec. hmmm... i'm not sure how to comment. different type of feeling. he doesn't force me. but then, it's like 'lead' to that situation. maybe becoz now i'm comparing him n dr loo. when Dr Loo attend to me, n i did share with her that i would want to deliver my 2nd baby naturally, she does really helped me to go to that process esp under 1 important condition that both baby and mummy must be safe. she even teach me how to handle the contraction pain, how to push, etc. is like i can feel her positive feedback and support. even though at the end of the day, i deliver my 2nd baby via c-sec too (after her advise to go for c-sec which really for the safety of my baby). but i have no regret. she was there with me, when the contraction pain start middle of the night. n i can hear the midwife kept updating her my progress. and she appear in front of me as early as 5am. checking on me, even though the contraction pain start to dove off. side track abit - her skill damn good. now the scar was properly closed up so nicely and neatly. it's as thin like a hairline.. superb closure. :) and won't be leaving any scar (apply cream she recommend which can buy from pharmacy outside).
  4. Just to share my gyane who helped me on 2nd baby. My gynae was Dr Loo from columbia asia bukit rimau. while my 1st child gynae was Dr Ng Soon Pheng from columbia asia puchong. personally i prefer dr loo alot. she's a superb gynae and she helped me alot. without her, i wouldn't be able to pass thru all the hard times, especially the 1st 2 week after deliver my baby. she's pull me up when i depressed. in future, i wouldn't go to other gynae other than Dr loo.
  5. selling : the natural way to a better pregnancy by Francesaca Naish & janette Roberts (by authors of the best selling The natural way to better babies) - Rm10 Content : Chapter 1 - your better pregnancy Chapter 2 - how you and your baby grow Chapter 3 - Eating well Chapter 4 - Nutritional supplementation Chapter 5 - A healthy Lifestyle Chapter 6 - A clean environment Chapter 7 - Detoxification Chapter 8 - Allergies and infections Chapter 9 - Exercise Chapter 10 - Reducing Stress and thinking positively Chapter 11 - Antenatal Testing Chapter 12 - Choosing your carer Chapter 13 - Natural treatments & remedies Appendices include: reproductive health (diet summary), Nutritional content of organic vs non organic foods, herbs to avoid during pregnancy... etc The natural way to a better pregnancy includes essential advice on: 1introducing natural alternatives to your daily routine 2how to detoxify your body and eat well for a healthy, happy baby 3creating clean and healthy environment 4avoiding everyday exposure to radiation, lead, insecticides and toxic chemicals 5herbs, essential oils and acupressure point to use (and avoid) during pregnancy 6massage, meditation and learning how to relax 7how to head off stress and fatigue 8yoga, streching and strengthening exercises 9natural remedices for allergies and infection personally, i really benefited on the natural massage and acupressure point especially on the last trimester constipation problem i have.
  6. I'm selling this hardcover book : Your Pregancy Week By Week By Lesley Regan. very good references on everything, A to Z on pregnancy matter. informative and attached with alot of colourful picture. selling at RM70 i bought from MPH at RM129.50
  7. Dear Sywiser, my girl also the same. and i have to agree with maesy. as i did the same like what she did. and it really worked. :) whenever i try to dress my girl up, previously i will let her grab or hold her favourite toy (most of the time are the 'bath' toy i.e. duckling / lobster). she tends to quiet stay there n let me dress her up. n now these toys no longer able to catch her attention. as her favourite game now is 'throw'. thus, i'm using a small board book. she can spent quite sometime looking at those book, holding it, flipping the pages. it will definitely give me the sufficient time to dress her up. without those, not only she'll push my hand away, she will cry and best of all, turn and try to crawl away. she's really very fast to move away.
  8. yuhchyng: i started calcium and zinc intake since last mth. but still, my hair loss doesn't improved. Janicely : Thanks for ur advice. should get those specialised shampoo... looking at my terrible hair lost condition. :(
  9. i'm having very bad hair fall problem too esp after bb 3 mths old onwards. how long do i have to wait until this problem stop?!?! the amount of hair spotted everywhere in my house is really alarming. i really start to worry. now my baby already 8 mth old. how come my hair fall problem doesn't improved? i took calcium and zinc. but doesn't seem it help.
  10. Dear Fluene, I'm so sad to hear bout what bugging you. ur in laws and ur hubby reactions. i really donno what to say, to make u feel better. esp now ur emotion will directly influence ur babies. just share some of my experience. My hubby attention and reaction does changed alot when he knew that he'll be having a baby girl. n sometime he can forget that i'm a pregnant mom. his attention is totally flew away. no longer as good as the first day he found out that he's going to be a daddy. i felt sad n sometime i really wish i can carry a baby boy for my hb. But fluene, do believe me. things will change when you deliver both of your princess. :) really. now my hubby changed 100%. a very loving and caring daddy. everything is for chloe. he even blamed me for not bring him along when i shop dresses and skirts for my little chloe. Do take extra good care of urself ya. everything will change. ur hb juz don realise how adorable both of your princess now. but don u worry bout that ya.
  11. Dear bei Bei, I agreed with sywiser, as long as baby doesn't cry, no hard stool... it'll be fine. i was kinda worried when my bb only poo poo once every 4-5 days since she's 3 mth old.I brought my bb to see doc, n eventually, doctor claimed that as long as the type, texture and the colour of the stool remain the same, then it'll b okie. irrespective the frequency of ur bb poo poo. Dear Janicelly, Do you know any of the hospital accept bm? i called UM, Sunway, Columbia Asia, none of them accept donated BM. some of them even laugh at me when i called them up. Sign. :( felt kinda wasted to throw bm away.
  12. Bao B, i fully understand what's u going through right now. it's very normal for a newborn bb. can't recall where i read. but it's perfectly normal. as our bb used to the night time as their active time. when we carried them inside our tummy, their most active time is during night time, as we were lying on the bed, it give the space for the little one to 'swim' around. thus, when they come out from our tummy, they still stick to this kind of 'timetable'. thus, during the first 3 week, my bb is very GOOD in sleeping day time. no matter how loud the environement is, no matter how many adult tried to wake her up (i.e. myself, my sister, my mom, my nephew), my bb just sleep like nobody business. but she'll wake up from 9pm onwards. n stay actively from there on. but don't u worry. ur bb can adjust back. Day time : i tried to give her lots of activity. bathing time, massage, keep changing her napkins (only let her wear diapers when it's time for her to sleep). but in between, i'll still let her take a nap. morning will be longer nap, while aftertoon will keep it short. time to sleep : create a nice smoothing environment for ur bb. let her know that it's time to sleep. i used to dim the light, no visitor coming in to my room when it's about time for my bb to sleep. rock her, or swaddle her very 'tightly' to let her feel safe, and sing the song i used to sing to her when she's inside my tummy b4 i go to bed. even she closed her eye, n look like she's asleep, i'll still continue doing so for another 15 minutes, just to make sure she's really sleep then only i put her down. one key point i notice, my bb tends to be able to sleep when she's directly latch on to my breast. breastfeeding is another smoother to my bb. it's the best way to calm my bb down. this is my experience. hope it help. now my bb start to sleep as early as 8pm. n til next morning. in between, when i saw her signal for milk, i feed her while she's sleeping.
  13. yeah. same here. i doesn't allow my bb to sleep on pillow due to the safety reason too. esp nows. she know how to turn from back to tummy but still not yet master how to turn back. thus, now she very frequently slept on her tummy by herself. very dangerous if i put her on pillow.
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