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  1. of all the feedback, seems like you the one is different. the 4 age differences are not issue to me as you stated, i always on the side keep her happy, as whatever i can. example - she won't but those tech things. i am the one keep buying her new handphone, her new removable hd/thumdrive - i even made her interested in reading. and she's really poor in english, and now she also buy some those lady fictions to read. which she never has this hobby b4 at all - i always bring her to eating out, movie, strolling somewhere as financial, we not on the down side, the house renovation cost is no issue, we are managing it. in fact we borrowed enough to sustain it about the renovation, my point is, we are on a big project now, we should put efforts to do the new home great. not to behave irrationalely you want this color, this setup, ok. we discuss, then i highlight the issue. "no, i want that lah ... " "fine, we talk with the main con, see what's his input" eventually she has to accept that from the main con, she just can't accept our discussion. the point is, she is stressing me with unnecessary arguements, in fact we should both work together. the issue about the job, is i already pointed to her, we can't made baby if you need to work overseas 1 year or more. and her job is stressful at times she understood it, and resigned it. pick up new job. i knew she not happy with the new job and eventually she quit, and i not knowing until very later, becos i am the only-driver to her. she go work, i fetch her along i don't mad on her about the quiting, becos i did that in past, and know some job really suck what i can't accept is, picking up the old job without discuss with me and she knew very well in the 1st place whe i wanted her to quit as about the baby, the miscarriage happend few years back we did try to continue it, no good, in fact, we did consulted with doc, and perform chk up i have to masterbate to chk my sperm healtiness the result, apart from dna checking, we both healthy to have kid and she want kid too, not only me but when she joined back the old company, didn't she realise that is jeaopidizing the baby plan? i may sound egostic, but i mean it truthfully. from the way i look at this investment, i got a partner behaving irratically, making my life suck, that's why i considering this pull-out plan b4 everything crumbled and broke. if she don't want to do good, why should i follow along? she jump i jump?
  2. we married about 10 years, no kid part of the reason for no kid, she miscarriage 1 time and we both work, damn stress, and frankly, she not that attractive to me, but then i didn't married her for the sex now, she is in 40 years old already our current busy family project is, renovating our new house - its a damn big financial commitment, my epf is burned into it now, those factors come into play that really fuss me up - she can't be rationale about renovation. she think its a toy, want to follow her "idea". when given her some url or sites to research, she hardly be serious into look into that only come argue with me, becos she contributed part of $$$ into the house, she want the "right" to do things her way i'm practically the research man, the google guy, and i am damned tired now, i am not young - she was having a problem with her last job, she quit it, well, never informed me. its ok. as i work, i know the craps. but then she went back to her prev job, which i kind of forced her to quit. becos that job will need her to work overseas long time and the reason i forced her to quit that, we planned to have kid i dunno why she joined that crappy job again, probably the job will make her look smart, but she's not by the time she let me knew this decision, i asked her "so you still gonna need to work oversea?" she "no need at present" well, that the last discussion i have with her, more or less i younger her by 4 years old. now, should i spent the rest of my life with her? i want kid and i want a rationale wife, at least someone can think properly, if you gonna be some kid mother is the marriage worth to be maintain? i hardly feel happy with her, its more like i keep to make her happy, and now i broke down enough is enough why i married her? becos i knew she can cook, i can hardly find a girl can cook i want family style wife, that's the prime factor and she's not really ugly, in fact, i made her look more beautiful, well, that's another story why give up now? i think i will died by heart attack eventually caused by her. i am no joking, its more or less happened in past, though i'm not on high blood pressure, yet. am i a bad husband? i consider her lucky to have me, she obviously never realize it. or she think the other around. if she looks like gong li, then that will be truth.
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