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  1. pity u, but i think the answer lies with ur hubby based on what u have written... the only part i dont understand is that, do u really make love more than what he mentioned? why did he lie and post online?
  2. Ladies and gents, This may be a topic that no one really bothered to understand fully, but for you budding brides n grooms out there, we really hope you are clear between the definitions of the words ROM, Engagement and Wedding Ceremony Engagement Engagement happens when you lovers announce your intention to get married. You may have an engagement ring to show that you are engaged, or just a verbal “agreement” between both parties that both of you are planning to get married some time soon. When this happens, your status is now changed from bf/gf to fiancé and fiancée. So the next thing to do is to go and plan for your Registration of Marriage or ROM ROM Registration of Marriage. Means when u put your signature down in front of the Registrar and the witnesses, you are now LEGALLY married in the laws of Malaysia. Hence, once you have registered, your partner is NO LONGER your fiancé or fiancée, but instead, he/she is now your HUSBAND AND WIFE! Wedding Ceremony Wedding ceremony is a ceremonial event based on the different cultures. You may do it before or after the ROM, couples might want to blessed in the house of God, or offering tea to your new added family members, or even tying the Thali. But these are all just ceremonial and religious based So for those of you who still think that you are not yet married after the ROM, please don’t think as such. ROM the most important event where you n your partner will walk out of the Registrar’s room as Husbands and Wife. Why I am writing this is because many out there are still thinking/believe that they are still fiancé/fiancée after ROM. And that it has happened to some of my friends that they wanted to “call-off-the-wedding” which actually means divorce but they are not aware with this fact. There is no more Calling-Off-The-Wedding after the ROM, ROM means you are already married! cheers people :)
  3. ladies, replied u all liao, sorry for the late replies yeah, u know la, the nearer the date, the crazier it gets! LOL cheers :)
  4. Hi unknownuserx, do u mind to share the details of ur package u signed? (victoria ss2) :) thanks ya

  5. hey hot choc, sent! good luck and congrats :) Hi unknownuserx, I'm interested in your package too.. PLease share with me about the info of your package. My email: simluice@hotmail.com thank you sent :)
  6. so if he does my suit, means i will be the next PM in line?
  7. LOL thanks :) peter tailor i've heard about him since my uni days but never got a chance to try them out yet... yeah, everyone's talking about cheap suits in thailand too, but not all of us and especially me is going to bangkok anytime soon :( so i guess i'd have to settle for local tailors for this time...
  8. hey amanda, i knew u wud be the 1st to reply! :) so we continue to talk here or we talk via email?
  9. now THIS is a little discriminating, how come there are tons of threads here talking about fashion for the brides/wives to be but non for the groom??? Anyway, wonder if anyone can help me out, need some recommendation for a good & cheap & fast tailor, may need to do up a suit/tux for the wedding... i remembered way back 10 years ago i did a polyester suit for my graduation and the prices was already around 400, wonder how much will it be to tailor 1 today...
  10. Hey there, am having my wedding on the 22nd Oct at West Lake Garden Sunway, am still not 100% firm, but we have always wanted to have a live band going on (if space permits) the criteria of the band we would like 1) budget around 2k 2) small troupe 3) english speaking guest, mixture of chinese songs also can lah... 3) maybe 5-10 minutes emceeing and just to usher in the guests 4) preferably someone who can read/connect/interact with the guests thanks :)
  11. sorry to hear, but please PM me for bands, thank you
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