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  1. KYJC added a post in a topic herbs or tonic and etc... after menstruation?   

    Yes, pat chan is good. During my teenage times, my menstrual was inconsistent (such as twice a month). After taking "pat chan", it became stabil. Used to hate the taste but now dah biasa (instead it is actually sweet). Just go to Chinese Medicine shop and say need 1 pack of "pat chan". It is normally ready-packed. Just bear in mind that Chinese Medicine takes time and you might need to drink few times before it takes effect.

    Alternatively can also take Eu Yang Sang Bak Foong Pill. It is easier as it is pills and therefore no need to cook it like "pat chan". idea what is EPO.
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  2. KYJC added a post in a topic [47% Off] International Buffet Dinner at 5-Star The Westin Kuala Lumpur for RM60 instead of RM113.70. Halal. Limited Groupons   

    So happy that there is someone interested!


    Anyone, I still have some left. Anyone interested?
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  3. KYJC added a post in a topic [47% Off] International Buffet Dinner at 5-Star The Westin Kuala Lumpur for RM60 instead of RM113.70. Halal. Limited Groupons   


    The dates available as at yesterday was only on the:

    15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 25, 29, 30 Nov, 1 & 2 December

    (yep...can change)

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  4. KYJC added a topic in General Topics   

    [47% Off] International Buffet Dinner at 5-Star The Westin Kuala Lumpur for RM60 instead of RM113.70. Halal. Limited Groupons
    Hi All,

    My wedding has just past and I wanted to belanja my close relatives makan. But it is not easy to organize at short notice.

    Anyway, I have bought 19 Groupons and I would like to let it go...

    You may view the deal at the following website.

    I have make the bookings with Westin Hotel on the 26 Nov (Sat) but not all relatives could make it.
    I will organize another dinner with them at later stage. Want to let go all the Groupons as wanna have dinner with all relatives (not partial)

    Hopefully, someone is interested to buy my Groupons. You don't have to buy 19 Groupons from me. You may buy one or two as I have 19 Serial number.

    The redemption period: Nov 14, 2011 – Dec 3, 2011.
    Kindly note that Westin Hotel's dinner buffet has been fully booked on the 19 Nov and 3 Dec. Therefore, if u want to go on Saturday, can go on 26 Nov (under my reservation).

    I have requested Westin Hotel to allow me to use the Groupons on the 10 Dec but they refuse as they said this is PROMOTION as Westin has just only launched the Buffet dinner.

    Tell me if u r interested.

    H/P: 011 12420980 (it is a Maxis line!)

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  5. KYJC added a topic in Wedding Boutiques and Related Services   

    Lilian Too 2012 Feng Shui Extravaganza tickets for sell
    I have two (2) extra Lilian Too 2012 Feng Shui Extravaganza tickets for sell.
    Accidentally bought extra – I bought the tickets and at the same time (or rather at the same day) my sister also bought the tickets.
    Therefore, have extra tickets now.
    Anyone interested? Selling it for RM48.00 per ticket.

    We can meet on the same day of the Extravaganza so that u do not need to worry about the genuity of the tickets.

    Can email me at

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  6. KYJC added a post in a topic Itinerary - actual day   

    Hi All,

    My turn to need a guide on Actual Day Itinerary.

    Only managed to find from website:
    (For those that might wanna refer)

    My question (hopefully everyone could advise):-
    Normally, do couples still exchange rings during Actual Day?
    What I meant was that after the Groom fetch the Bride and lift the veil, do we still exchange rings? Just wandering how many of u still does that?
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  7. KYJC added a post in a topic Veil for sell   

    Maybe u can buy online...
    U can buy from:
    I find their price reasonable.
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  8. KYJC added a post in a topic How does Guo Da Li works?   

    Hi! Suggest that you go to the GDL shops to know more. They will explain in details and are very helpful. Where are u from? If u r from Puchong, u can go to Xilinmen Auspicious Services ( There are a lot of similar shops around KL and u can just drop by and ask them on the procedures, what to buy, etc.
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  9. KYJC added a post in a topic Hotel in Hong Kong   

    Thanks for your reply. I am planning for a holiday in Hong Kong and wanted to book the hotel on my own. In the end, I have book the accomodation through Matta Fair as it is less hassle. Thanks again!
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  10. KYJC added a post in a topic Venue for ROM Lunch   

    Thanks for your reply!

    It is a nice Indian cuisine vegetarian place and I like it that after ROM in a Temple, we have headed for vegetarian food.
    And as u have mentioned, pay as you wish and the $$ goes to Charity.

    It was a nice concept.

    My ROM was in March this year.

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  11. KYJC added a post in a topic NEED HELP !! What should we buy for our elder sister if we get married first?   

    Loh Tit Pat did not mentioned anything about giving angpau or gold to elder sister (only big bro and younger bro) but my mom wants my hubby to give an angpau to my elder sis during Go Tai Lai time...
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  12. KYJC added a topic in Photographers   

    Photographer needed @ 22 Oct 2011 (KL)
    Hi! I am looking for photographer that can offer the followings:-

    Wedding Ceremony & Dinner Ceremony (Same Day @ Klang Valley)

    To make a DVD slide show with the followings:-
    Childhood + Our Love Story + our ROM Multimedia Slide Show DVD
    (We will provide photos in softcopy)
    Same Day Express Photos Slide Show for Morning Ceremony
    Follow by the Bridal shop slide show.
    (to put 3 songs)

    Does anyone provide this type of service?

    I do not need photo album. Just want a DVD to show my guest during dinner session.

    If yes, please email to me at:

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  13. KYJC added a post in a topic Renovation Extreme Work In Progress   

    Hi Chubbyangel,

    Mine is a freehold land and therefore, it took me exactly 3 months and one day to get the keys (after the SNP date). I have been informed that leasehold will be 6 mths.

    My experience: Two months after signing the SNP (and the bank loan), I have started to get concern on when will I be able to receive the keys (as at that time, no one is updating me on what is happening and I did not receive any correspondence letter). Therefore, I have started to call all parties, i.e. the bank's Customer Service, the bank's sales agent, the SNP solicitor and the bank's solicitor. In other words - Everyone. After that, I found that the process was too slow and at that moment (2 months after the SNP), the bank's sales agent (that have been serving me) did not revert back to the solicitor on the documents that they required! I started to call all parties everyday just to follow up on the process. For example, after the bank's solicitor has given the loan documents to the bank, the bank took 5 days just to assign an officer to look through the documents. I started writing emails (and of course phone calls) saying that the bank should bear any interest that might incurred if the loan released after the due date. Maybe it was just my luck that things did not really go smoothly. By the end of the third month, I really got fed up chasing everyone to work fast :-( At last the loan has been released but it was late by one day. It was also so happen that the previous owner is not a nice person and she insisted that one (1) day late interest charges to be charged onto me.

    Anyway...since she is more garang than me, I just pay lor. Besides that, I was also very excited to receive the keys and at that time I was in good mood! Luckily it was not late like for a week or else I will bankrupt. Marrying consumed money. House also really make us dry already.

    Currently, I am trying my luck to ask the bank to refund me the interest charges. 2 weeks have passed and still no news yet.
    Lesson that I have learnt: Should not assumed that things always go smoothly. Should have monitor! And thank god, it was only late by one day.

    By the way, the bank solicitor said that normally the vendor (means the previous owner) would not charge interest if it is late by a day or two. It is so happen that I met a garang person.

    Although my bank sales agent is a nice person – I actually regretted choosing him as he did not help to follow up my case with the bank.

    Just to share my experience.

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  14. KYJC added a post in a topic Gown for bride/groom mother mom is going to wear a Chinese Blouse (something like from this website: and a black pants. We bought it from Mid Valley and there is a free alteration. The shop name was China Town (if I am not mistaken).
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  15. KYJC added a post in a topic Renovation Extreme Work In Progress   

    May I ask how much is the termite cost?
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