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  1. Have good time planning babe...you can always talk to us here.... just ensure you are the most beautiful and glowing bride on your big day ;-)
  2. Round #2 and #3 is good. but not Round #1....this is what we meant as SILLY games...
  3. i would like to recommend Yen, my MUA for my big day...her website here: http://yenmakeup.blogspot.com/ while i was searching for MUA for my wedding, i noticed all makeup almost the same, the diff is on the hair design...and I chose Yen because of her elaborate hair design..her price is reasonable too, including 1 set of nail arts ^^
  4. getting this message :( Sorry, you don't have permission for that!
  5. 2 VIP tables not so bad, but where would be the groom and bride sit? IMHO, where ever the couple sit, that would always be the most VIP table, no? Read my earlier post...
  6. who is this 'aresf'? he/she has been spamming all the posts in this forum
  7. personally, i condemn such silly games also... therefore i've been thinking what games are decent and at least have some intelligence in it that able to show the groom's sincerity? hmm....
  8. You can try clinic ML Wong located at Damansara Uptown. A female dr. Hi Joanne, thanks...the clinic's name is ML Wong?
  9. anyone know where can get the pre-marital medical checkup service, that also provide doctor consultation?
  10. Hello...I am selling mini frame that u mention on ur post...If u interest,u can let me know...I can give u some offer...tq...^^

  11. Hi naive, I took mine at Tom Wedding City... You can see their portfolio at their FB page, but again, that was 'selected' by the bridal shop lah (same for all BS, they select those really nice or those posed by models and put on their website) Anyway, congrats and happy hunting :)
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