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  1. Dear all BTB, I just done my wedding dinner reception at D.K tycoon restaurant. The environment, food and service was quite good so i would like to share with you all. If you have budget below RM1k you may consider ya.. Sharing the photos :) View from outside Wen you r driving into the building's carpark, you will see the restaurant signboard View of the restaurant table setting (i have 34 tables in total) View of the stage from far you dont have to worry that your guess cant see the stage as they have live feed during champagne ceremonny oh! However i found that the Enterence for guess is abit small Restaurant prepare me a registration book (very nice) and some decoration at the registration table. The banquet captain also very helpful, i brought alot of candle and they help me to clean it, remove the price tag and decorate at all tables. Setting for main table Campagne table (restaurant will prepare all for you) Dinner serve ceremony Dinner is served: my menu is including piglet, bt not show in the pic ofcourse :P 1st meal: innitial menu was not so great, i change some of the sotong ball to crap meat ball 2nd meal: shark fin (u can change to si chuan soup if you don like it oh) This is tuna fish, very nicelly cook. (u can change to whole fish if u don like) the broccoli and the glutinous rice is delicious (no photo) I have a wonderful wedding evening reception; I wish all of you have a wonderful & memorable wedding dinner too oh! ^^
  2. Would you like your bridal bouquet to last 4 as long as you wan? I customize artificial hand bouquet Wedding Registration & Wedding Dinner. You may see below for the photos of my handmade flower bouquet. Contact me at lls_celina@hotmail.com if you r interested ya! You may visit malaysiabride gallery for more info :) my fb: http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....si&img=3844
  3. Sharing my pre-wedding photoshoot taken at Taiwan ^^ Wedding photoshoot @ FrenchParis, Taiwan Gown rental @ Mahanttan, Lok yew Tips for those who plan to go taiwan for pre-wedding shooting: 1) Your photoshoot should b taken 4-6 month b4 your wedding bcos photo edit and design take alot of time. 2) Get the 造型师 to follow u during the shotoshoot to have more hair -do pattern, usually they charge RM500/day, ampules change RM50/bottle. 3) Get prepare to pay extra if your album is onli 20-30 design. Choosing 30 photos out of 400 photos is really crazy....I take extra 30 photos at last. Extra 1 photo usually charge at RM 80-100, depend on the total photos. Negotiate for more photos in during the sign up will help u to save more money. 4) Negotiate for atleast 6-7 wedding gown , I saw many bride who got big headache bcos they have onli 4 gown to choose. i got 7 wedding gown for photoshoot. 5) U should really do some homework b4 u go: exp: place u 12 go, gown colour/design, hair-do and photoshoot poses. communicate well with the photographer, no need to b shy , they r all super friendly... Wish u all have a wonderful wedding shotoshoot ya! Happy sharing... you may view my gallery: http://www.malaysiabrides.com/forum/index....si&img=3835
  4. i just rent my wedding gown from mabel toh..her shop is at SS2, next t public bank... I just want to say, her gowns are all very nice and elegant!.. and the good news is she is doing promotion now with RM 799 for 2 gown.. for those brides who are looking for gown rental, i think this is the best choice ! you may check out her blog: http://mabeltoh.blogspot.com/search/label/exquisite%20gown, or go to her fb: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101...5521.1378961960 all the best for all BTB!
  5. Thanks you. Look forward for my actual day now :)
  6. I'm looking for AD vidrography- morning session only. I wish to edit it and play during my dinner reception. Date is on 8 october at kl. Hope can get some contact here. Thanks.
  7. You may visit member galley to view my ROM photo - 24 may
  8. hi, i just experience my ROM make up with ester. She did a good job for me during my ROM on may 24. She was very punctual and friendly. I'll also engage her as my AD make up artist. Fr. Celine
  9. I'm interested in own C and gown F. still available? Do you have a clearer picture of both?
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