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  1. Hi there, I've engaged Daren as my photographer for both pre wedding and AD shooting. Please drop me a mail at rachael.ho@bumiarmada.com if you wish to see the pics. Happy hunting !
  2. Hi there, I've sent the quotations to all of you. Happy hunting! Cheers*
  3. Hi there I ordered mine online and its 120 bucks... The website is http://www.onetree.com.my Hope it helps, happy planning!
  4. Hi there, I had difficulty looking for one too during my PS recently... But found cheap ones at the Tie Shop.... Its only 40-50 bucks if i'm not wrong.... For better designs, u could check out TopMan but its bout 100-130 bucks... Hope it helps & happy planning ! Cheers*
  5. Tempura

    PS in Bali

    Hi Alice, Initially, it was just a PS in Bali and the reception will be in KL early of next year.... But I've always wanted a destination wedding so after much persuading and convincing, both the parents agreed to it.. So it was kinda last minute change of plan and we had to go through alot of hassle planning everything from KL... But thank god everything turned out fine... When and where will your AD be? All da best in your preparation, enjoy every bit of it cause u will miss it dearly once it's done... Cheers* There is a nice one.. having a intimate with the closest peoples around you, I hope I can do the same like you.. but haizz... both side parent will kill me.. haha
  6. Tempura

    PS in Bali

    Hi Girly, U've been to the same spots too? cool! Mind to share your pics when they are done? Who is your photog, btw? Cheers*
  7. Tempura

    PS in Bali

    Hi Alice, Both my hubby and myself are Malaysian but we wanted a destination wedding... So we did everything in Bali but it was just an intimate reception with families and close friends... hehehehe..... Cheers*
  8. Tempura

    PS in Bali

    Hi Alice, Nice pics, u took yours in Taiwan or Bali? My AD, PS and ROM were all on the same day in Bali...that was in end of June... Cheers*
  9. Tempura

    PS in Bali

    Hi Alice, Thanks again...i cant wait to see yours too, mind to share once u've received it? Who did u engage as your photog? Cheers*
  10. Tempura

    PS in Bali

    Hey there, Thanks for the compliment, it was raining too when we arrived and i was wet from top to toe... Got up at 2am to catch the sunrise and all wet by the water splash & i was freezing under the gown.... But thank god the pics turned out nice... Close-up pics will have to wait...my photog only gave me these as teasers... Hopefully they are nice too... Cheers*
  11. Tempura

    PS in Bali

    Dear all Just to share some of the PS pics taken in Bali recently... Feel free to comment & share your feedbacks! Cheers*
  12. Hie all Just to share with u that fresh flowers are really awesome for hairdo... I used Carnation & baby breath for my chapel ceremony and Eustomas, baby roses & baby breaths for dinner reception... Check them out... Cheers!
  13. Dear all, I've sent the contacts and quotation to your email add as requested. Cheers*
  14. Dear all, Just to share with you that I just had my pre wedding shooting by Daren Chong and i'm truly impressed with his work & photography style...he's very easy to work with, approachable & professional too! Kindly drop me a mail at rachael.ho@bumiarmada.com if u are interested to view the sample PS pics... Cheers!
  15. Hi there 4 months are more than enough to let your hair grow naturally again, no worries... i did rebonding 1 month before my wedding and the hairdo were all perfect!
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