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    Equatorial Hotel, K.L

    Decorations provided by the hotel for Golden Phoenix.
  2. amyho3

    Equatorial Hotel, K.L

    Hi, Gals. Have anyone of you used pink snapper for your wedding dinner? My parents are not satisfied with the fish after food tasting...the texture is rough and dry.. Eq charged 70++ per table for upgrade to pomphret..for 30 tables, is RM2K plus already...do you think it's worth it?? Any suggestion on whether you use other fish instead?
  3. Hi, can send me the pics on the ROM gown and cocktail dresses. My email is amyho3@yahoo.com Thanks.
  4. I would recommend Heritage Station Hotel. It's in the heart of KL city summore they dun charge you to use the place for photoshoot. However, you need to submit a form first. More info here: www.prewedding.info
  5. Thanks for all your sweet comments.
  6. Gals, it's my turn to share my pre-wedding photos. Pls comment which photos you think is nice ya... I'm having difficulty in selecting photos for my album. You can drop your email address here so I can send you the link.
  7. Hi, girls. Want to ask you all whether did you put RSVP dateline on your invitation card? For example, Kindy RSVP by 1st December 2009. If yes, how advance is the RSVP date from your wedding date? I wanted to put my RSVP date one month in advance but my mum said she will only give out invitation card together with my wedding biscuit, which is after my "Guo Dai Lai. My "Guo Dai Lai" is only two weeks before my wedding, so I find that it's a bit too late if my RSVP date is based on that. Please advice. Thanks.
  8. Hi, aisumomo. Can I view your photos? My wedding will be held at EQ too. My email is amyho3@yahoo.com Thanks!
  9. Wow...lots of 2010 brides-to-be now! I believe I'm one of the earliest 2010 bride here. Actually I plan for mid of 2010 wedding, but it seems that Tiger year is not so good...so have to rush to wed before CNY. My MIL went to LTP, and we chose 23rd Jan 2010.
  10. Hi, vanessa. Can I view your rom pics too? Pls. PM me ya. Thanks.
  11. Hi, moderator. This item is sold. Kindly close this topic. Thanks!
  12. ITEM SOLD! Hi, gals. I have bought a pair of kwa shoes for my bridal photoshoot end of this month. It will be used for indoor photoshoot only. As I will not be wearing kwa for my AD, I'm planning to sell it after May 26th. The measurement of the shoe is European size 37 or US size 6 and I'm letting it go at RM50. Do let me know if you are interested.
  13. Hi, Janice, Can I view your gown too? My email is amyho3@yahoo.com Thanks
  14. Hi, Amanda. Can you pls. PM me what's fishy? Thanks.
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